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Regional Hospital

The great challenges of the professionals in the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras are visible, mainly as for the Social Service, for if to deal with a new profession in the institution and that every day they live deeply a fight continues inside for the efetivao of the human and social rights of the users of the institution, to accomplish actions that are in fact of its ability and attribution its profession. According to NETTO (1992), to legitimize itself in this society, the Social Service, as profession, has that to answer its demands. These, in turn, are produced by necessities pautadas in the social relations, historically focused by antagonistic interests of the social classrooms (capital and work) and are from there that the professional activity of the social assistant is permeada for diverse contradictions. The agreement is important of that the institucional demands are different of the social demands, a time that is demanded by the institution always more is reduced of what really express this social demand. The search for the efetivao of the human and social rights directed also to the health is a permanent fight, exactly knowing that it is to have of the State to make with that these rights are materialize of form as in it assures the Federal Constitution to them and places the universal health as right. It is as base in these affirmations and the comments, where I perceived as many invisible users to the eyes of the doctors in that institution, not being able to leave to emphasize certain indifference on the part of other professionals with the users, as well as the most complex and enormous insatisfao of the patients and or users. It is in this perspective that I see the necessity of changes as for the performance of the professionals of the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras, leading in consideration Code of Ethics of its profession and the oath made for them where the life would be the main point for its work. .

Synthetic Analytical

For (BREADS, 2005). The characteristics of the Synthetic Analytical metodolgico principle are: To contribute in the justification of the technique, the model analytical-synthetic if it bases on principles on the organization of the activities, that praise a learning that goes second (Greco, 1998). ) of the known one to the stranger; b) of the parts (division of the movement in functional units) to all; c) of the simple ones for the complex (gradual approach); d) of the easy one to the difficult (gradual reduction of the aid); e) of the general perception to the specific perception. The learning if of the one for the repetition, leading to gradual perfectioning e, consequently, to the automatization of the existing basic movements in each bedding. Observing the analytical-synthetic principle in the vision of, (DIETRICH et AL. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. 1984).

… if characterizes for presenting courses of exercises or, sporadical, games, which leave of elements special (conditional technician, tacticians or) of the games, congregating them, little by little in bigger connections (synthesis), collecting, later the parts, in logical sets. Some authors point pointers with respect to a lesson in the direction of the analytical-synthetic metodolgico principle in the initiation of the sport, however some ideas if contradict some authors see greater number of limits of that possibilities in the use of this method in the esportiva initiation. However great majority emphasizes an intention with systematic metodolgico aiming the same/, where they prefer the use of other mechanisms I assist for it of the metodolgico principle. 3.1LIMITES AND POSSIBILITIES Are evident that if on the other hand the organization of the activities in pedagogical sequences, with a gradual dosage of the level of difficulty of the task, favors the acquisition of motor abilities, in the critical one to the analytical-synthetic model of education of esportivas abilities, affirms that on the other hand, the tactical application of these abilities to the complexity of the game situations is menosprezada.