Rational emotive psychotherapy is the many therapies you. Like all the other seeks to improve the quality of life of people. Perhaps aiming to finish with the concerns and sufferings of the people. A notional budget supports its basic structure. Part of state that we, the people, we are not affected by the facts. We are concerned, he says, by the interpretation we make of the facts.

For example, the loss of our parents does not affect us. What affects us, he says, is how we see death. Same for the breakdown of the marriage with the beloved. What hurts us is not divorce, is what we believe about him. It is certainly an interesting angle. However, rational emotive therapy has failed to fulfill his promises either. It has not been able to provide welfare who said at first. Essential part of treatment was to convince the people that have suffered from irrational ideas. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea.

That is, their emotions were determined by their ideas, their thoughts. And they were wrong. Thus opened a major road to recovery with only correct a few ideas in the minds of people. However, the rational-emotive psychotherapy fails in general. The reason is that the budget, the idea of which part is a sophism. That is, is false, a distortion of the phenomenon. Or to be more fair, a great exaggeration. Because it is true that sometimes happens that someone suffers from an absurd fear. People are sometimes uncomfortable for something that is definitely not true. After he explains, that disgust tends to disappear. But in most cases the discomfort of the people is not due to erroneous assessments. To say that people’s emotions are determined by their ideas is a great exaggeration. The ideas somehow correspond to the facts. And so the emotional states are determined primarily by the reality that really is affecting the individual. They are not merely ideas. Such a finding is of extreme subjectivism. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. Being consistent with his assumptions, this therapy focuses only on changing people’s ideas. No dedicated effort to change, to improve the living reality person. This is in practice to determine their state of dissatisfaction. The therapy is that the person insists on working on the reflection that he has of his environment. And urged not to act on the environment itself. No calls to solve the real problems in your life. In addition, the therapy aims to forget another fact. Not only are questions about the feasibility of changing the ideas of someone. Nor would seem to be aware that many times after changing the thinking of someone surviving negative statements. That is, supposedly generating ideas disappear of anxiety but the anxiety persists. And is that these people are used to feeling anxious beyond what they create. Anxiety is independent of its ideas. Moreover, almost independent of the facts which the individual lives. Because these emotional states respond to a wrong learning. Factor already noted by other types of therapies. For all the above, try to keep optimistic ideas about your reality. And before you worry about something you really sure there is a reason. But above all, strive to truly change and improve your life. If something is wrong, it recognizes that it is wrong and change it. And you do not just permutations in the way you think about the facts. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.

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