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Good Anatomy

Exercise To have a Good Anatomy of its Muscles In this article, you will learn how you are that she can realise the exercises to be able to have a good one to anatomy of his muscles. You are tired to find different advice from people who say to you how is that you must make the things to be able to develop your muscles? You do not like how is that you watch yourself in the mirror? You feel frustrated and tired by the exercises that beams in the gymnasium? You are preparation to learn to how developing an anatomy of your muscles perfect? If your replacing is that yes, then it continues reading? Probably you are not removing benefit to him to one from these 4 steps, are doing or them of incorrect form. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Being thus, then what you need it is to correct the way before being able to develop the muscles that you wish. Comfortable Ponte and learns to how developing an anatomy of your muscles in 4 simple steps. Step #1 A acquires the commitment to raise three at least weights four times to the week.

Your objective is to realise exercises in such a way that your muscles are put under resistance of increasing weight, of this form your muscles will grow greater and stronger in less time del than you yourself you can imagine. After making the exercises of weights, which you must do is to go to house and to rest so that your muscle recovers and you can give the time him so that it rests and it grows. Step #2 It eats meals balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Of the food of the day, these must of being the amounts of each one of the things that I finish to you mentioning: Carbohydrates to 45% of your ingestion. Proteins must be equal to 35%.

Fats must be equal to 20%. Connect with other leaders such as Josyann Abisaab here. It remembers that most of this food must of being solid and the liquid rest. These are only agunos secrets of which they practice the Fisicoculturismo Step #3 It remembers to make strechings between the exercises of rise of weights. One of the errors greatest is than people train without making no streching. streching helps to recover the normal size of our weaves. When you are training constantly, these weaves are used excessive respect and they enlarge, which makes weaker. It remembers that you must of makes exercises of streching to avoid that the muscles hurts n to you and also to be able to avoid possible injuries. Step #4 If you are used to taking supplements, tries from which at least they take in the market more than 3 years. This that I am advising to you here, is vitally important, thus you will be taking care of your body not only to produce muscles, but also your health. This will make your life much more easy and it will help you to avoid all the advertising uproar in the last magazine of preparation and physicist culturismo.

Winter Skin Care

During the winter they raise to the temperatures and low the humidity level. Although the cells of the part superior of the skin have a factor of natural hydration, to the being the so dry atmosphere, the body cannot react so fast. While major takes place factor of natural hydration, the skin suffers of dryness. In order to make worse the situation, the heating systems dry out the atmosphere still more. In order to fight bad weather, the best thing is to follow these simple advice 1.

Hydration. The hidratante cream is essential during this time of the year since the skin needs more. We are not scared to apply it several times to the day if it requests it to the skin. Our routine of beauty must vary based on the circumstances. It is possible that we need one more a richer and oily cream in winter with greater proportion oil than of water. But it verifies that it does not plug pores.

2. It applies solar protector. We not only must apply solar protector during the summer. If we want to have a skin uniforms and without spots it agrees to protect itself of the effects pernicious of the sun. It applies to the solar cream 30 minutes before leaving and if you are going to be outdoors you will have to return to apply it several times. 3. It uses a humidifier. It is not necessary that is an expensive product we will put and it in 2 or 3 sites of the house. It even can serve putting a crystal glass with water upon the stove or radiator. 4. I gave goodbye to the hot baths. Bathing in very hot water causes that the natural lipids of the skin are eliminated that maintain the humidity and the hydration. Therefore, a reasonable option is to bathe in lukewarm water and to apply some gotitas of an oil like the one of almonds or jojoba. 5. It takes care of your hands. The skin of the hands is finer and contains less sebaceous glands therefore it has tendency to dry out itself. In order to fight the wrinkled skin we will apply to cream of hands several times and when going out a great ally is the gloves. If we are allergic to the wool, we do not forget to before use finite gloves in cotton to protect the skin. 6. It protects the lips with a rich vitamin balsam and, antioxidant. It is not happened to you mojarte the lips with the language because you will only obtain that your lips are dried out more. 7. Vstete in layers. In this way you will avoid the excess of heat, simply you have quitarte an article. Many people when sweating and being the skin in contact with a fiber as the wool is irritated and rascan themselves. In order to avoid it he is better to always use a t-shirt in cotton in contact with the skin.


