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I find that now it does not only believe exactly that I go. I also remember when it felt itself badly when I was sad and tried to console myself But this also does not have more importance today, after all does not matter how much comforts it me tomorrow I go to feel myself bad the same of skill. I try, I swear that I try, not to demonstrate for it that I am sad. I try to think that it is all besteira of my confused head and that I am not feeling myself badly of truth, that is alone the illness, but not of. Never of. I always finish crying despairing and me alone. Alone.

I am as soon as I feel the entire time, exactly of the side of it. When I eye for it I see an abyss between us. Same if I obtained to construct a bridge and to cross this abyss when arriving of the other side alone would find immense and unsurmountable a wall. But what I also wanted, that it caught me in the col all the times said and me loves that me? What it woke up to each shout of desperation in the way of the night it calmed and me? What caught me to it for the cut pulses it dragged and me until the ready aid? Or that it released the job and it was to run behind marking doctor for me? I am adult, I have to turn that me alone. If I know that I have depression and that more sedo or later I go to finish all repeating this hell because when I am good do not go same I to mark doctor? This yes in seems reasonable. I lost everything because of the depression.

I leave the house of my parents. I drove crazy the woman who I love. I lost my job. I lost my night of sleep. I lost all my friends. More info: PCRM. I made with that my fianc lost all the friends of it. I am one failed unhappy one who am passing (of new) for a crisis of depression of those.

Lean Live

It did not live! I swear that I made everything what I could! But it did not live! I was hours and hours there the wire, grudada, to its side in the bed, without taking off the eyes of it. Not skirt for nothing. Nor it slept right. It had fear not to hear its voice of calling me to sigh: ' ' Maria' '. All was thus the night. To help it to satisfy it some necessity, or lack of he himself.

It did not want to feel itself alone. I caught its hand and I held. He pressed, he pressed, he pressed For a long time. The times, I asked the God, how much time this suffering would last. For it and me. He is not easy not! Exactly loving, it is great sacrifice! To see it thus sick Lean and weak on of a bed, without being able to move itself, dependent of everything! Soon it, who always was so vigorous. Of day, so diligent, and of night, he caught when me He was in such a way rolls pra here, rolls pra there It was as much love, of everything how much it is skill! later thus Stopped it there, waiting the death, therefore to live, already was not more hope. My heart seemed meat worn out, of as much pain.

My man in the bed, going even so. Young still. It are so strong For me, so beautiful I was there, to its side! It was my obligation of woman. I was guarding it, until its last sigh. The last sigh of left me to it empty, with a hollow one in the chest. With its end, I was alone, without children and old. Tired and abated. I was pretty woman! Still the age, even before its illness! The cursed one corroded the meat of it and mine. Now, I am carcass without vio. Sad, sad. Full of melancholy Immediately after the burial, I burnt our bed of couple with hurt and hatred! Never more it would make love with it in it. It except its arrest! In it, it esvaiu itself until finishing. He will be that it already saw the Creator? You back in the sky, together with the angels, guarding for me? Nothing he arrests more me here. He waits – Me, my love! He waits me! I already you arriving