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Formal Recapitulation

" This is the first reason-the possibility of release, payment of duty, levied at the time of death. There is another reason why more utilitarian – the release of energy captured by the world, and then use it for magical purposes. According to Don Juan "force recapitulation of what he rasshevelivaet all the rubbish of human life and make it to the surface. " Thus, discovering in the recapitulation their repetitive patterns and unraveling the threads of the energy body, the practitioner acquires the properties of strength to manipulate the position of the assemblage point. Recapitulation has two levels Formal practices Spontaneous Practice Between them there is a trigger in the form of memories, conductor. Performing properly formal recapitulation, a man comes to the event "terrifying clarity of details. Magicians call it an event guide, because after every event to which we touch, experienced anew, and not just remembering.

" From this point begins a spontaneous recapitulation – bursts of intense experiences of life that are cornered at any time. Omitted all descriptions associated with the breath, and list compartment in the recapitulation. It's certainly interesting, but we said more than once, and I think everyone is tired of the order. Not so important and the effects of the recapitulation. Those who have practiced, you know how it manifests itself – all the instability physical and emotional state are explained by slow but steady movement of the assemblage point. In all this, I'm interested in "strange" memories. This is a nested series of insights such force that take them for a game imagination or standard cases recall quite impossible.


Underneath, in an impetuous chain, if it agitates a violent desire that, so to speak, wants to come to tona for all the ways, caves and abysses and that it yearns for poder' ' (RWB, 10). This violent music, lasts, that if it presents impetuous as the movement of the life if presents for Nietzsche as the necessity of the sprouting of the tragic art for the Greeks. It was from recognition of this tragic feeling of the impetuous one, the violent one, the nonsense of the present existence in the dionisaca dimension that the Greeks had invented the tragic art: ' ' An intellectual propensity for the hard one, horrendo, the evil, the problematic one of the existence, which had to the welfare, a transbordante health, a fullness of existncia' ' (NNT, 14). Senator Elizabeth Warren is a great source of information. This art appeared as the form to try the life from an artistic perspective, where the human being exceeds the individual nature mere, and when becoming fluid itself in all it enters in contact I summon with the existence. Art safe it e, by intermediary of the art, is saved the existence. The tragic art if presents for Nietszche as only the apt one to open space for a creation, therefore it will be through the art that we will be able to reach the unit and, therefore, the joy of devir that also it is the joy of the destruction. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne. This aesthetic vision of the existence proposal for Nietzsche appears in counterpoint of a perspective of a society established on moral values of the Christianity that determines ' ' bem' ' ' ' mal' ' as absolute values. This doctrine establishes a current existence on the other hand vigda for the suffering, treating the life to a pejorativa and not worthy form of being lived and offering to the Metaphysical consolation of a possibility of full future existence of joy and happiness. .

DNA Molecule

Namely, acting on a dna molecule with the help of chemistry, with exposure to radiation, and by influencing the human subconscious. Here's the third way and I go. That's just my method differs from the classical one. The well-known psychology of human destiny changes over a very long time. Besides, with the original source of any problems, she pulls out man a lot of unnecessary, superfluous – that the correction does not need it. This way of solutions can be compared with the work of prospector, who, before they find a nugget, sifts through the sieve of tons of waste rock. I practicing genetic psychology, which allows you to achieve the desired result, for example, to lose weight in a fairly short period of time, or to arrange your personal life should be for you a way to solve health problems, eliminate financial problems, improve relationships with others, especially for people with significant people and so on.

Restrictions here, by and large, no-In what? – No false modesty I can say that in Within three to four months can solve most problems that apply to me. Technologies that I use in my work, allow to achieve positive change at the first meeting. This is because I'm working point – discover the cause of the problem and start working with it. My diagnostic methods allow us to find the cause of the problems which arose in the person's life, a maximum of one hour. In more serious cases, two hours. A knowledge of why humans originated this or that problem in life, it's half the battle.

Mineralogical Sciences

And as predicted astrophysics and geophysics – that there still will be in 2012-2013! No coincidence that many scientists consider the changes as imminent global catastrophe. Professor I. Bestuzhev Lada says: "In view of the world's passivity and inaction of governments of leading world powers global catastrophe is inevitable." Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, AN Dmitriev, in an interview said: "The belief of many scientists that the new coming global catastrophe, leads to the fact that this information is being hushed up in the globally. Especially in the framework of the concepts of modern physics, this process can only be regarded as catastrophic. " When asked: "Is there no alternative?" – Professor Dmitriev said: "Linear Released just in human capacity is not.

There is a nonlinear output-connecting with assistance from the intellectual structures solar system … But people are entitled to reject this assistance, which, unfortunately, happens. That's what I call 'second catastrophe' – beats the outstretched hand of help. But the teacher had foreseen this possibility and, therefore, will apply the 'special measures' "2. And special measures have been taken. To prevent the loss of humanity is divine forces involved in the process of our salvation. This explains the emergence of a large number of clairvoyants and yasnoslyshaschih conductors senior hierarchs, through which they, Hierarchy, convey to us is necessary for salvation information. Since 1989, the highest spiritual entity Kryon conveys important for people to save the information available through the American engineer Lee Carroll.

Astrology Houses

Second home. Corresponds to the hill of Venus. The second house in astrology is responsible not only for the economic welfare but also for the energy (life force) of the body and human health (another name for a second home – home health). He also responsible for human nutrition, communication with the material world, the absorption of matter. The third house.

