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Geviskon: Diet Without Consequences

Summer has come to an end. But the velvet season – no less than perfect time for the holidays. Preparations for the long-awaited vacation is always associated with pleasant chores. Indeed, for many holiday – an occasion to update your wardrobe and give shape to order. In the first case, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. But the choice of diet doctors advise to approach responsibly.

And for good reason. Incorrectly selected diet is fraught with complications for healthy people. To ensure basic metabolism, we need a certain amount of calories. When we grow thin wrong to redress the body begins to use the important physiological resources. Thus, the extra pounds You can lose as by harmful fats, and in the damage so the necessary body muscle mass, water and bones. This is a rather serious consequences, given, for example, that the thinning of the bones leads to serious illness – osteoporosis. Therefore, without a doubt, choosing a diet that is guided primarily by common sense. Sometimes, to cleanse the body before release just enough to arrange some fasting days.

If you have one or other chronic diseases, diet must appoint a physician. Independent experiments are strictly contraindicated. For example, if kidney function is not prescribed a diet with high protein and vegetable diets are not suitable people experiencing digestive problems. Overweight and high cholesterol levels do not decrease, if the diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Experts are unanimous that the diet – a complex, multilevel process. The speed with which you will lose weight, too, plays an important role. In order to preserve the beauty and health, lose weight should gradually. Rapid weight loss leads to a weakening of the sphincter muscles – the body responsible for passage of food into the stomach. A valve device is a circular muscle that contracts and relaxes at the moment the food. As a result of weakening the sphincter stomach contents into the esophagus and enters there is heartburn – a burning sensation and discomfort behind the breastbone. When heartburn, doctors recommend natural alginate drugs: their mechanism of action does not violate the natural work of digestion. Sole Representative alginates in the market – a natural product Geviskon that is based on seaweed. Once in the stomach, the drug creates on its surface a protective layer which prevents the casting of esophagus corrosive components gastric juice. The mechanism of action of the drug and its Geviskon concentrated form Geviskon Forte is unique and has no analogues in Russia. Unlike other tools that eliminate heartburn Geviskon acts a long time and does not require re-admission. It is composed of only natural ingredients. That’s why it’s safe for pregnant and lactating women, and children over 12 years. The uniqueness of the drug confirmed Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia: 9 out of 10 experts recommend it to their loved ones *. Effective tool for heartburn any force Geviskon is the drug of first choice in the event that you experience with heartburn during the diet.


Strong women's health after 40 starts to undergo major changes, like during puberty at a young age. The only difference is that starting to happen back the aging process. Again hormonal changes, the body's immunity becomes weaker, and those diseases to which he had previously been resistant to penetrate inside, delivering pesky feeling and relaxing the body even more. To adjust Hormonal changes in women, doctors often prescribe hormone replacement therapy or other chemicals. Their effectiveness is often accompanied by the appearance of side effects, weakening immunity and destruction of beneficial microflora. All these factors can cause an unpleasant illness – thrush, which is accompanied not only by discomfort in the genital area women, but barriers to sexual partners. Very strong women's health significantly undermines the thrush.

But this is not a sentence. Thrush can be prevented as well as cure. Efficient program of women's health allows simple preventive measures to strengthen the immune system in women a real challenge. An effective program of women's health, we help to develop you, taking into account individual characteristics, lifestyle and health, will help strengthen the immune system and evenly to create a strong defense inside the body against harmful microorganisms. Recognized physicians around the world have long agreed that if, Yet, women's health is already hankering thrush, the most important in the effective treatment of the complex will be measures to strengthen the immune system.

You can arbitrarily long time to treat the disease and eliminate chemicals discomfort, but relapse is not long to wait. Only high-quality herbal medicines, natural, albeit over a longer period, but still be able to restore a woman's health after 40 years. On the other hand, Who said that to restore the weakened immune system can be for a day? After all, this is – the heart of the whole organism. Do not neglect preventive measures, believe in the magical power of nature and explore the features of the organism with our new material! Recommended that you read the interesting articles about the causes of obesity, to learn how to distinguish signs of a fracture or to assess the healing power of good "applicator roller Lyapko." Many people have already experienced miraculous effect of plant components, and it's your turn has come to trust them.

Diet Questions

1. Which requires a supplement to diet? What to do in case of illness and medication? If we suffer any chronic illness, and regularly take medication, we do not replace the additions to the diet. Administration of drugs described in this brochure does not replace the current treatment of disease to diagnose. Additions to the diet can be used primarily to prevent disease, or – after the agreement doctor-they can be used as adjunctive therapy to accelerate the process of convalescence. 2. When appropriate to take a supplement to diet? Most medicines should be taken at the same time with a meal or after it, since the processes of digestion and absorption thus are much more active and effective agents are used to a higher degree. If small pill to take on an empty stomach, they quickly pass through the digestive tract, and are used only partially or not at all.

Many people in the morning drink only tea or coffee, and drugs, and sometimes with vitamins, they accept without breakfast. This is wrong on several fronts view. Medications and supplements to the diet should be taken separately so they do not reduce the impact each other, or that they would not have entered into cooperation / known, for example, the interaction of inorganic compounds iron and vitamin E /. Medications should be taken for breakfast, lunch and after suitable for all additions to the diet. However, there are exceptions that prove the rule: ginseng capsules taken on an empty stomach in the morning / coffee instead! /, because then it is best manifested stimulatory effect and impact on improving immunity.

Vitamin C take only 3-4 hours later, as he might join the effective interaction with the substance of ginseng. 3. Which way to take drugs from medicinal plants? When you receive drugs from medicinal plants / eg garlic and parsley and / foods that are high fiber / corn bran, alfalfa, etc.

Orthopedic Insoles

Many of us at the end of the day there is a feeling of fatigue in the legs, pain and even swelling. This is unfortunately the consequences are not always comfortable shoes, and yet we tend to spend a whole day on your feet! In this case, to alleviate suffering of your feet help orthotics, they are used for everyday wear, reduce the load on the legs during the day. Using orthotics you'll forget what the pain and heaviness in the legs by the end of the day. Before buying please attention to the fact that the soles were made of organic materials, without the addition of synthetics, it is certainly an important moment for the comfort and health of your feet. It is desirable that orthotics were made of leather with special perforations, which allows the foot to "breathe" and creates the best microclimate in the shoe. The basis of the insole is springy pelota nesminaemoy of constipation, which is in the right foot udezhzhivaet polozhenii.Podlozhka made of a special needle material containing activated carbon. Just orthotics include a bacteriostatic effect, absorbs moisture and creates maximum comfort when walking. Orthotics are an excellent tool for preventing flat as provide support for the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot.

So we should not forget the children orthotic insoles. The feet of children need special attention and care. The disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so the use of special orthopedic insoles to avoid the development of flat and serious consequences. Women's orthotics probably familiar to many women: sometimes in the evening when he got home and took off their fancy shoes on high heels oschuschyaesh herself a heroine by all known cartoon "The Little Mermaid" )))))) each step is given a pain in the feet and legs! And you have in front of a lot of things: cook dinner, wash dishes, cleaning, etc., all on their feet! In order to look good and of course, involve interested glances of men, beautiful flying gait maloudobnuyu we wear high heels. About how beautiful and easy walk when you can say by the end of the day you have pain in my legs and tired! C orthopedic insoles for women's shoes, you will feel comfort that will accompany you throughout the day.