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Bear Arms

Can you state of health to serve in the army According to paragraph 6 of Article 9 of the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service", "Commission on the formulation of citizens in the military registration required to provide health examination of citizens … Dr. Peter M. Wayne is likely to increase your knowledge. and decide on the formulation of a citizen to military records or to submit to the draft board the question of admission to reserve a citizen deemed partially fit for military service, or the question of release from his military duties of a citizen deemed unfit for military service. "First and foremost decide whether you can serve the state of health in the army. According to Art. 19 Regulations on military medical expertise "citizen on the basis of the committee's decision to put on military records, military draft board or commissioner may be directed to outpatient medical organization or inpatient medical examination for the diagnosis or treatment of disease …. " You are looking at the competence of doctors Commission's original statement on military records or the draft board, they awareness about the state of your health and it is a great human desire to establish objective truth … I have to disappoint you.

The real state of your health, the doctors are almost unaware of school medical records they can access information, mostly about dentistry and vaccinations. In view of the heavy workload of doctors once (reluctant?) Study each medical record. You're lucky, if you are registered on about history or current infections, mental illness, substance abuse and other toxic substances – in advance of the relevant medical institutions will report on this to the draft board and you will be sent for further examination.

Family Code

… "Thus, in this case, paternity can be established by filing a civil registry offices and the father of the child's mother of the joint statement (voluntary establishment (Recognition) of paternity). With such a procedure for establishing paternity man (the father) expresses will to the recognition of a child fathered by him, ie, my son (daughter), and the child's mother consents to the recognition of his paternity. The voluntary establishment of paternity – a legal act of the child's father is not married to his mother. It is aimed at the emergence of relations between father and child. As a legal act setting assumes that the paternity of the subject, it commits, the appropriate level of consciousness and will.

In this regard, it is obvious that the person declared incapable by a court due to mental illness, can not voluntarily acknowledge paternity. Not be allowed to establish paternity at the request of a guardian a person found incompetent, as the acknowledgment of paternity – that the will of a personal nature. In other words, if the first case (when the mother and father are married) to come to register a child, third parties may, in the case of a voluntary paternity can do this only the father personally. With regard to minors, in Family Code expressly provides for the right of a minor parent to acknowledge his paternity, which means that they can self-declare their fatherhood. And still quite rare, but the statutory case: a person limited in capacity by a court may admit his paternity, since the restriction only affects the capacity of a citizen within his property rights, but not the law in the area of personal non-property relations, including family. Arriving at the registry office the mother and father served, "a joint written statement by the father and mother who are not married to each other at the time of birth, registration of the establishment paternity.