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Fuel And The Economy

But this economy seems very doubtful due to the fact that there are already drivers are not interested in reducing the total fuel consumption, as if to take into consideration the factor of theft, the effect will be even negative. Further consider certain items that are mandatory for all taxi drivers, but which are often (in whole or in part) the majority of taxi drivers working in the private car, which makes it possible reduce the price of a taxi. This purchase of a license, a flat tax with an emergency, daily inspection of the mechanics and the doctor before the flight, the passage of a regular medical examination, accident insurance, and maybe something else, which I do not remember. The costs associated with payment of taxes with the owner of vehicles, safety standards, liability insurance also affect the price of a taxi, and they should be taken into account, but to give them much harder. Analyzing the above factors influence prices taxi, we conclude that the price of a taxi in Kiev really different companies can vary because of different costs. But it is by no means a guarantee that paying more for the trip, the client will take a taxi license, be insured, the driver has paid taxes and took a medical examination and inspection before departure. It even does not add confidence that the level of the order will be high. Similarly, if the company offers low prices for a taxi, it does not mean that service quality will be low. It's can be explained by the fact that low prices can afford a taxi company with a developed effective leadership, which is due to high professionalism of its employees can give their drivers a greater number of orders has a positive effect on the price of a taxi. However, do not need anyone explain that the more orders executed a taxi driver for change, the less will be part of the costs invested in the cost of each trip.