The mother The creation was a divine act and thanks to her for that reason we lived. Official site: TreeOf Life. For that reason, it is difficult to me to explain the Creator does not own a heart, One that must be very special Because it cannot be one normal one Since for me it must have a heart like the one of a mother. Perhaps it sounds insulting But pure and nothing else beautiful That the heart of a mother. Unique the able one to pardon To most Barbarian of its children Without measuring, to count nor to wait for The same that always with love Is preparation stops without receiving to give to give without never justifying and to get tired to give. A mother must have something divine a something that cannot be described feels when in living Single we were Or when with pain we cried Since she is our Identical consolation to which from the sky We received when we asked and when listening to us we felt.

A mother is it all the self-sacrificing delivery the creation represented In this world that When dark it seems to us and sometimes inhospitable Only one mother appears to us encourages to us My Tersi the pretty one Found feelings revolotean my mind, a con others are intensified, all want to be present. Esther, my sister, my better friend, my ally, my student, my thorn, my lost sense of fault, my anchor in the sea, more consequent my fan. What I can say of something or somebody that it complements to you, that has lived your dreams, realities, pains and pleasures. What can be expressed of that when about her you think, is calling to you, when the sadness obstructs to you, without knowing how nor when appears with a something.

Feeding plan

The customized plan of feeding – first that you must do, whereas the program To eat To lose is to discover the type of metabolism. Each of us has a different metabolism slightly and Isabel Of divides us to the Rivers in three types. Each type has foods that are good and some that are bad for him. When knowing its type can create a customized plan of feeding that is adapted for you.

It is probable that a plan of feeding works far better that in general. 4. For all the ages – One more a thing than I like of this plan is that she can be of 20 or 60 years, O-Man woman, apt or no, and still they benefit from her. You rule of feeding are applied to all the ages reason why this program is useful for all the adults. 5. All the bonus that it gives you with the purchase of the program To eat To lose, is a totally complete compendium of information, tips and observations that quickly helped in the way of your loss of weight and fat you.

What I do not like 1. It does not give information about exercises – As Isabel Of the Rivers is a specialist in nutrition and not an expert in physical preparation, this program does not concentrate in the exercise. This is a shame since the exercise is an important part of the process of loss of weight. Generally, one is a plan of effective health and loss of weight. If you want to learn to eat better to secure a more healthful and better future body, the program To eat To lose is a good option.

The Kundalini Its Reach And Repercussions

Kundalini is the energy of the Cosmos in the individual and beyond him. It is the energy of brings back to consciousness. Increasing his flow, your wide-awake mind and it is fortified. You stop living in imaginary realities and you take care of the tasks and the joys of vida." Yogui Bhajan we cannot deny, that we are energy and we must know how it to manage so that we pruned to maintain to us healthy mainly and, to enjoy the life that it has bequeathed to us by a certain time. But that unfortunately we do not know how long he is the one that we will remain in this dimension. The West little attention has rendered to him which it represents the Kundalini and that handles East very well.

Of here, our interest in this writing to enter to us in which this energy represents and as we can obtain from her favorable results in our personal growth, but mainly the spiritual. On her comments to us, that Kundalini Sakti, the energy " femenina" , present in all we is the vast potential of psychic energy. Normally it is symbolized as a coiled serpent (kundalini means coiled) three times and average, with its tail in the mouth and turning in the central axis (sacrum or sacred bone) in the base of the spine. This serpent that to duer to me enroscada in the follower, is the serpent that the Tantra looks for to wake up. This power (shakti), that remains sleepy as much in the base of the spine, we woke up until it, of spontaneous form as through yguicas techniques. It contributes to us, that the Kundalini word comes from the kundal snscrito, that means " curl of hair of the Being Amado". To unroll this " cabello" it means to wake up the creative potential that exists in all human being; to wake up to a limitless capacity, sleepy in the majority of the people, that belongs to us.