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Weight Loss Risks

Weight Loss is due to the reduction of caloric intake (restriction of simple carbohydrates (mono-and disaccharides) and fats) and also due to the relative separateness and fragmentation power. If someone is indifferent to the aesthetics of body, then listen to these facts: the extra 5 kg increased the risk of heart attack 3 times, the extra 10 kg of reducing your life to 8-15 years in excess of the normal weight of 15 pounds or more – the symptoms of disease have evolved make your shortened life just hard, and sometimes unbearable. Getting rid of excess body fat, we improve health and lengthen life. Adhere to the principles outlined below 3-5 weeks. That is, as long as necessary for psychological adjustment (see below) and obtain specific results (as they appear already in the 1st week). Look at how to improve your quality of life. Credit: Assurant Health-2011. And then decide for yourself. After reaching a healthy weight (height (cm) minus 100-110 units) can afford certain relief.

It is desirable to start with a larger proportion of fruit in the morning. I am the author of this text, do not claim to exclusivity and originality of the proposed style of food. Click PCRM for additional related pages. Much known. I'm just giving advice, justified my many years of experience in the correction. Eight principles of a reasonable diet for weight normalization. First principle.

Exception of the sweet. The presence of sugar in the diet a significant factor in recruiting and maintaining weight loss. In addition, the sugar carries a far greater health threat than we are accustomed to thinking.


This is recognized not only distributors of various companies, consumers, and physicians of various specialties. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. Nutrition may be called metabolic or nutritional medicine, mikronutrientologiey, orthomolecular medicine and, in general, whatever. Importantly, the physician should understand that this is not an alternative path in medicine, and complementary (integrative). This is not a "new medicine", as an organic part of "Old", and it also is legal and scientifically justified as homeopathy, herbal medicine, pharmacology, etc. The patient, in the end, no matter how expert to help him heal.

And if a doctor has diagnosed gonarthrosis (defeat knee), it should be treated not only to this particular body, but remember that he is dealing with systemic connective tissue disorders and Ode to predict problems that may arise in the spine or other joints. And if you follow the old Eastern wisdom to treat not the disease but the patient, then each patient with the pathology of the joints should be directed to additional tests, such as for detecting latent (hidden) form diabetes or gout. For a complete cure may require additional funds. Integrative thinking doctor immediately prescribe anti-oxidants, substances that improve the microcirculation in any of the diseases of ODA. But stubborn doctors continue to build barriers to integrative medicine, arguing that upholding the great principles of their disciplines (chiropractic, physical therapy, laser therapy, etc.). At the same time deprive the patient possible to select multiple treatments. Recently, on various TV channels Russia, a wave of advertising next "magic bullet" for the joints.


Warts spread rapidly, and cut or hangnail, you may receive a rather unpleasant form of warts, called okolonogtevogo that are difficult to treat. If you have the skin around the nails have micro burrs from, apply ointment antibiotic for topical use and bandage until healed. How to get rid of them? Warts treated with cautery, curettage, freezing, remove with a laser. Unfortunately, all these operations are often very just make sure you have exactly the wart, but not callus, mole or other growth, and only then proceed to treatment. If you have a one wart and it does not bother you, leave it alone for a while – Noted that 40% of warts disappear on their own, although this period may be delayed, sometimes for 2-3 years.

If the wart grows or "gives the offspring", it is necessary to take action. Particularly effective in the treatment of warts are products that contain acid. Why is that hard to say – no one engages in research. One can only assume that the acid kills the virus that causes warts. In the treatment with kislotosoderzha-ing drugs must follow certain rules. Firstly, when using any acid, especially salicylic carefully read the instructions that came with the drug. Second, if the wart does not disappear within one to two weeks, treatment should be discontinued and medical attention.

Keep in mind that the plantar warts covered with a thick, hardened skin, so even kislotoso-containing drugs may be powerless before them. For the derivation of warts, you can use vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. Crush a tablet of vitamin powder and dilute with water to a paste-like state. Apply the paste to the wart and bandage. It is better to do at night. In the treatment of warts sometimes disappear in a week. Since ascorbic acid can be irritating to the skin, try to apply the paste gently so that it fell only to warts. Give a good effect of salicylic acid preparations. But it is a potent tool, so people with diabetes or circulatory disorders should not use it. Very useful for the treatment of warts with a medical adhesive 40% strength of salicylic acid. Its put on the night and morning shoot. Many writers such as Senator Elizabeth Warren offer more in-depth analysis. But should be treated properly. Sometimes using too large pieces of plaster, which cause severe irritation to the surrounding skin. And soon, around Warts are formed painful oozing sores. To prevent this, cut out of construction paper pattern, size and shape on all fours with the wart, and already on it cut out pieces of plaster. Also, lubricate the Vaseline skin adjacent to them from getting acid. The patch is easy to use and requires no pre-wetting water. Its put on the night and morning, is removed.


