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This is recognized not only distributors of various companies, consumers, and physicians of various specialties. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. Nutrition may be called metabolic or nutritional medicine, mikronutrientologiey, orthomolecular medicine and, in general, whatever. Importantly, the physician should understand that this is not an alternative path in medicine, and complementary (integrative). This is not a "new medicine", as an organic part of "Old", and it also is legal and scientifically justified as homeopathy, herbal medicine, pharmacology, etc. The patient, in the end, no matter how expert to help him heal.

And if a doctor has diagnosed gonarthrosis (defeat knee), it should be treated not only to this particular body, but remember that he is dealing with systemic connective tissue disorders and Ode to predict problems that may arise in the spine or other joints. And if you follow the old Eastern wisdom to treat not the disease but the patient, then each patient with the pathology of the joints should be directed to additional tests, such as for detecting latent (hidden) form diabetes or gout. For a complete cure may require additional funds. Integrative thinking doctor immediately prescribe anti-oxidants, substances that improve the microcirculation in any of the diseases of ODA. But stubborn doctors continue to build barriers to integrative medicine, arguing that upholding the great principles of their disciplines (chiropractic, physical therapy, laser therapy, etc.). At the same time deprive the patient possible to select multiple treatments. Recently, on various TV channels Russia, a wave of advertising next "magic bullet" for the joints.

Instead Of Drugs – Juice !

Juices are useful to everyone: children, elderly, sick. Learn more about this with James A. Levine, M.D.. This is an excellent nutritional and therapeutic tool. Juices are easy to drink and also easy to digest. Sure, they will benefit you if you drink them right in the right quantity at the right time. That's what these subtleties consumption of juices and we will discuss in this and how many state.Kak sokoterapevty advised to carry juice fasting days. And while drinking 12 glasses of up to freshly squeezed juice per day.

Such a diet, used within 3-4 days, is capable of fairly deep cleanse the body, neutralize, and excrete the body and acidic waste products generated as a result of overwork. Other Specialists take a more gentle approach and is recommended to give juice diet for one day, but regularly every week. That would be enough to improve health. However, the effectiveness of consumption of juices is so great that would be sufficient simply to consume regularly juices, replacing one of their meals. And as long as popularizers exotic for Russia, but at the same time very useful noni juice (made from fruit tropical plant Morinda limonolistnoy) generally advised to drink the juice 1-2 times a day for 50 grams, promising at the same time, at least in part the result of steady improvements being. Noni (Latin Morinda Citrifolia) – is the name of the tropical fruit grown in the area of French Polynesia in the Pacific Islands Whichever mode of consumption of juice you choose, about a month you are sure to feel much more cheerful.

And gradually forget about the many bolyachkah.Kogda that their drink in the process of home sokoterapii no less important to consider the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. In the spring of the most efficient drinking citrus juice. Also, mixtures of juices of root vegetables (carrots, radishes, beets) with juice of fresh spring greens. Summer – time for the juice of berries. Autumn – fruits and stone fruits (peaches, plums). In winter, quite satisfied with the same citrus, combined with the late varieties of apples and preserved to this time . approach choosing a particular fruit or vegetable to make juice out of it, it is necessary to accurately represent their effect on the human body. Many juices, despite its usefulness, high calories or can increase appetite. This vibrant drinks are not recommended for people who are prone to be overweight.

Treatment With A Mirror

With the help of a mirror can treat many illnesses – this disease of lymph and blood, and osteoporosis, asthma, and tahiardiyu. At first glance, the technique in question is very simple. But despite its simplicity, it is very effective. A detailed description can be found in old books. To begin the process of healing the body, should be charged a mirror in the sun, then go up to him and say these words: 'Mirror, mirror, take all my sickness and sorrow, and give me a ray of sun. " One must look closely into the mirror. Then the mirror should be curtain fabric in the box. Before the next session the mirror surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth and charge again in the sun.

In addition, using a mirror can be cleaned of karma, and thus rid itself of many ailments. To do this, take my photo 3×4 cm (preferably photo was taken recently) and make a mirror. The minimum dimensions of the mirror 20h14 cm, but more than a mirror, the better. Starting treatment, lean your photo face to the mirror and keep this position for five days. During these five days people do not have to look in the mirror. Advisable to clean the negative karma is not more than 5 times a year. While the photo will be standing at the mirror, the person will experience mild discomfort, and when the karma is cleared and cleaned pictures, then will surge of vitality.

