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Thalassotherapy Tone

Organism of the modern active person living in a city prone to stress, to illness and fatigue. Our body lacks domestic energy resources, which results in different health problems. At the present time to deal with adverse changes in the body is very widespread thalassotherapy. The fact that it is what it is good, from what helps recently written numerous articles. In short – it's healthy body using sea water, mud and algae. If the detail – it is very pleasant complex procedures aimed at enriching the body with minerals trace elements and salts, and as a consequence, the strengthening of immunity, improving skin tone and blood vessels, relief from joint pain and improve circulation. As you know, any adverse factor alters many characteristics of an organism at all levels. Such complex effects of the pathogenic factors leading to a decrease in the number of white blood cells, which, in turn, are struggling with hundreds of harmful microbes.

Against the general fatigue in humans there is an emotional fatigue, which gradually becomes chronic, leads to depletion of energy resources and to the emergence of various diseases: anemia, inflammation of the joints, kidneys, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, oppression of sexual functions, etc. Procedures thalassotherapy helps to solve a complex problem not only physical but also psychological in nature. They will not only rejuvenate and promote weight loss, increase the tone of the body, cure disease, but also help to cope with fatigue and restore the nervous system and fill the body with energy and vitality. Existed for several types of thalassotherapy: hydrotherapy (treatment of sea or ocean water), (seaweed wrap or application of seaweed) and a hot pack ("sauna effect"), cold wrap, (massage with a cream based on algae). To common methods of thalassotherapy also include mud baths and masks.

Mud baths promote vasodilation, increased metabolism in the body. This type of treatment helps to slow or prevent the spread of inflammatory processes, accelerate the process of splicing broken bones, to restore the affected nerves, and also promotes the resorption of salt deposited in the joints in a number of diseases. Face mask with healing mud to help remove impurities in the deep layers of the skin, cleanse pores, remove fat, tone up, increase skin elasticity, stimulate the recovery of collagen and smooth wrinkles. Thalassotherapy sessions help to achieve many positive effects: the splitting of fat; accelerate elimination of surplus fluids and toxins, strengthen vessel walls, getting rid of cellulite, the destruction of fibrous assemblies that form the effect of 'orange peel'; vasodilation, activating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improved nutrition skin stimulation of the activity of the cells that provide skin tone, relaxation, removal of nervous tension, reduction and correction of body contours, eliminating dryness and sagging skin, restoring elasticity; excretion excess fluid from the subcutaneous fat, skin cleansing, the saturation of its trace elements, to get rid of edema and venous congestion, health-building and anti-stress effect.


In the beginning we will discuss and name the causes that underlie most of the known diseases. Only at first glance, this is a common question. In fact, it is of great importance because it gives a clear understanding Underlying causes, without which intelligently build a defense against disease. Let's start 'Why we get sick? " In life there are no coincidences, only patterns. If the organism is initially targeted at health, comes to of the disease, therefore, were factors that impacted on it. Our body is a unique self-healing system. He knows how to effectively clean, protect and repair itself. But despite this, as well as the millions certified physicians and a wide selection of medicines in pharmacies, we are sick, more than any animal.

Percentage of people suffering from such serious diseases as cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attack and stroke is growing. Today only a few people live to 100 years in the health and happiness, and most live their 50 – 60 years of disease and suffering. And that's really scary is that we pass the disease by inheritance to their children! What factors affect our health? Still very often meet with the naive view that the main factor that determines our health – medicine. If for a moment suggest that this is true, it turns out that their task has been little Cope. But let us not 'guess the tea leaves' and ask a question experts: how much, in fact, medicine is to blame for the poor state of our health? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Advances of medical science all only 10 %() involved to what today's health in humans.