The Dedicated

How can it be that at first glance similar products are subjected to egregious price fluctuations? The oft-cited comparison of the car is good here not a Dacia can see and feel, as well as a Maybach a (shared) server does not. For the uninitiated, a 5-euro webhosting package and a 300-Euro-dedicated server seems to do the same, namely to provide a productive environment for an any application or application. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. Here lies near another car comparison: Web hosting is like a carpool, at which one neither has influence on the riders and their endearing characteristics, yet on the type and equipment of the vehicle; the carriage of baggage or spontaneous speed corrections are possible only in very limited. Why should you choose so at all for this transport option? Who just would like to from A to B, goes best with this almost unbeatable cheapest Variant. It divides not only space and performance, but also the costs. Sake of completeness must be indicated at this point that there are of course immense quality and equipment differences within this segment, however, the underlying principle remains the same themselves.

A shared server”is a shared server in the sense of the word. The dedicated server’ is your own hardware. In this context the own car. The choice of size and facilities is subject to only the individual requirements and the available financial resources. The consideration of safety-relevant installations has often a priority.

The advantages are obvious: only rider, the customer determines how he goes where. He himself determines subsequent rebuilding and tuning work or any passenger. The costs for this option but also alone the holder. The customer advantages and disadvantages must be named crystal clear in its decision-making process. What are individual configurability, scalability, and security worth him? These skills can be, simply, simply to be expected in the Costs are down.

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