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The Importance Of Protection Acoustics In The Building

Acoustic security is an essential element for our health. Currently, building professionals and regulation have the key that our health is not resentful by the aggressions of the noise. The Royal Decree 1371 / 2007 of 19 October 2007 approves the DB HR basic document of protection against noise, of the technical building code (CTE): specifying objective parameters and verification systems whose compliance ensures the satisfaction of basic needs and the overcoming of minimum levels of quality characteristic of the basic requirement of protection against noise. Since the technical building code sets the parameters that ensure the acoustic well-being. This protection against noise, inside buildings, intended to avoid the risk of discomfort or illness caused by the noise. To achieve this purpose buildings must be designed and constructed with materials which reduce airborne noise, impacts of transmission and the vibrations. Elements of protection are the door acoustic and acoustic muffler. The new DB-HR, which replaces the NBE-CA88, requires a greater air insulation (50 dB), an increase from isolation to urban noise, greater acoustic resistance to impacts and requires a better acoustic conditioning to classrooms and restaurants. Therefore the acoustic advice of professionals of the building is necessary for the correct application of the DB HR. Is advisable to the realization of a previous study noises and a noise measurement – original author and source of the article