Watering Of The Garden House In Summer

A professional irrigation system to the coke bottle on the head who observed a few ground rules when pouring, can also in the summer months on magnificent plant growth rejoice (tdx) In summer many homeowners cannot get enough of the lush beauty in your own backyard: colorful poppies growing on the fence, fresh Salatpflanzchen thrive in the bed and lights on the terrace a basket with yellow Coneflower. During the warm summer months, the domestic garden in particular shine shines provided, enough water available is the plant around the clock. Because it often lacks during the warm summer months, a matter of course should be for every hobby gardeners regular casting at the latest. But what to do when the two-week summer vacation is and also the neighbor will not be casting? With a few tips, every holiday with anticipation in the domestic garden returns to the right irrigation. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted on this topic. Important casting rules”already before the actual Casting begins, is a point of great importance: every plant must be connected to the correct location! So, summer flowers such as daisies love the strong sunlight while survived the integrifolia only in partial shade. The groundwork is done, it goes to the casting: first of all you should meet whenever possible the Earth with pot or garden hose.

This saves water on the one hand, on the other hand should be avoided as a result, that wet leaves in the midday heat suffer burns. A small trench around the plant also saves water because the moisture can penetrate better into the ground. In addition it makes”sense heard side by side to use E.g. any type of vegetable plants with high water requirements, because it specifically can pour more this way, while you don’t drown me other plants. Also a rain barrel garden owners not only saves a lot of money: the rain water is also less harsh than water from the pipe, which benefit the plants.

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