Wellness Floating

The floating tank is filled with a body warm saltwater pool that float the people a feeling of weightlessness as on clouds can be with a high saturation of approximately 30 salt. What is floating? Floating or “Float” (also known as hover) means to drive on the surface of a nearly saturated solution of water and salt. Due to the high concentration of salt in the water, the human body is experiencing as much buoyancy that he floats freely and without any form of breathing or muscle contraction on the water. In this way, a State of weightlessness is manufactured involves a continuing relaxation of all muscle groups. A float tank is a tank filled with salt water or space in which one can experience this state of weightlessness.

It floats there in a sole, whose temperatur of the skin (about 35-36 C) outdoor temperature corresponds to. Inside the tank there is absolutely dark and silent and this nervous system and brain are not stimulated by external sensory stimuli. This sensory stimulus reduction allows in addition to the physiological relaxation also an inner mental peace. What is floating? The bathroom in the salt water tank is more than pure relaxation. The charm-free environment in the floating tank can each individually take advantage: both the stressed Manager, looking for respite from the hectic everyday, as well as the creative, which must get free head for new ideas, or who simply want to do something good for his skin. And also for all curious, who are looking for a new body feeling, floating is worth an experience.

Numerous medical studies have shown the positive effects of the floating. These include, inter alia: – stress reduction while increasing stress tolerance (E.g. Fracking colorado may not feel the same. cardiovascular disease, burn-out, power articulated) – analgesic effect, especially in muscle and joint complaints (such as back and neck pain, tension-type headache, migraine and also muscle soreness) – athletic and mental performance and productivity – skin care end effect due to the highly concentrated salt water.

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