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Professional Makeup

The lines should be completed with care, in accordance with the stages of procedure (surface cleaning, deep cleansing, toning, intensive care protection). In addition, the cosmetics should be enjoyable for its texture and aroma. Further details can be found at James A. Levine, M.D., an internet resource. – Do you think, what parameters are important in assessing the professional makeup? – In assessing the professional makeup for me very important hypo-allergenic, as important in our profession 'do no harm. " It is also one of the main indicators of professionalism or that the means are the number of active substances. With the help of a professional Cosmetics should be resolved skin problems varying degrees of severity, which differentiates it from cosmetics massmarket. – Can 'DeSheli' attributed to the professional line? – In my opinion, it is possible. The composition is rich in many cosmetics active components that contribute to produce visible results immediately after the procedure. – What are the properties of cosmetics are already noticeable after the first application? – The patient was noted after the procedure, feeling of lightness and lack of desire to 'wash off the mask', rosacea on her cheeks had become less pronounced, the skin look well-groomed, wet.

Cosmetics 'DeSheli' has a pleasant aromatic properties and texture. – Reminiscent of a procedure Cosmetics 'DeSheli' salon procedures? What are the differences result from the salon care? – The procedure is similar to the salon care. The kit has all the tools to meet the phasing procedure. It is important that the company 'DeSheli' individual patients are taught the procedure protocols.

March Skin

Maybe not the first year you are puzzled over what to give his beloved on March 8 or birthday? It would seem that you already know a loved one so they have to read her will with the first breath. But no, you are in the absolute certainty that your wife or girlfriend already has everything. And she still has to be a surprise … It is interesting how this time you decide to show their concern and care for her. Since his surprise woman! Today, you are available, not afraid of the word, a magical tool.

In Israel, with the participation of the best experts was a unique product aimed at maintaining life balance and satisfaction of all skin her needs. Cosmetics Desheli specially created for all women in the world could feel the youth and freshness of the skin for several decades. In no event should not take this as a hint of surprise age-related changes. Cosmetic kits Desheli calculated as the women after 35 and before that age. Even young girls who have never suffered from skin problems, I will be so pleased with a set of Desheli, that sincerely thanked for the gift of his life. Such a product was not yet in the history of cosmetics.

Action cosmetics Desheli designed not only to improve skin texture, but also to maintain it in excellent shape. Funds directed to apply only those defects which they were found. If you do not need such an effect, such as thickening of the skin or reduce swelling, it simply will not work. You do not have to worry due to the fact that your girl may unnecessarily hurt their skin. Means Desheli fit any skin type. The technology of their creation so perfect that it recognizes the cosmetics area of their actions. Is also unique rejuvenating effect, characteristic of cosmetics from the Dead Sea, in particular – Desheli. In just a few regular applications you lose a few years. It is important that this gift will please not only the girl, but a guy. Of course, you'll be pleased to see next to a person of an impeccable appearance, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy the action from the cream Desheli. The result will not be disappointed, we promise! Undoubtedly, cosmetics Desheli will be the best gift for your loved one. Claim otherwise can only be a person who is entirely unfamiliar with the manufacturer Hlavin. Anyone who has encountered this makeup, not indifferent to stay. Source:

Makeup Removal

Makeup removal – a procedure for removing makeup from the face and neck, skin cleansing and preparation for the evening's nutritional care. The procedure make-up remover can also be carried out as preparation for the new make-up, for example, when you shoot daily makeup before applying the evening. Makeup removal is used and if you do not use make-up. Street dust and skin secretions clog pores person, create a favorable environment for the occurrence of acne. Need to clean skin and allow it to breathe, relax, relieve fatigue and muscle tension. How to remove makeup? What tools to use? How to make the procedure easier and make-up remover pleasant? What are the secrets you need to know? Read about it more. Choose a cleanser.

