Vacation And Relaxation

Travel providers informed about exciting trip to Diani Beach including big five Safari Golf holiday in Kenya offers more than just a hotel and a golf course. With the combined trip from golf and adventure holidays in Kenya on Diani Beach, golf fans can experience exciting safaris and an 18-hole golf course on the South coast of Kenya. This journey is completed by wellness, culinary delights and fascinating insights into the impressive flora and fauna of Kenya. Now, the travel provider informs Safari online over the holiday in Diani Beach and the programme for the included big five. Adventure Safari and beach holiday in Diani Beach and possible use of the 18-hole golf course from Diani Beach, the four-star hotel leisure lodge resort, in its immediate vicinity is also an 18-hole golf course available, is with the big five combined Safari in the Interior of the country to the protected areas of Shaba & Buffalo Springs, Lake Nakuru, Mt.

Kenya and Masai Mara. Travelers can go on with this Safari of the relaxed bathing and golf vacation to an exciting seven-day tour. Objectives of the first two days are Mount Kenya and in the Samburu Shaba area. Game drives lead by the Shaba & Buffalo Springs National Park with insights into a diverse bird life. On the third and fourth day, more wildlife watching hippos, crocodiles and impressive natural spectacles are on the program. The Safari from the Diani Beach also leads to the mountain chain along the Aberdares and the local Thomson falls.

These are the highest waterfalls in Kenya. From here, it is continues in the Great Rift Valley and the Lake Nakuru National Park, which is known for its huge Flamingo population, and the living rhinos. The fifth and sixth day of this Safari is the Masai Mara, which is part of the Serengeti. The Mara River and the wild observations of wildebeest, zebras, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, Lions and leopards offer unforgettable experiences. Diani Beach Safari tours with current offers now can interested the combined journey from seaside holiday at the Diani Beach and big five Safari at the provider for Kenya travel to Kenya book online. The Offer is aimed at all those who wish to combine relaxation and adventure in the holiday and want to take advantage of the conveniences of a golf. will not settle for partial explanations. For those who want to combine golfing, Safari and bathing during a trip to Kenya on Diani Beach, Safari Tours offers Safari Diani Beach even more suitable as Tsavo hotel and swim in the leisure lodge Kenya & 7 day Safari.

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