The Duel

Throughout our lives, are moments of approach and withdrawal, of birth and death, one of the most difficult events that we will face. Death is normally experienced as a loss of the beloved and we associate it with pain, illness, old age, loneliness, empty, decontrol normally and above all in the West are accustomed to living with the taboo of what death represents is easy you attempt to set aside the issue, will lie, and even hide causing a vacuum that we asociaremos to it. So it is very common not to deal with situations of bereavement, or relate to someone who is dying because we don’t react and aim to minimize the topic without giving us account that thereby we do not contribute to its overcoming. Religions that are associated to fear death and more sensational cases and images offered by the media also contribute to that I think that it is something horrible and alien will happen to others. People create links and depending on this live one way or another loss of a loved, when it breaks we have a frustration and as a consequence rabies and sadness. Logical, since we want something that we cannot get longer. The pain is evident and feelings begin to emerge. And it is necessary to feel them, anguish, emptiness, rage and guilt are healing, if we reprimimos these emotions can fall into depression.

It is therefore necessary to give us time, we need to adapt ourselves to the new relationship with who isn’t and thank his memory, since this feeling will be a gauge of the good development of the duel. There are different factors involved in how to develop loss, given that there are deaths that we assume by law of life and yet others arrive in an unexpected way and vacuum can be more intense. The relationship that at that time we held with the person we lose also dictates the subsequent recovery and at this point it is important to know that there are methods to overcome what we had to say and resolve, as well as the healthy coping of a blockade, which prevent us feel, interrupts the natural cycle by altering it. Ultimately, what is sought is the acceptance of feelings to continue being what we are, not what we are not. Adapt to the new reality to regain the balance in our autoapoyo and when we find it, the feeling of gratitude towards the person who left us or our own death, will have meaning and give meaning to our own lives. Original author and source of the article

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