The Remaining

However, we go growing and continue with ours puzzle, incasing parts that also are part of us and of our life, they are our grandmothers and our brothers, we are our family. The love flows and a time more we are thankful the powerful universe for its pleasantness and its wonderful generosity. The time goes passing and goes placing plus ones pecinhas, some leagues our base, others to it not. These pecinhas that they appear later, a little moved away from base is friendships that appear throughout our life and that they are connosco until the o end. The most moved away, they are relatives, colleagues, etc. and thus we go growing and renascendo of leached ashes, learning and ripening with eventual losses that go occurring in ours puzzle of the life. The disillusions, are the parts that if had lost in ours puzzle and in them they leave one buraquinho here and there, being puzzle incomplete.

However, it has a certain moment where we feel necessity to fill that emptiness that is between our base and the parts that represent our true friends, we are to the search of the personificao of the Love. It is at this moment then that we look at the sky and we ask for to the universe that in them sends a true love, a real love that completes in them and it makes in them happy. The universe hears us and smiles blinking an eye answering: your desire is my command! and puff, granted desire. Then this person crosses our way. At the beginning, we do not notice what he is to happen us but the wheel of the life gains a great speed ahead pra and that person becomes special, important for we and perceive that he is with it that we want to pass the remaining portion of our life.

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