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Breast Augmentation. Preparation, Operations, Recovery

Breast augmentation – is reshaping the breast, breast lift. Indications Indications for provdeniyu mammoplasty plastic surgery breast augmentation can be divided into three groups: makromastiya – breast augmentation sometimes up to larger sizes, while maintaining the elasticity and the location of breast ptosis * – the omission of the chest with a relative preservation of its size * mikromastiya – small breasts. As a rule – it is an innate pathology. Usually after the first pregnancy and childbirth are developing breasts enough, but sometimes it does not happen * postlaktatsionnaya involution of mammary glands – a significant reduction in breast cancer after the feeding child. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne. For each of these issues in a variety of specially developed methods, based on years of experience.

Contraindications to breast augmentation surgery * Diseases of internal organs * Infections disease * Cancer * blood clotting problems * Age of the patient at least 18 years old * Incomplete lactation (on average, lasts about 1 year after birth) before the operation Before surgery, breast augmentation, patient passes all required tests (complete blood count, urinalysis, blood koagulogramma, blood chemistry, electrocardiogram, tests for hepatitis, AIDS, etc.), and makes ultrasound breast. At provided that the patient was well, until the operation is required to prepare the body for intervention: 2 weeks before surgery to refuse to receive oral contraceptives, do not take medications containing salicylates (Alka-Seltzer, aspirin, etc.). For the week need to stop smoking, because nicotine impairs blood flow to the skin and joints for a long time to heal.