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From the legalization of abortion makes just a few years in Mexico, has given permission to the use of the abortion pill as a method to interrupt the pregnancy; This is the case of cytotec, and notwithstanding that the ingredient that composes it (misoprostol) is also designed to cure gastric ulcers, in the cytotec is used for induced abortion. This abortive method is successful in 90% of the women that practices it, and is a very easy procedure and which prevent surgeries. The only thing that should be done is to introduce a couple of doses of this treatment and is already; It should not be forgotten that this treatment can be carried out, requires that women have a maximum nine weeks of pregnancy. Doses are two pills each, but must take into account that the agencies are different, which sometimes requires two doses; by eating the first dose, bleeding should begin from 4 to 6 hours later; If it does not happen in this period, it will be necessary to apply a second dose, which is not out of the ordinary because of how different that is every body. But how to apply the treatment? It is very easy, the only thing that should be done is to introduce four pills into the vagina the depths that you can with the help of the fingers; It must take into account that it must be with depth otherwise the treatment will not work optimally. Once the pills have been introduced, will begin to feel much stronger than normal cramping, which is normal when you apply this treatment.

When the bleeding does not appear, the introduction of a second dose will be with the same technique. Once that is concluded with the treatment and depending on the time of pregnancy to take when it is, sometimes a kind of bag may be white between the bleeding that has been ejected with the help of cytotec. It is recommended that women keep rest since it’s somewhat aggressive treatment that will bring as consequence that feels weak to perform their daily activities. Of the Likewise it is important to highlight that sometimes bleeding can last even three weeks once treatment was put in process, and the normal period of women returning around a month and a half.