After the development of paralysis that can last for 5-8th day of illness, recovery begins. During this period, reduced vascular inflammation, tissue swelling disappears and is restored functional activity of little affected cells. This explains in part, and pulmonary lesions and sometimes complete disappearance of the cut, observed in the early recovery period. In the subsequent restoration of lost function is slower and depends on the degree and extent of damage, and on the intensity and duration of treatment measures undertaken. It is not something EpiPen would like to discuss. Recovery of lost functions in the systemic treatment may occur several years later. Last meningialnoy form of polio, with the prevalence of general symptoms of infection – about the abortive poliomyelitis. Cases of abortive poliomyelitis can occur very easily, with short-term increase in temperature, light malaise, symptoms of varying intensity obscheinfektsionnymi, short-term Cathars and dyspeptic disorders, and in some cases, apparently, and no symptoms, it is very difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis.

In severe paralytic form of polio, especially during epidemic outbreaks of recognition does not cause great difficulties. Diagnosis is based on the account of epidemiological data, the acute onset of illness, availability radochnogo period with rapid development of flaccid paralysis with decreased tendon reflexes and muscle tone, as well as the clinical picture and likvorologicheskoy serous meningitis. Here we should emphasize the need for thorough neurological examination of the patient and exacting test of muscle strength in all muscle groups; desirable electromyography. In preparaliticheskoy phase polio, which has different variants of the course, have to differentiate from other diseases. The diagnosis of polio is always placed in the light of epidemiological data.

The differential diagnosis should voditsya against influenza, pneumonia, dysentery, food poisoning. It is very difficult to distinguish from meningeal form of polio serous meningitis, particularly those caused by so-called poliomielitopodobnymi parapoliomielitnymi or viruses (viruses of the coxsackie and ECHO). At Paralytic poliomyelitis is conducted to carry out a differential diagnosis of acute transverse myelitis acute polyradiculoneuritis that occur with disorders of sensitivity.

Geviskon: Diet Without Consequences

Summer has come to an end. But the velvet season – no less than perfect time for the holidays. Preparations for the long-awaited vacation is always associated with pleasant chores. Indeed, for many holiday – an occasion to update your wardrobe and give shape to order. In the first case, it all depends on your taste and fantasy. But the choice of diet doctors advise to approach responsibly.

And for good reason. Incorrectly selected diet is fraught with complications for healthy people. To ensure basic metabolism, we need a certain amount of calories. When we grow thin wrong to redress the body begins to use the important physiological resources. Thus, the extra pounds You can lose as by harmful fats, and in the damage so the necessary body muscle mass, water and bones. This is a rather serious consequences, given, for example, that the thinning of the bones leads to serious illness – osteoporosis. Therefore, without a doubt, choosing a diet that is guided primarily by common sense. Sometimes, to cleanse the body before release just enough to arrange some fasting days.

If you have one or other chronic diseases, diet must appoint a physician. Independent experiments are strictly contraindicated. For example, if kidney function is not prescribed a diet with high protein and vegetable diets are not suitable people experiencing digestive problems. Overweight and high cholesterol levels do not decrease, if the diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Experts are unanimous that the diet – a complex, multilevel process. The speed with which you will lose weight, too, plays an important role. In order to preserve the beauty and health, lose weight should gradually. Rapid weight loss leads to a weakening of the sphincter muscles – the body responsible for passage of food into the stomach. A valve device is a circular muscle that contracts and relaxes at the moment the food. As a result of weakening the sphincter stomach contents into the esophagus and enters there is heartburn – a burning sensation and discomfort behind the breastbone. When heartburn, doctors recommend natural alginate drugs: their mechanism of action does not violate the natural work of digestion. Sole Representative alginates in the market – a natural product Geviskon that is based on seaweed. Once in the stomach, the drug creates on its surface a protective layer which prevents the casting of esophagus corrosive components gastric juice. The mechanism of action of the drug and its Geviskon concentrated form Geviskon Forte is unique and has no analogues in Russia. Unlike other tools that eliminate heartburn Geviskon acts a long time and does not require re-admission. It is composed of only natural ingredients. That’s why it’s safe for pregnant and lactating women, and children over 12 years. The uniqueness of the drug confirmed Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia: 9 out of 10 experts recommend it to their loved ones *. Effective tool for heartburn any force Geviskon is the drug of first choice in the event that you experience with heartburn during the diet.


Brucellosis often takes a long, recurrent course, delayed until 1-2-3 years and, in rare cases, more. There are several classifications of brucellosis, based on which it is practically important to distinguish following forms: 1) The acute form of generalization or primary phase of infection without focal lesions, the duration of 2-3 months. The main symptoms of this form of fever, chills, sweating, lack of typhoid status hypotension, bradycardia often, poliadenopatiya, an increase in the spleen and liver. Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. In the blood was leukopenia with limfomonotsitozom. Reaction Wright Heddlsona – Kaytmchzovoy and Burne vnutrnkozhnaya test positive with the 12-15th day disease. Dr. Neal Barnard has firm opinions on the matter.

