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Odone Illness

Without the mielina, these neurons lose the capacity to transmit the stimulatons correctly nervous that they make the brain to function normally and there the neurological symptoms appear of the illness. (ARAJO, 2007). The desperation mainly takes account of the couple and of Michaela; therefore Lorenzo beyond being its only son inherits the patogenidade of the mother, therefore the ADL is transmitted exclusively of mother for son (only of the masculine sex) whom had a genetic disfuno? related with sexual chromosome X, and only the women are carrying, having 50% of possibilities to transmit for the son. Senator of Massachusetts can aid you in your search for knowledge. They had become involved themselves in a ONG of parents with carrying children of ALD, however they had evidenced that the members of this if worried more in accepting and dealing with the illness, only searching conformity and not it cure. Unresolved matter with this situation, the father of the boy (August Odone) is pledged in discovering the determinative factors of this illness. For this it appeals initially to the medicine and it finishes discovering that this does not offer solid subsidies to cure it, therefore according to doctors this is a new and unknown illness, not having immediate expectations of cure.

The treatment suggested for the doctors (a rigorous diet in the control of acid the greasy ones) reveals inefficacious, and Augustus decides to take by time the reins of the situation. This is the culminating point of history? from this moment the parents of the boy start to study ferrenhamente on the mechanisms of action of this illness, in the intention of being able to argue with the doctors the best form of treatment to brighten up the symptoms presented for Lorenzo. I begin it searched to learn and to understand as the cells of our organism function, to this, passed days and nights in libraries, dived in the books, this at a time where personal computers and Internet were unknown fullwords.

A Culture

To define culture is not the task simplest. Its diversity of concepts evokes diverse interests. It can be studied by the anthropology, sociology, history, and even for sciences of the health. Each area studies its culture in accordance with its approach. (CANEDO, 2009). When if it studies the semantics of the word sees that its root comes of the Latin colors, that it has as meanings to inhabit, to cultivate, to protect. The studies of Langdon and Wilk (2010) define culture as a set of elements that measured and characterize any physical or mental activity, that is not determined by biology, and that it is shared by the different members of a social group.

It includes values, symbols, practical norms and. Chau (1995) calls the attention for the necessity if widening the culture concept. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. The author affirms that all the individuals and groups are cultural citizens. The incorporeal cultural patrimony passes to be valued. The verbal tradition, the ways to make, the customs, the popular beliefs and manifestations assume place of it has detached. In this meantime, one becomes necessary the differentiation between scientific knowing and popular knowing. The necessity to know is inherent to the man since when it started to give importance to the understanding of the world to improve its relation with the world to its return.

Science appeared as solucionadora of problems, as practical alive, dynamic, innovative, systematic, rational and objective to reveal the evidence of the facts. (VASCONCELLOS; CORRA, 2010) the same authors consider that so that a knowledge is considered scientific it must rest in solid and safe bases, being capable to guarantee absolute certezas and doubtless truths.

Teorizaes Hospital

It is very important that the psychologist has well clearly the limits of its performance stops not to also become abusive and invasive an element that attacks the hospitalization process and that they permeiam wide in the hospital institution. Its necessity to intervine in definitive patient and the proper one to want of this in receiving such intervention, this is the essential delimitation so that this performance walks inside of the principles that happen in the real respect the condition human being. In contrast of the doctor’s office patient that keeps its right of option in accepting or it treatment and not disobeying the lapsing, already the acamado sick person loses everything, therefore its will is aplacada, its restrained desires, its invaded privacy, its prohibit work, its world of relations breached. It leaves of being subject, becoming only one object of the practical hospital doctor. Suspended its individuality, transformed into plus an being entered case. The hospital perfaz this paper recouping when possible and returning always, with or without guilt, the sick person and its previous situation. intervention of the psychologist in this direction, cannot do without such questionings with the risk to become something unprovided of the necessary depth, to hug the true essence of the suffering of the hospitalized patient. The proper direction contemporary of desospitalizao of the patient, has in psychologist one of its great allies, in the measure where it will be able to depend on this professional, since, a more necessary evaluation on the emotional conditions of the patient.

Hospital psychology cannot be placed inside of the hospital as isolated, solitary force, without counting on other determinative ones to reach its basic rules. The humanizao of the hospital necessarily passes for transformations of the hospital institution as a whole and evidently for the proper social transformation. What it is worse, to be restricted the teorizaes that isolate and atomize the patient of conceptualizations and ampler social conflicts.

Drug Administration

Whenever they found to have joined some excellent information, they appealed to the doctors, professors and scientists? searching to argue with them a better treatment that came to minimize the suffering of Lorenzo. The couple also arrived to collect deep to organize a symposium on the illness, the first one of history, this meeting counted on diverse studious of world all and instigated excellent debates in the search of the cure of the illness. Exactly with this effort the parents of Lorenzo had all not been saved of the diffidence and the preconception on the part of the doctors and the scientists? after all of accounts they were ' ' leigos' ' in Biochemist and Medicine. Another joined barrier was the impossibility of accomplishment of tests in human beings of not yet authorized treatments for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration? Agency that fiscalizes the health in the United States). Beyond the difficulty in finding chemical partners with ability to produce the formula of the oils that they believed that they could cure Lorenzo. The parents had discovered the error of the diet: when the organism does not receive acid greasy from the food, it produces alone, through biosynthesis, then they had decided to manipulate an oil, established in the oliva oil, that was not harmful to the human being, and deceived the organism, so that this did not produce acid the greasy ones. This oil was not the cure, more barred the effect of the illness, therefore the excess of acid greasy destrua the brain, and consequently its functions, the child if atrophied, the case of mielina of the neurons was destroyed, therefore, the carrier lost the movements. We have one organela in the cells, called perixossomo, responsible for the elimination of the acid excess of greasy, as Lorenzo had a genetic imperfection, of a responsible enzyme for the greasy acid absorption of in this organela, it accumulated in the blood.