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Giving Birth

And so time passes and we continue with our lives, thinking that we could not give birth because we did things well and because we failed. We mourn every fortnight, and when we asked some support, people look at us strangely of what we feel and they say: – It is better to have a caesarean section and apart faster and this, your baby is fine. But that makes me more sad, but I tell myself maybe they're right … and let it go again which to spend more and more time I'm getting into my head that I feel not so important, I say myself: – Cut the shit, is just a cesarean. Until One day, I receive the news that I'm going to be a mom again, that emotion and turn what fear, yes, what fear … do not want another injury. Speaking candidly CNHP told us the story. Y. ..

women, here comes the best part, because they want another C-section but we will not have. Having lost all hopes, having put aside our feelings, something, who knows it, I said, "And if you try a natural birth?, Of course it is hard … difficult to have confidence in us to be one hundred percent sure that we can give birth naturally, because we can do that … you know. I'm not going to lie sometimes C-sections save lives, if these are done when really necessary, but many are simply routine, for convenience, not to wait, does not respect and money. To consider planning a natural birth, we must first go back, go as much as possible our memory, even if it hurts, and look how we live our previous pregnancy, our fears, anxieties, concerns, things we do not encourage you to ask, go back to the day when we were interned, was seen as a step by step, we did, we did, how many people had, if I was alone for long, if you wanted someone to be there, if the lights were high, if there was a lot of noise, if he had begun my labor alone, if I was induced, in which week of pregnancy was …

Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mother – a woman who bears and gives birth to an artificially conceived child for infertile couples. Germ cells to do this, take a genetic parent. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with PCRM. The services of Kharkov surrogate mothers treated for the most part, couples from other stations. Surrogate mother earns about five thousand dollars plus a monthly allowance for a healthy diet, etc. How and how much to pay the mother, the genetic parents decide. Often agree only on lump-sum, chat – and even on a monthly allowance. 27-year-old Victoria surrogate mother was already two times. For the first time she decided on surrogacy four years ago – at that time she endured and bore two children for their close friends. Victoria is now raising his own 6-year-old daughter, who, as Vic says, very often asks brother or sister. Victoria said that in the last months of pregnancy for a surrogate program Motherhood, she had to send her daughter to her grandmother – how to explain her daughter "what happened to his stomach." The fact that she earns surrogacy, Victoria and hides from the family.