Purification of bad karma is this: when the invisible rays pierce the picture (in the mirror increased energy), negative information is carried away in mezhprostranstvo. The movement is a spiral. On Compared with the whole of the mirror – a very small quantity, the beam in the mirror – straight, although it is part of the helix. Mirror – a tangent to a spiral twisted counterclockwise. The diameter of this invisible cleaning vortex – Vortex 5 cm can be enhanced by strengthening the mirror at an angle of 45 degrees on a spruce plate, as noted, that the presence of items made of spruce, enhances cleaning streams. Putting pictures in the mirror, you say: 'God's mirror, cleanse me. " The minimum interval between cleanings – 3 weeks (21 days). Keep pictures leaning against the mirror, need a minimum of 5 days, then, if necessary – 15 days, the next time – 25 days, then – 30 days, but no more. In These days also can not look in any mirror. As a result of the disease are gastro – intestinal tract, lymph cleansing, blood, increasing white blood cells, is thrombosis. Since many diseases are derived from our vices 'slagging' the soul, and a mirror, and a confession in front of him are a powerful tool for healing many diseases associated with central nervous system. Man alone can deal with their illnesses, contrasting them willpower, we just have to listen to your body. And he will tell you what their needs.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation, personal observations disabled 2 groups. In this article I want to tell you about the disease Stroke, which before his illness had not even heard, and had no idea how this could happen is with me. When I I got sick of stroke was not yet even 40 years, that's why they say that all disease younger, before I had a stroke in the second group (left leg amputated). Stroke affects each person differently. Most people will be able to completely restore lost function and someone will move to remain limited. In any case, every patient after a stroke should take the road to recovery. I forgot to write that to me (when I'm sick of stroke) was paralyzed from the right side of the body. You need to be alert to the possibility that if the motion in the acute stage of stroke is not restored, we will have to relearn how to perform daily chores and to be able to adapt to new conditions.

Patience and perseverance, over time, can not only restore the movement, but also to achieve full independence and almost complete recovery. No need to spare the affected side when moving after a stroke. Remember that as a result of inactivity broken muscles become sore, and would be helpless otverdeyut hindrance. To these complications did not happen, you need to train constantly, paying particular attention training of the affected side of the body but do not forget about the normal body parts.

Recipe For Athlete’s Foot

When sweaty feet, the person feels "like out of place." We all remember the journey in a minibus when a young man comes from the suffocating odor of sweaty nog.Kazhdy passenger covers his nose with a handkerchief or turns away closer to the situation oknu.Znakomaya? But this man is also very nepriyatno.Ved before leaving the house, he washed his feet, put on clean noski.Emu and devchenkoy difficult to meet, his discomfort. I want to admit that this disease was and menya.Ya could not do anything to get rid of sweating nog.Ya tried different powders, ointments, lotions … (even well-known manufacturers of perfumes, I will not name them for anti-advertising), but results short of the maximum hours chetyre.Ya spent on treatment of leg a lot of money, but to no avail. My late father used to say that you can pour in the fixer sour socks (or a fixer for photos), but to be honest, I have not tried to use as photo no longer made in the home and found the drug, I think slozhnovato.Hotya if you have the desire, you can try this method, the father helped the fixer. Exit out of my scrupulous situation prompted me to my very kum.Retsept simple but very effective! The pharmacy I bought the boric acid powder and began to pour in poroshek noski.Cherez week I stopped the procedure because his legs have stopped sweating and izchez zapah.Vse it can be repeated if the disease vozobnovitsya.Mne lacks procedures for three months! Boric acid is a penny, and the result is stunning! I have a son, he was 16 let.Kak once remarked that he had a scent nog.Cherez three days all I naladilos.Teper him calm! It meets with sex!, going to the clubs chasing a football, all without problem.Dazhe given the fact that youth is sneakers and shoes, feet poteyut.Ya at the time could wear sneakers only on condition that I will never take off one's shoes. I advise all of this recipe! Check for yourself, cheap, but safe! Please leave a comment on an article for those who can help this recipe. The recipe on my site