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Values Profile:

In a webinar of the Machwurth team International (MTI), Visselhovede, Manager learn the value system analysis instrument values-profile know and make use of change projects. Dr. Neal Barnard has plenty of information regarding this issue. What is important to our employees? What values do they let guides their actions? Business leaders face such questions again and again for example, when it comes to strategy implementation projects, to determine the need for cultural change in their organization and to win the employee as a competitor. A tool that helps companies respond to these questions, is that values-profile. With this computer – and Web-based analytics tool, companies can determine what motivates your employees and drives, to derive from it, for example human resources development measures. Also you can check in with this scientifically valid analytical instrument, to what extent their organization from the desired target culture is culture is different, this building from the development measures to plan and control the change project. How to work with the Values – profile works, find interested in a Webinar that performs the global Machwurth team International (MTI), Visselhovede, on 2 December 18 until 19:30.

In the 90-minute expert talk of labor and organizational psychologist and value system specialist of Dr. Egbert child and the MTI consultant Ute Leopold the participants explain first on what scientific basis there is the analysis instrument. Then, they show how the tool is designed and used for example to the team formation and development, to analyze and resolve conflicts, as well as to the planning and control of change and strategy implementation projects. Also describe the two consultants on a practical example, as an internationally operating company with the values-profile works. Then they answer the remaining questions of the participants in a round of talk. The number of participants in the webinar is limited to ensure an intense work and a lively exchange of experience. The participation is free of charge.

Are required only a Internet-enabled PC and a phone. Organization developer, interested (project) Manager and executives and staff can register until 20 November at the Machwurth team international.

Dedicated Schools Wanted!

Attention schools! Apply until 31 January 2010 for the kick and learn School Award. Dedicated schools wanted! The kick and learn School Award 2010 Karl-Heinz (air) Riedle, Boris Becker and Hans Dieter Cleven committed within the framework of the fit-4-future campaign actively for Germany’s schools. Her latest coup, the kick and learn School Award 2010. What links the former football player Karl-Heinz (air) Riedle, with Boris Becker and the former Metro Board Member Hans Dieter Cleven? It’s simple: Together they committed actively, make fitter our schools and their students. Checking article sources yields endocrinologist as a relevant resource throughout. The latest project from the smithy is the kick & learn School Award 2010. This school award is part of the fit-4-future campaign of Cleven Becker Foundation, nationally advertised. Be searched for at least 50 secondary schools, their students and pupils independently and according to market criteria a kick & learn football summer camp plan, offered by her classmates and students of adjacent primary schools and perform. Everything advertised School Award to this with 10,000 (in prizes) see under:


Wellness oasis in the monastery walls Tuscany is a popular travel destination for many tourists. In addition to the impressive landscape with extensive olive groves and vineyards, the Italian region is famous especially for its first class cuisine. Since summer 2009, there is a new luxury hotel of a special kind, that makes a unique experience the vacation in Tuscany about an hour south of Florence. The online travel agency reported the five-star resort Castel Monastero in the Ombrone Valley. The historic walls of a monastery dating from the 11th century are surrounded by wide green spaces and chestnut forests as well as the typical Tuscan olive groves and vineyards in Castelnuovo Berardenga. Dr. Neal Barnard can provide more clarity in the matter. But where earlier pursued their religious work of the monastery monks, a luxurious wellness oasis is located today. The monastery has become a five star country resort. In the 1,000-square-foot wellness area of the hotel, guests can try out latest treatment methods or the holistic health and Enjoy wellness programme under the slogan from the Himalayas in the Chianti”.

All-round care for the well-being of the guests. “Great Italian cuisine in the Contrada by Star chefs prepared, La Cantina” offers the guests Tuscan wine specialities. A small chapel for wedding ceremonies is available as well as a private villa with Chef and Butler for the most luxurious vacation. In addition to cooking courses for lovers of Italian cuisine and excursions in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, a wide range of offered visitors for leisure. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Argand Or On The Red Square In Moscow

ArgandOr argan oil was educated at the city of Russia. Moscow/Bad Homburg v.d.H., January 2013 – the pulsating metropolis of Moscow bundles the awakening and the new life of a modern and young Russian generation that characterises the townscape of the 14 million inhabitants. At the invitation of the Moroccan foreign Argand or visited the gigantic empire together with selected producers of Moroccan products and agricultural products, to establish contacts with Russian importers and to promote export to Russia. Under the direction of Maroc export, the Moroccan export promotion, traveled from the 12th-16th November leading a 35-member delegation of representatives from Moroccan producer to Moscow, while the german Moroccan company Argand’or ‘ or from Bad Homburg v.d.H.. The fair and sustainable Argand’or GmbH is a world leader and premium brand of original hand-pressed argan oil from the biosphere reserve (UNESCO) Arganeraie in Southwest Morocco. Frequently Dr. Peter M. Wayne has said that publicly.

