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New Year

New Year – a new chance. And we must not miss it. And the success of our actions depends on each one of us. From the fact that each of us would do for his family and his country. New Year's – a favorite family holiday. Today we think of the closest people – our parents, who want above all health. About our children.

We love you very much and look forward to you. Want to see you got it. Want you to be happy. Dear friends! New year – just around the corner. Only a few moments. It's time to make a wish. Let come true your fondest dreams! Let your side will be the most expensive and most people close! Let everything be good! Be happy! With the new 2010 year! *** What do we see? We see not just one idea, not just two, but we see a lot of thought. In vain to believe that a lot of thought – it was good.

Many thoughts at all, in principle – is Of course, good. But not in the case when none of them are primary. When there is no hierarchy, no primary and no secondary. There is no subordination. If one question you are trying at once to say about your grandmother, the national team in football, shooting on the need of increased population disproportionately Ussuri tigers, the benefits of phosphorus for the brain and the superiority of IPS LCD matrices with matrices PVA – make sure that people remain in the minds of porridge.


Abnormal heat undeniable reality of the present time and space. To face the fact of the adverse effects of the elements of nature, unusual happening, the inexplicable. Accordingly, relevant customary reaction man, the fear of misunderstood manifestation of life. Fear and its manifestations, resentment, sadness, discomfort, and has as a consequence, the increased activation of the forms of the disease organism, until the death of the individual. What's happening? Than reason? What obligation? What life wants to show us to say? What? The penalty for us, what is happening, or the gift of the Almighty? Issues a set of answers are many, truth is one.

The search for truth is to acknowledge the responses to questions. Well what is happening, good or bad? Approving the bad will be right, as in other and affirm the good. Truth is not shared, it is common for all. What happens is neither good nor bad it is. Kohl, it is worn by land and permitted air means one thing – heat waves takes place.

Has the right to be. Suppose the right heat, but there is so much suffering and inconvenience. Time that it has the right, then it is perfect and there is a need? What perfection of paranormal phenomena? Who should? Truth is static in one state – Vibrations of Love, all is love, and no other in the universal world, nothing else in nature does not exist. Although, of course, place a small amount of love there. Our task is to behold the love of what is going to say yes to love and to reproduce and increase its vibration.

Listen To Yourself Through Your Body

She felt a oneness with nature, and its former rage turned into a completely different power. Woman felt the spirit of the forest, and then the soul of the planet, and sang a beautiful song to himself the essential … After two weeks of solid symptom is much less noticeable, almost gone. She came so happy: – il, all well, no dermatitis, you – a magician. A month and a half back with the same. I asked: – What happened? – Well … I started another, and my husband said that he will divorce me, ‘this’ I do not want him.

He was comfortable with me. Thereafter conversation with her husband at the woman reappeared dermatitis. And six months later she made her choice. The choice to present themselves, to themselves essential. Now she has a completely different life. I’m not saying that this is the way each person, but my client, being currently divorced woman, says her life is much easier and happier. And she did not need to hide his hands under the table during the talk, because they are completely healthy. Find a procedural essence oriented approach is in the title: we follow the process, whatever it was.

Become a bear or dissolve into the black abyss. We disclose a process which is already in physical symptoms. No one is better the man himself does not know how to correctly organize your life. Find the answer to this question, he can listen to yourself and your body. The human body samosovershenno, it is wise, so we let the voltage that exists in the body, get out and open up. Any chronic illness will always point to where we have betrayed ourselves of this, turned to his own way, come my dear, adopted in society: lost my mother, father, did not at the high school, went to the wrong job, and now we do not have the courage to return to him. But it is important not only to hear the message of the symptom, and have the courage to change things and bring the change that we offer symptom everyday life. Dramatically change their life style – well cured myself of chronic disease. Decided on a few. But even those who, coming to the seminars on procedurally oriented psychology, just realize that speaks about their bodily symptoms, to somehow improve their situation.