The Finish

During this test, I managed to reach the point of muscular failure before the pain was too strong. This gave me to add some more repetitions. This was new. I guess that this diet could reduce exercise muscles waste, since simple sugars provide the cleaner fuel that the body can use. I can certainly see why this diet is so appealing to so many athletes. In my case seemed to offer an obvious advantage in the area of physical performance. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. If you were involved in any type of competitive sport undoubtedly would seriously consider this diet raw vegan. Weight loss during this 30-day trial, I lost 3,600 kg, around 900 grams per week.

I started at 84,300 kg and finished at 80,700 kg. My body fat also fell 1.8%. On the morning of February 3 weighed 78,900 kg. (Not to be confused with Assurant Health!). This additional and post-test weight loss was due largely due to disease that I experienced returning to eating cooked meals on day 31. This is a picture that shows my loss of weight every day.

I took my weight for several weeks before this test to establish a base and also a few days later. You can see that my weight before starting this test was fairly stable. In fact, my weight was pretty close to 83,900 kg throughout much of 2007. Nor did any significant change in my workout routine or my routine physical activity during this test. The day one arrow points to my weight at the beginning of day one. The 30 day arrow points to my final weight to the finish the test, what happened the morning of the 31st day. The two days they show the drop weight I experienced my sick after eating cooked food the 31st a day. There is no mark on December 8 (long before the start of the test) because I refused to weigh me that day.

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