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The MAILMAN Lack respect with you. Pedofilia? Bullying? Bourgeoisie? – Me of the image, I want image, if possible a confession. Culprit, lynched, execrado for the public opinion. Children in the forgotten streets, bridges and viaducts until for TV a monster is born. – The world Stops now! But it is right now, I I want to go down. There wide Esperteza, teeth, theater, crowded cinema, besteirol if spreads, to think is not important, chewed is better, comes plus one modinha of summer artists tooth folder espreme the pipe, was empty plays outside, everything walks so complicated, high Streets, quarters, houses, building, forest of concrete, this that walks in this sidewalk is I, good you see cannot me in the way of as much people, faces many faces, gone and comings in this life, the birds are free, the dog do not stop to bark, while I go walking the letters I had been placed in the petty cashes, I it found that it loved Claude, this until knowing Catherine, lasted one month, when going down of the bus getting passionate and me for the Josefina. I enter and I leave of full botecos of vagabonds, the gray sky of London, rain in Paris, wars in the Middle East, earthquake in Japan.

now the Almir dies, was born the Denis, smiled Francilda, if the Maria got passionate. In the United States jazz for a selected auditorium has one face touching, Jose lives without hope in Brazil. the truth is not in history books, I adores my coletnea pop a good plate of rice and beans, mother said always me It holds the hand of its brother well until arriving at the school, to the end of the street saw other boys laughing of my behavior and had started to use the full verbal language of preconception, in choir cried out: they are gays, who live in the street know everything, to see everything. Alone Vov and vov played rambling, the children had been forgotten to respect the parents, do not exist more sundays in the parks, are all in house behind gratings or seated in the sofa hearing the philosophy of the Fausto. – The world Stops now! I am asking for with education I want to go down. Young robotizados, lack of respect with the girls, poor person Catherine it believed you promeasure them done for the Joo, settled without condom. Engravidou soon it cried out: the son is not mine! he must be of the Agenor, lack of love, plastic flowers, dirty money is the canal! Members of the house of representatives senators had forgotten the people.

The people forgets that the best weapon is the shame in the face against this type of without shame. I have a maize plantation, I placed one espantalho to watch, the crows I had come in the sixth fair I had given outbursts of laughter of my face. Fool, nonsenses, printed laziness, the Pope speaks, God if he is silent, Takes takes Cocaine Glue, Peter asks for alms, Mario he goes up the glass of the car, had to use in the forehead a written adhesive: fear, precaution can until not being dangerous. who goes to pay pra to see? – Stopped there. – He is white? – It can follow – Motionless there. – He is black? You are thief. – I am not Sir. – Because it has this color? – This is nonsense! – Nonsense? Wood in rapaziada it. – Gentility, cad you? Gentility, cad you? The world stops now! I want to go down.

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