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Louis Pasteur Contribution

Nowadays, every time it is more difficult to speak of deep and edifying relations. One of by-products of the modern society is the de-personalisation. People are lost the interest by people. Every one is pending of its own needs, without worrying about the needs of other people. The culture that prevails in this was she is the one of the individualism that renders cultured to the ego, without granting priority to him to the contribution that we can do other people to him. An eagerness by the wealth and the accumulation to possessions exists in addition, that privileges the individualism and the own interest by on the contribution to others. Under this scheme the anonymity, the indifference, the indolencia and the neutrality are taking terrain on the mutual support, solidarity and the direction to the contribution to the others. We need healthful interdependence.

The life, by nature, is interdependent. The alive beings constitute open systems that realise interchanges with the environment, taking the necessary elements for their survival, but simultaneously leaving their contribution to the life. The interdependence is the base for an effective human interaction. It moves us to the interdependence to the cooperation, to the sinrgicas relations, the confidence in others, the work in equipment, the deep and significant relations and the personal maturity. 8. Arduously I will maintain my course. Persevero and itself it advanced in the attainment of my proposed objectives? The people who obtain important results are perseverantes.

Everything what is worth really the pain, will take a effort and a prolonged time us.


Its gravity is given according to the direct or indirect risk for the development of the boy to be born. Doubtlessly so that the fetus arrives at the birth in the best conditions of life, the mother must be taken care of, because the prenatal attention is determining in how it is going to be born baby. Syndrome of drinks shaken vigorously Is a type of I mistreat infantile in which it is shaken to the babies strongly. Cleveland Clinic cardiologist : the source for more info. This can produce serious injuries and sometimes to take until the death. Dr. John Mcdougall often addresses the matter in his writings. This syndrome appears generally because an adult overturns his frustration or wrath in the baby, because does not stop to cry or is very anxious. I mistreat by negligence talks about to deprive to the children or children of the basic elements necessary to guarantee its harmonic and integral development: that is to say, of feeding, education, health, care, affection, among others. I mistreat social or institutional It is the lack of satisfaction of the basic needs of the children and children, as a result of the absence of state guarantees for the access to the social services of subsistence, of those who has to position their raising and taken care of sexual Abuse Any interaction or activity of sexual type (with or without contact) realised to the force, by means of deceits or bribes, between a junior and an adult (with a difference of at least 5 years with respect to victim) for allowance or benefit of this last and/or third people, not knowing psicosexual development of the boy or girl. Before following with the explanation of the forms of I mistreat, is high-priority to define the term violence, for the best understanding of the aspects that were mentioned next. The violence defines as the application on the part of different agents (Been, communities, institutions, families and individuals) from means or procedures that by action or omission overcome the resistance, execute against the natural way or outside all reason and justice (Mateos, 2001).