The Kundalini Its Reach And Repercussions

Kundalini is the energy of the Cosmos in the individual and beyond him. It is the energy of brings back to consciousness. Increasing his flow, your wide-awake mind and it is fortified. You stop living in imaginary realities and you take care of the tasks and the joys of vida." Yogui Bhajan we cannot deny, that we are energy and we must know how it to manage so that we pruned to maintain to us healthy mainly and, to enjoy the life that it has bequeathed to us by a certain time. But that unfortunately we do not know how long he is the one that we will remain in this dimension. The West little attention has rendered to him which it represents the Kundalini and that handles East very well.

Of here, our interest in this writing to enter to us in which this energy represents and as we can obtain from her favorable results in our personal growth, but mainly the spiritual. On her comments to us, that Kundalini Sakti, the energy " femenina" , present in all we is the vast potential of psychic energy. Normally it is symbolized as a coiled serpent (kundalini means coiled) three times and average, with its tail in the mouth and turning in the central axis (sacrum or sacred bone) in the base of the spine. This serpent that to duer to me enroscada in the follower, is the serpent that the Tantra looks for to wake up. This power (shakti), that remains sleepy as much in the base of the spine, we woke up until it, of spontaneous form as through yguicas techniques. It contributes to us, that the Kundalini word comes from the kundal snscrito, that means " curl of hair of the Being Amado". To unroll this " cabello" it means to wake up the creative potential that exists in all human being; to wake up to a limitless capacity, sleepy in the majority of the people, that belongs to us.

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