The Eyeballs

Against the background of millions of cells created by another, it will not be noticeable. But if the cell is turned off apoptosis (programmed death over time, like normal cells), it will generate millions more of the same immortal clones. Hence we get the tumor, which has an advantage over other parts of the body, in that its cells can grow exponentially, because they do not die. But the danger is not to increase the size and the fact that the body perceives this as their tumor tissue, providing meticulously her food. It is striking that our body has large reserves of strength, and can not tolerate this situation for years and even decades, although the eyeballs is loaded with toxic substances. Take a normal diet of modern man – it has toxic substances excess. Get at least our favorite grilled meats, butter, too, on which it is prepared, various canned and smoked products. You can enumerate a long time.

I'm not talking about gas pollution in our cities, about the high toxicity alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. diagnosis Cancer hits to an oncologist. And what does the doctor. It limits the power the patient? He says the patient Change your diet? He is trying to reduce the concentration of toxins in your body? Of course not! Although virtually every oncologist knows about it, how about exposure to carcinogens. What's so unclear.

To avoid the spread of metastasis from the primary focus, you'll first need to reduce sharply the high concentration of toxic substances in the body, that is to restore control over the production of cells. (Read about the new methodology on the site) What do we get in practice? The tumor is cut and, instead, that would cleanse the body, its vice versa poisoned by chemotherapy. After the chemistry, of course, a lot of mutated cells, but that they would have grown to the size of tangible place a couple of months. And we get a logical splash metastasis. It's all about running organizma.Togda question arises: how oncology at the relatively young – 40, 30 and even 20 year olds. This is likely due to a sharp decrease in short-term immunity of the body. The reasons can be varied from a prolonged illness to severe poisoning any food, accidental exposure to the radiation exposure or poisoning by some heavy gas. But the fact is that the system is restored after a failure and starts function normally. Missed marriage is recognized and sent to a pool of processing. But among those already created mutant cells, there is very sophisticated, which is difficult to recognize in the last stage of reproduction. They then give rise to tumors with full rights owner. But the body at this age, rather sturdy, which would transfer the operation and further the "chemistry". The result is a recovery for the next 10-20 years. In general, there is a simplified picture of cancer, if not go into details, that the cancer has formally – it's not all oncology and oncology – is not only malignant tumors, the tumors are divided by type of tissue, cells from which they formed (and each has its own characteristics), etc.

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