Wood Psychological

One is about an performance in emergencial way, that if it distinguishes, thus, of the traditional psycotherapy, characterized for the attendance the medium or long stated period. Vieira (2009) clarifies that the individual that searchs the planto psychological meets, normally, in the following situations: The customer searchs the plantonista at the moment of the affective, familiar, professional crisis or of the direction of the life; in affective riots, of behavior, professionals in crisis or retiring, familiar riots, of learning, sexual, of social relations. It is useful at the moments of overcoming of the emotional desestrutura caused by periods of illnesses, in the psychological riots for estresse, the moments of personal decision, marriage, lutos separations and panic; therefore it is one ready psychological aid to give sensible the immediate anguish that emerges at certain moments of the life; a prompt relief of what it is presented in situations of personal crisis. (VIEIRA, 2009, p.7). According to Wood cited for Mahfoud (1999), the people taken care of in the psychological planto, in general way, are living situations and problems that had appeared as something unexpected.

Thus, these people arrive at the limit and need care. Exactly, at these moments of crisis, one helps prompt and immediate it can result in the reduction of the suffering and the shortening of the period of disturbance of the individual. For Morato (1987), in the turbulence where the life if finds, the plantonista is looked to supply helps the people. These, to them to face definitive difficulties, enter in suffering state and they do not obtain to decide its situation. Thus, they need the aid of a professional. It is given credit that an active and acolhedora listening, on the part of the plantonista, can be a form accomplishes of assisting the individual in the reduction of its suffering, therefore, the person that looks the service of psychological planto, needs support.

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