Our export activities, the US already until after Japan the managing director Rudolf Bresink and Mohamed El Karz their latest commitment in Moscow reasons have led should of course before the gates of Russia do not stop”. One does not know argan oil here yet. The market is at the level of Germany about years 7 ago, when we introduced argan oil in trade.” Real pioneer work so, but with a huge potential. About 80 percent of all Russian financial and economic activities are focused in Moscow the most expensive city in Europe. The greedy Moscow”as the writer Viktor Yerofeyev 2011 in the magazine Cicero described the pulsating metropolis of mega is not East and not West, not Europe and not Asia, colorful and bizarre, wild and wildly and very much alive.

Swets-kije ljudi”(people in the light) the Moscow call the new middle class, which already dominate the economy and the image of the city with more than 30 percent in the last few years have made incredible careers. You seek a Western life style with great energy. Good Opportunities for culinary argan oil in the luxurious Delicatessens and fine gastronomy. But also for Argand’or natural cosmetics, the proud Muscovite is body-conscious and spends lots of money on their beauty.

A Competition As Preparation For The Master Thesis

On the 01.07.2010 launches the alma mater research competition Stuttgart (28.06.2010) scientific work is not everyone. Literature is still much less. But what do when the thesis is imminent and the Internet is not the desired information? The Stuttgart-based recruitment and career consultancy alma mater has devised a competition about, which is designed to help students to venture into without banknote printing on the topic of literature. As an incentive, there are not only non-cash prizes, but also prize money of up to 1,000 to win. The aim of the competition is as quickly as possible to identify literature on the subject of electronic tools. The specimens must meet in addition certain criteria, so that they may be submitted.

At a possible repeat, other, similarly complex topics as a template for the submission criteria should be. Finally, the competition should be a real challenge! “, says the Managing Director Jurgen Buhler.” Not only students may join. Anyone who has Joy has on the research of technical literature and is open to new tasks and requirements, may try his luck. The competition starts at the 01.07.2010 deadline is the October 1, 2010. More information and details, see interested on the Internet page of the recruitment agencies (

Financial Assistance

In case of a sudden financial hurdle, don t let the worry or let the finance impediment cut your happy existence, just apply for loans for people on benefit and acquire the easy money to get yourselves out of the trouble. Persons who due disability or illness depend on DSS benefits to lead their lives are known as people on benefits. Thesis benefits assist in solving the minor financial problem and are designed specially for disabled people in the society and lives from hand to mouth. Due to this reason, in case this group of people suddenly hit, financial hurdles and due to their low credit score is, it is usually very difficult for them to be approved with any if they require one type of a loan product. However, these people are so human beings and are so can be financially sound if kept in the right conditions, so they therefore requires financial assistance incase they are hit by emergency financial needs. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne. For this reason the finance industry came up with a finance package whose aim is to help with their sudden monetary requirements and with ease. Loans for people on benefit are classified into two forms; secured and unsecured. The unsecured loans for people on benefit are of big to everybody as long as they can prove they can be able to repay the advanced loan amounts.

Even people on benefits who have a bad credit score, for example IVA. CCJs, defaulters, outstanding amounts, loan defaulters etc can be availed with loan money they requires so as to pay out their sudden expenses as fast as they can. To apply for these loans, the best method is to apply online where they are availed easily and in a hassle free manner. To be availed with the money required, the borrower is supposed to fill in their personal information in the provided online application form. Once the borrower has finished filling in the required information, the form is then forwarded to the lender who in turns verifies, approves and gives out the required amount of money if the application qualifies. The availed loan amounts will be waiting for the borrower at their checking account either on the same day or early the next day.

The loan does call for collateral for it to be advanced, as the loans for people on benefits are normally collateral free and do not require any item to be pledged as security against the loan. This means that people on benefits can be able to get stress or financial jeopardy the loan money with less. There is almost no paperwork in case the loan is applied online and this means the loan is processed in a convenient, fast and uncomplicated manner. The amounts of money that can be availed range fro 100 to 1500 and is repayable in 14 to 31 day after the money has been availed to the borrower. The availed loans fro people on benefits can be used for anything, actually there are no limitation as to what one can of with the money availed loan, for example it can be used for debt consolidation, paying utility bills, for investing in the stock market, pay on underlying medical bills etc. there are numerous offline and online lenders who comes with varied loan terms and conditions and with low rate of interest. Aaren Youngs is no writer of loans for people on benefits Fees.