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The Pregnancy

The used methodology will be the bibliographical research, for the survey of the necessary material. It will be searched in scientific books, articles, magazines and sites of Internet, so that it is possible to arrive at the corresponding conclusions. 1 PREGNANCY During centuries and same during millenia, everything what he was relative to the reproduction human being, including the pregnancy, remained envolto in representations, extremely obscure beliefs, myths and traditions. Ahead of the mysteries that surrounded the generation of the human being, the society created myths and beliefs in order to give account of these facts that they occurred in the real life, but for which science not yet had advanced the sufficient for supplying a rational explanation to them. Curiously, although the clarifications offered for the medicine, biology and psychology, still today survive a series of myths, beliefs and superstitions concerning the pregnancy. Seedbed & Martins (2006) had undertaken a research in order to describe main myths on the maternity, being also presented the fears of decurrent them.

They had verified that, over all in definitive social nuclei, the women need to respect definitive interdictions and social lapsings sidewalk in a series of beliefs, popular myths and traditions. The authors consider that such myths and representations do not have to be disrespected by the professional who deals with the assistance the gestantes, therefore these beliefs happen directly in the way with the woman subjectively try the pregnancy and the maternity in general. For these researchers, the health professional that works with gestantes and with women during the after-childbirth it must consider these aspects in order to understand the expectations, the fears you distress, them and same the guilt that the women feel in this period of training of its lives, mainly if these have some type of behavior or illness that can harm its baby.

Physical Exercise

The physical exercise is considered a therapeutical modality in the DG in women who do not present any medical or obsttrica contraindication for practical its. (JOVANOVIC-PETERSON and PETERSON, 1991). A program of adjusted physical exercise is, therefore, considered therapeutical adjuvant insurance for the DG. For more specific information, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. The physical activity will have to be advised, privileging, over all the one that involves the muscles of the superior part of the trunk, with exercises that do not provoke stress mechanic to this level. The daily march must be stimulated. The trainings cardiovascular of the superior part of the body improve the glicmico control in women dealt only with diet. A related site: Dr. John Mcdougall mentions similar findings.

(JOVANOVIC-PETERSON, DURAK and PETERSON, 1989). Ahead of the displayed one and the consideraes presented until the moment, it is important to stand out on some complications that to occur in a diabetic person, as hipoglicemia crises, where the sanguineous glucose level becomes abnormally low (50 the 60 mg/dl) had the great amount of insulina or hipoglicemiantes agents, little food or extreme physical activity; cetoacidose diabetic, caused for the insulina absence, being able to vary the glucose levels in the blood (300 the 800 ml/dl), causing dehydration, loss of electrolytes and acidose; hiperglicmica syndrome to hiperosmolar not cettica, where the insulina lack occurs effectively, causing in the person attack hipotenso, deep dehydration, neurological taquicardia and signals (alteration of the sensrio, convulsions, hemiparesia), without presenting cetoacidose and without to suffer gastrointestinal symptoms. if the illness to progress or to advance very, can be acometer structures that can cause functional incapacity with the peripheral and ocular neuropatias, being able to cause blindness and amputations of members, in case that it does not arrive first at the death. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although all the controversies as for the tracing and diagnosis of the DG, exist a consensus on the necessity of glicmico control pressed (with diet and, eventually, insulinoterapia) to improve the prognostic.


The author above sample that phenomena of the psychosis need to be considered in its relation with the structure of the determinative language in the individual with a psychotic structure. According to Lacan (1955-56), the psychotic one represents an open witness of the unconscious processes, and of this form, he is situated in a position that ' ' it places without conditions to legalize the direction of what it testifies and to partilhar it in the speech of outros' ' (P. 153). The neurotic also can be defined as a witness of whom the unconscious one exists, however, consists in a hidden representative who is necessary to decipher. Thus, the unconscious one in the psychosis is not executed from unconscious formations, but yes, through what it did not get simbolizao and it appears in the Real. In its construction on the psychosis, Lacan if interrogates of excellent form on the existing connection between the individual and the significant one and affirms that it is in this manner that it has conditions to differentiate the proper phenomena to the psychotic structure. These phenomena are treated through what Lacan will go to call language phenomena.

Leather strap (2010) affirms that the attention to the details is excellent that make possible the diagnosis for the psychosis, leading in consideration not only the riots of language, but characteristic that they carry out ' ' field of the knotting/desamarrao of registers RSI' ' (P. 1). The operating professionals in analysis, conscientious of the impediment of a harmonic set between the mind and body, search in the preliminary interviews the first signals so that a diagnosis is carried through. Not objectifying friction that one that is analyzed, them they direct its space of listening for the language phenomena, with identical relevance in such a way in psychotic pictures how much neurotics, if not fixing solely for the language riots.

The Collective

The organization also can recombine staff by means of transferences and promotions. (AMITAI ETZIONI and W. RICHARD SCOTT. ETZIONI, 1964 p.3) apud (HALL, 1984, p.22) Later, Scott, (1964) places that the organizations are based on the collective that if form to play some specific objectives, it affirms that we have that to consider that the organizations possess particular characteristics, objective specific and continuity that includes: (…) relatively fixed borders, a normative order, authority position, a system of communications and a system of incentives that allow the diverse types of participants who work together in the achievement of common objectives. (SCOTT, 1964, p.488) apud (HALL, 1984, p.22) Hall, (1984) criticizes the place of the objectives in the nature of the organization and the question of the organizacionais borders, it believes that the objectives, many times, are not related to all the activities of the organization as bureaucratic actions and social actions.

Also it agrees to Simon, (1964) that the objectives restrict the taking of decisions and are seen as an superindividual entity that is independent of the behavior of its members. Understanding the exposition of the theoreticians, it is possible to reflect that this fact can be observed when we think about any action that an organization if considers in function of its objectives, where it, does not consider internal of its organization, only the external ones factors, as for example, in institucional actions. These actions are decisions that influence all the organization, however are a decision that has for base the objectives of the organization, are they, beneficial or it does not stop all the members of the same one, are decisions, objectives and action in certain way taxes and that they must be accepted for all. This takes in them to infer on the way with that the organization intervenes with the individuality of its members, in benefit of the collective of its consuming public.