The Intensity

When passing for a difficult, estressante or very problematic situation the body is different, occurs the process called somatizao, that is, the transference for the body of what it would have to be lived and to be supported only in the mind. According to professional that works in the area of the psychosomatic one, all the people finish provoking changes in the body when facing definitive emotional situations, mainly the ones that they produce estresse and anxiety. What it differentiates it is the intensity and the frequency with that this happens, that is, when certain 0ccasional events if become repetitive upheavals and finish if becoming chronic (IWASSO, 2005). The disillusions, the penosas disillusions, frustrations, disillusionments, concerns, moral pain, indetermination; they cause discharges emotional, consuming the nervous system. Males psychic and somatic clutters appear, then, diverse (IT HISSES, 1959). The immune reply it estresse to it if of the one through a joint action between the nervous system, endcrino system and imunolgico system.

For excess of intensity or duration it estresse of it can appear some atrelada illness to any of these systems (BALLONE, 2002). It estresse it psicossocial can characterize for loss situations such as deaths, divorce, widowhood, among others. also involves events that demand the capacity of readjustment of the citizen, that is, its trend to evaluate the situations as estressantes or not, in accordance with its resources and abilities. The successive and reiterated emotions that they consume the nervous resistance, explain the appearance of signals of hard work, that appear delayed precocious or, under different forms of somatic upheavals (IT HISSES, 1959). 2.5. EMOTIONAL FACTORS Amongst the responsible factors for the sprouting, course and evolution of the illnesses, emotional factors are distinguished as one of most excellent, factors such as decurrent of the interpersonal relationships, estresses social and structure of the personality (BRANCHES, 1994). In accordance with Pinel (2005) recent research detaches the significant influence of characteristics of personality in the trend to the desencadeamento of the cancer, detaching aspects of behaviors that the citizen tends to present such as negative emotions, exaggerated pleasantness, high social conformity, escape of conflicts, pathological subtility, among others.

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