Tolerance And Respect

“Violence is the fear of the ideals of others” Tolerance can be defined as the respect he has the ideas, beliefs or practices of others when they are different or contrary to their own. It is the attitude of a person for that which is different from its values. It is also the ability to listen and accept others, realizing the value of different ways of life. Respect is the recognition that something or someone has value. Respect in relationships begins with the individual, in recognition of it as a single entity that needs to be understood the other. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It’s about assessing the needs and interests of another individual. That two great words! This is a story of this amazing video that I have come across (of course!) Of an email. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well.

Religious issues are extremely controversial and sensitive, but I will dare them to some medida.Comparto almost entirely what Wafa Sultan, courageous woman dares to declare and call his name exactly. I have to noted that “we” are not good if we talk about religion, we have so much hidden as “they” (the Catholic Church scandals in Ireland and the USA, Inquisition, destruction of Andean culture in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. etc). But if something gives culture and breadth of vision is the recognition on equal terms to all for the sake of respecting something so taken into account and so very far-reaching as established by the UN and one of the few true positive actions that throughout its history has taken place. I am and I will be absolutely against any discrimination against anyone on grounds of sex, creed, social status or other gross violations of human rights.

If religion in the name of the same effort to break into (and unfortunately get many times) the rights of ALL HUMAN BEINGS posicionare me against it whatever (yes, I know this is useless, but at least I vent). I know of Islam in this case in order to assess in depth. What I am certain is that what comes to us us through our “fantastic” and lying media, the position of the most radical and make more noise and destruction (which is obviously more “sell” and what most concerns us promote: are the bad) . I can not believe that Islam, and that too I am sure, is based on the imposition by force. I believe that the seemingly radical positions of some important sectors, are just that stakeholders. But on behalf of these interests some try to impose their beliefs and that does not work. In 1794 the Seychelles islands were ruled by France and in full scramble for power and control of the Indian Ocean, the British took possession of them. What happened was that the French governor in the British fleet left the group and the out of sight on the horizon, the British flag lowered and returned quietly to raise the of France and continue their lifestyle and thinking it was French and serving his king. By that I mean that ideas most intimate of people can bend by force “in public” but not good if someone truly believed in them since they will not change (in private), despite having to publicly renounce them. There is no point imposing.

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