There is a wide choice of means for cleansing and removing makeup. The choice of tools you need to suit your skin type, age, state of the skin, as well as your personal preferences. First, all tools can be divided into two groups – those that require the use of water, and those that remove make-up on their own. Gels mousses, foams. These funds are used with water. Draw a little money to palms, gently foams, if it does not foam structure, then lightly cleaned with a damp face and rinse with water. Gels, mousses, foams often created for combination and oily skin and contain additives that regulate sebum, and reduces inflammation. Milk, cream. These funds are generally designed for dry and sensitive skin therefore, are composed of a large amount of fat and various additives.

Luxury Hotels

The image of the Toscano – an image of something close, familiar to everyone, and a simple home, and at the same time creative. All products are based on natural ingredients, no tested on animals and wrapped in natural materials with great respect for nature, the world and people. Products Toscano – is the embodiment of craftsmanship and handmade beauty with the idea of simplicity and closeness to art: perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. You want to extend the travel experience of Tuscany, to renew the memory aromas, colors and atmosphere of this warm and beautiful land, or simply to attract the attention it deserves – All this will give you the products Toscano. Geography Toscano brand brand represented in the USA, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Venezuela (Caracas and Maracaibo), Aruba (Carib), Australia and Vietnam and now in Russia.

Also, the brand is represented in the elite hotel chains Relais & Chateaux, Luxury Hotels, Spa Hotels. The quality and style of the company carefully maintains the image of Made in Italy, which is recognized worldwide quality assurance, complemented thoroughly thought-out package, a simple and at the same time very elegant. After manufacturing products are packed by hand and decorated with dried flowers, leaves and straw. Also, the product is decorated with aluminum printing and ropes made of natural materials. Image collection is perceived as a luxury country-style. Product Line Product Line Toscano includes fragrances for the home, sachets, herbal soaps, decorative soap in a garland, decorated with scented candles, gel and foam bath and shower foam in its crystal bottle, body lotion, dry oil spray for body, shampoos and conditioners, hand cream and much more.


Then after 2-3 months should be more sessions to consolidate the results obtained. Before the short-term stay in the sun is recommended for 14 days before the holiday to one session biorevitalisation, and after two weeks vacation after the past two sessions. Before sun exposure recommended two sessions with an interval of 15 days. And after being in the sun, in two weeks, repeat three sessions biorevitalization. Pros and cons of Biorevitalization necessary for all who, for whatever reasons, reduced skin elasticity and firmness. And the reasons may be quite different: it is natural aging and damage of UV rays (with overuse of tanning), and previous diseases and unduly rapid, uncontrolled weight loss, too frequent aggressive peels and much more. Contraindications to injections of hyaluronic acids are the same as with any other injection equipment: inflammation in the area to be treated (worsening of acne, for example), severe chronic illness, pregnancy and lactation.

“Podsyadu I on” injections of youth “? There is another natural question: what would happen if in the future, after biorevitalisation, you can not continue the course? It would not be money, time, yes you never know what! Not deteriorate Does the skin after discontinuation of the drug? If we stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin, not whether this will lead to the depletion of its resources, and subsequently accelerated aging? Answer: You can promote different ways – “adjust” the work of skin cells, acting by the “stick” as well as provide them with “sanatorium” conditions. Because hyaluronic acid reproduces physiological conditions favorable recovery of cells, when using such “Stimulation” of skin is not depleted reserves, but rather increased, so of any “accelerated aging” out of the question. You have to understand that no one drug that exists today, can not “undo” aging, as it is, unfortunately, is genetically programmed and we can only postpone it. Therefore, medical procedures from time to time be repeated to maintain itself as a whole, and its skin, in particular, tone. Otherwise, you come back, sooner or later, the original state. Security unbroken packaging the drug, hyaluronic acid contains, should be opened in the presence of a physician patient. Within each packaging is a disposable syringe with a ready-to-use content, and is a sticker that is glued to card the patient. It contains the following information: name of the drug, the volume of the syringe (1.1 or 0.6 ml), Lot Number (LOT) and expiration date.