Out of line with Uma and the adjacent area above and below. Line of the Mind in symbolizes intelligence and contacts, as well as a third house natal chart. Fourth house. Corresponds to the hill of the Moon and the lines of the moon. Fifth house of line with the Heart and the line of the sun.

These lines in indicate lovingly romantic sphere, creative ability, heart disease (heart line), which corresponds to the fifth house of natal chart. Sixth house. Mercury is out of line (line of health) and the plain of Proserpine. In astrology, the sixth house, like a line of health v, points to human disease. And Proserpina plain points (sixth house of astrology) on the struggle of life in the work of subordinates, colleagues, transmutation, etc. Seventh house. Corresponds to the lines of marriage and the hill of Chiron. Eighth house. Corresponds to the hill of Pluto and Pluto's line. Ninth house. Corresponds to the hill of Jupiter. Tenth house. Corresponds to the line of Fate and the hills of Saturn. As in astrology (tenth house), the line of Fate and hill Saturn indicate professional achievement or failure. The possibility of achieving a human purpose in life. Influence the fate of (Saturn – the planet of fate and karma). Eleventh house. Corresponds to the line of Uranus and Uranus hill. Twelfth house. Corresponds to the Valley of Neptune and the Neptune line.

Space Navi

Worlds Reveal, Navi, glory and peace reigns Reveal all we know. We know him better than all the others, because consciousness Our set up on him since birth. This is the most dense of all the world – a world of gross matter. Senator of Massachusetts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But it is remarkable that the energy in it as it is packed and if you take the same amount of space Reveal, Navi, fame and rights, the Reveal energy would be best. Thanks to the world Reveal your body can get enormous power, fueling the other body, soul and spirit.

Of course, if we keep our body in good health. But on the other hand, because of the density of the space we are more limited in their actions, rather than in more subtle realms. Space Navi fill some of the worlds. Modern people have given the names of these worlds ethereal, astral and mental, though these names do not accurately describe themselves worlds. Etheric world more appropriate title "Mirror" as a dense world is reflected in it, as in the water. He is a kind of tight world, very similar to our world Reveal.

Such human beings inhabit it. They can see us from his world, as more subtle world gets more dense. It also has plants and other life forms, similar to our world, but eating one another is missing. Some civilizations have continued its chronicle of the earth in ethereal world, and still live there. The astral world is created so that the soul had the opportunity to live those situations that are tight for the world not happen ever.

Fear And Health

In recent years, increasing numbers of people who are concerned about their health. And all because there is a strong influence on the psyche. Constant stress and information from outside destroy nerve cells. And a person begins obsessive-compulsive disorder. The same people are worried about their health because of increased disease and mortality. Many people forget about healthy lifestyles and provoked a variety of diseases. And then there are some fears, such as hypochondria.

It is therefore important to watch tv less, and communicate with people who always inspire different thoughts about how much now ailments. And from early childhood to take care of their health, increase resistance to stress, follow the diet and regular workouts. James A. Levine, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. What is hypochondria hypochondria, hypochondriac neurosis – a heightened concern for their well-being. Such people have obsessions thinking that they are sick in some serious illness and are experiencing on this unnecessary suffering. These people at the slightest change in the body begin to worry about, going to doctors.

And it makes their life – a living hell. In addition to hypochondriasis, there are specific phobias, when a person experiences an obsessive fear of a specific disease, such as – fear of sick and die from cancer, or – fear of dying from heart diseases. All hypochondriacs is the fear of death, fear of death, he and manages them. He is the foundation, the root of all other concerns. And we need to work with this fear, overcome it and become a brave and fearless man. As to treat fears for his health In order to get rid of fear, need to combine self-help and professional. An integrated approach is always more efficient. So if you or your friends have wanton restlessness for their own health, you need to contact the therapist. It helps to know how to conquer fear with psychotherapy and medication. The main thing is not shy and not to postpone the trip to a specialist. Not to delay his frustration to the point extent that it is hard to do anything. And do not be afraid that you are mad. This is not madness, it's just a neurosis that can heal, or at least learn how to manage their condition, on time switching between thoughts about diseases on positive thoughts.

Industrial Revolution

As the proper word or phrase says that the citizen is acometido of one determined mental deficiency, that is its mental development does not have capacity enough to take care of or to deal in the normal standards of a society. In the history of the humanity it is signaled by a process I continue of creation and recriao of categorizao of the people, that is the human being if becomes or if it measures ahead of a category, a scale. This process, for if dealing with activities human beings, indicate, implicitly or explicit, intentions. Having in account the economic, social, cultural factors, the human beings construct its identity in the relations that establishes obtains exactly and with other beings, at the same time that it transforms the society and by it is transformed. We live in a society that many times we do not know nor we can define what of our future or our life, ahead of as much change that we lose in them in defining what to be in way to as many differences, transformations, requirements not based of a society that not it knows what it searchs, many of the times for where if it goes, or what one is. The time and the space are factors that they determine when the social insertion is mentioned, the society and the school are most important in this insertion, so that the deficient one I can be combined normally in the social environment, in a classroom can see an enormous diversity. In the end of century XIX and start of century XX we live transformations of enormous influences in the social changes, decurrent of the Industrial Revolution, thus appearing an enormous interest of education mainly in the developed countries, at this moment it appears a bigger concern when to the deficient attendance to the mental one, and in this process it comes the appearance of an education destined to a movement of pertaining to school and social exclusion of the deficient one.