Wedding Accessories

Today's wedding salons can find a wide variety of wedding accessories. This includes everything that complements the wedding dress: jewelry, shoes, hats, gloves, flowers, etc. Wedding jewelry should not be intrusive, they are designed to emphasize the beauty of the bride's wedding dress and into her hair. The neck can be worn pearls, a locket or a small chain. Gold, diamond or pearl earrings to be combined with neck ornament, emphasize the beauty of the eyes, enhance their luster. Large, elegant, eye-catching jewelry is not suited to wedding dress. Not taken a bride wear a watch. Gloves are optional at a wedding ensemble.

Include them or not, the bride decides itself. But many feel that without them the bride's outfit is not complete. The length depends on the glove cut wedding dress: sleeveless dress – above the elbow gloves, dress with short sleeves – gloves to the elbow or just above the wrist; dress with sleeves below the elbow – a length gloves are not above the wrist. Gloves come in two forms: with and without fingers (mitts). One love one, the other – the other. If the bride wears long white wedding gloves, she can put the groom in a difficult situation when he put a ring on her finger.

For such a case the seams on the ring finger of the glove rip. The bride can wear these gloves, which will be during the ceremony can be easily removed and pass the main girlfriend. In practice, the bride usually does not remove the glove worn on the ring finger of the glove, though not completely, since it was chosen for the bare finger.

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