To Get Passionate

' To close to the love evil our asleep soul is to sleep without dreaming, is to live without having life. To have, to a love dream, the subject heart is the same that to cravar a knife in the chest. This life is a punhal with two fatal gumes: not to love is to suffer; to love is to suffer mais' ' (Menotti del Picchia, stretch of Juca Mulato) To get passionate itself An error if you will be the wrong person (at the moment most uncertain of the life), or if you to like the wrong person (either for the form as vocs if they relate? in the love, in the friendship or the superficiality). Perhaps it is not made a mistake if to get passionate (not for the feeling in itself, but who knows for the incapacity to support the love). The incapacity to love. In this direction, the heart finishes ' ' dragging current per the days and noites' ' , it finishes getting over in itself in this sofreguido of a pure and true feeling, but that it does not deserve more than what to die suffocated. To get passionate itself Not to obtain to say not, when it is not wanted to say yes.

To get passionate itself To make imbecilidades to the prantos (small ' ' mimos' '), and to the prantos to cry more for not having nor a refusal as reply. It is to such of the indifference that moves away to that one such happiness more than to you. To get passionate themselves and not to be able to demonstrate all the imprisoned love concretely (that more it seems to be a hostage of the life in a cold and sad captivity). To get passionate itself It is the love denounced for your look when it has the person loved in its front But if it cannot make nothing (it is the such punhal with two fatal gumes). The visible love to the eyes and imperceptible for all the running of your life, and all your preferences and priorities (amongst them, never will be this love, this person: he is not same). To get passionate itself not to be able to show to the world as much that if it loves (and it aches to see a love in such a way restrained? it did not need this, why) It is your compound of pleasure and agony. has been your mark of day-by-day. To get passionate itself simply to follow the life. It seems that you do not go to give to account of everything this, seems that it always goes to ache this emptiness in the heart (and the gaps of the soul also donate, as aches the incompreenso of the extension of your problems, yours mazelas, your physical and emotional deficiencies). soon, arriving in the end, will only sobraro tears Tears, these remaining portions of words that could not have been said

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