The Ginkgo

The Ginkgo associated with omeprazol reduces its biodisponibilidade and increases the plasmtica concentration of its active metablito called 5-hidrxiomeprazol being able to induce a called enzyme isoforma CYP2C19, and with this reducing its plasmtica concentration (ALEXANDER; BAGATINI; SIMES, 2008). Preliminary studies demonstrate that the Ginkgo can affect the levels of insulina and sugar in the blood, what it requires cares you add to the user of these medicines. In theory, the Ginkgo can intensify the action of used drugs for ertil disfuno as sildenafil. Innumerable studies exist on the interactions involving the Ginkgo, based in laboratory data and research in human beings, the use of Ginkgo can diminish sanguineous pressure, even so has story of rise of pressure in individual that was taking diurtico to the tiazida base of (NICOLETTI et al., 2010). The Ginkgo potencializa the action of clopidogrel and anticoagulants as the varfarina and heparina.

Medicine users I contend garlic, vitamin and other antiplaquetrias or anticoagulating drugs must be warned on the risks of the possible interactions with this plant. The use of the Ginkgo also diminishes the action of fenitona and in inhibiting antidepressant presence of monoamino oxidase it also intensifies the farmacolgica action of these drugs and of the collateral effect as maniac chronic headache, tremors and surtos. When used with sertralina, it will be able to occur the increase in the cardiac beatings, hipertermia, sudorese and agitation (NICOLETTI et al., 2010). 4. FINAL CONSIDERAES The medicinal as the Ginkgo biloba L, before used plants without restrictions and of indiscriminate form present toxicidade potential, interactions adverse medicamentosas and effect. Therefore it is necessary measures of information effective that contribute for the rational use of medicinal plants. Ginkgo being used with caution, orientation and medical indication can bring some benefits among others the health, improving the memory riots, increasing the sanguineous circulation. Therefore many doctors had adopted the lapsing of the Ginkgo biloba for the fact to present an excellent farmacolgica action, becoming this accepted fitoterpico with all the requirements of security and effectiveness.

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