The Bach Flower Remedies: A Gentle Therapy For The Soul

The English physician Dr. Edward Bach, who lived from 1886 to 1936, developed a sensational at the time therapy using only 37 different petals, which he collected from trees and flowers, which until today is very popular: the Bach Flower Therapy. The Bach Flower therapy is one of the subtle therapies and is in contrast to conventional medicine, treated using the so-called allopathic substances. Dr. Bach went out in the treatment of sick people are always on the idea that you should treat people, not the disease. Disease, he considered the end point of the soul merely as signals to the patient to errors in his way of life. Dr. Bach also believed that diseases are caused by adverse conditions and attitudes of a specific person, including the use of such hatred, fear or revenge. By Bachbltentherapie these negative states of mind are to be removed and thus overcome illness. The Bach Flower therapy is therefore rather to the Regulations, or also toUmstimmungsverfahren. The goal of therapeutic action, therefore, the harmonization of negative emotional behaviors and the activation of self-healing powers of man. As a trained physician, Dr. Bach worked first as a normal school physician. At the beginning, he even worked in a trauma hospital and later at London University in bacteriological research. Later he worked in a London private practice and in its own research laboratory. There he initially conducted research on intestinal bacteria, and found in patients, especially in chronically ill patients, a difference in the intestinal flora. Dr. Bach has already produced preparations of bacteria and developed vaccines, with which he inoculated the patient. Already with this treatment method, Dr. Bach achieved extraordinary results. Dr. Bach, however, looked for natural substances, which should replace the sale of its car vaccine. He looked for plants that should help people to find God on his back to nature, and thus completely healthy. It was alsoHe believes that this new treatment method should be very simple, so that they can be easily implemented by all patients. The method should also be easily accessible and affordable. He believed that man himself is able to cure and should do so. In his travels through the English Nature Dr Bach discovered many different plants and the water from a particular source then the Bach flower essences produced. More information is available at:

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