2) a latent form, or phase, during which time no complaints and objective data, talking about the disease can be identified. 3) Subchronic form or phase of the localization of recurrent generalization. In patients with newly repeated symptoms of an acute process with the development of various focal lesions – especially on the part of the musculoskeletal system. Liver and spleen were enlarged and sealed. In the hemogram indicated leukopenia, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, normal ESR. The duration of this form of the disease is 2-3 months. 4) Chronic form: a) with relapsed and b) with persistent localized lesions. There are marked pain, the presence of persistent focal lesions may relapse, the temperature is normal or low-grade, accompanied by a slight chilling and sweating.

Enlarged spleen and liver is relatively rare. The total duration of the disease can be 2-5 years. Diagnosis. Recognition of brucellosis is based on epidemiological data, the analysis of clinical symptoms that develop in a strict sequence, is taken into account the shape and phase of illness, and the results laboratory studies. Important methods of diagnosis of brucellosis in humans are currently the following laboratory studies 1) The bacteriological examination of blood Pull the pathogen (blood culture, obtaining mielokultury). Because of the need to have special conditions and the duration of the laboratory bacteriological studies (3-4 weeks), this method is not widely applied.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Of course, the American Muslim Mission, offers anti-drug program for Muslims who will be seek the help of Allah. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is also a part program based on religion, but in many chapters down the notion of God as "power over" – there already who both understand. Also, the program based on religion, include numerous diets, including those based on the Bible. Guide to Wellness Be positive. A positive mood will help you avoid stress, which often lead to disease. It can find the interaction of your personal and professional qualities, which, of course, affect those around you people. Reward you for your work in this direction will be more healthy and happy life. Throw habits.

Two of the most harmful to your health habits – it's smoking and alcohol. It's no secret that alcohol abuse, smoking (including drugs) leads to major problems in the family. Goop London, UK understands that this is vital information. I think that by Statistics do not even have to handle. Communicate. Communicating with people outside your family's uplifting. This may be related to your work. Repair relationships with people in the church, if you visit it. May experience themselves in volunteering, helping people in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless people.

Control yourself. Be prepared for the prevention of individual problems. Women over age 20 should do monthly survey carried out breast cancer. Both men and women should examine their skin to avoid skin cancer. Consult with experts as a test. Eat healthy foods. Eat mostly cereals, fruits and vegetables. Refuse products containing a lot of fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt.

Breast Augmentation. Preparation, Operations, Recovery

Breast augmentation – is reshaping the breast, breast lift. Indications Indications for provdeniyu mammoplasty plastic surgery breast augmentation can be divided into three groups: makromastiya – breast augmentation sometimes up to larger sizes, while maintaining the elasticity and the location of breast ptosis * – the omission of the chest with a relative preservation of its size * mikromastiya – small breasts. As a rule – it is an innate pathology. Usually after the first pregnancy and childbirth are developing breasts enough, but sometimes it does not happen * postlaktatsionnaya involution of mammary glands – a significant reduction in breast cancer after the feeding child. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne. For each of these issues in a variety of specially developed methods, based on years of experience.

Contraindications to breast augmentation surgery * Diseases of internal organs * Infections disease * Cancer * blood clotting problems * Age of the patient at least 18 years old * Incomplete lactation (on average, lasts about 1 year after birth) before the operation Before surgery, breast augmentation, patient passes all required tests (complete blood count, urinalysis, blood koagulogramma, blood chemistry, electrocardiogram, tests for hepatitis, AIDS, etc.), and makes ultrasound breast. At provided that the patient was well, until the operation is required to prepare the body for intervention: 2 weeks before surgery to refuse to receive oral contraceptives, do not take medications containing salicylates (Alka-Seltzer, aspirin, etc.). For the week need to stop smoking, because nicotine impairs blood flow to the skin and joints for a long time to heal.

Diets And Genetics

It is an error common to think that what is written in your DNA governs for always, but can be fought against the genes of the obesity with intelligent decisions in the diet and the appropriate exercise. And more studies are leaving more to prove the theories based on the subject. One of the last things that are trying on is if the people with obesity in their genetics can fight against her with the exercise, and the answer is yes can. Although it is certain that many people have more difficulties for the processing and the burning fire of fat and calories that others, the genetics cannot prevent that a healthful weight is obtained. Statistics and study with the genes of the obesity Using the same techniques for a group of people who had a gene of the inherent obesity, the investigators showed that of each participant that it had between 10 and 13 genetic variants know that they increase the possibility of acquiring the obesity, and some even got to have up to 17 variants. The obesity and the children with genes of the obesity Another study realised in Europe between adolescents demonstrate that those that took the known genes to cause obesity were not more prone to have overweight that the children who do not have the gene. Studies as these imply that the recommended level of exercise can make worse the effect of the variant of the gene.

The results of both studies were similar for the children and the children, the puberty did not change the results and the age did not have effect. Little by little Everything begins what you need is the simple make to initiate an exercise routine, and later to vonviertir it in a natural habit. It begins with something small, as to walk during one hour or to use an elliptical machine half of the time and the use of the other half in bicycle. The bicycle can be done in a machine or the outside in a real bicycle. Once you have begun to incorporate the exercise in your routine will be easier and easier, and in a moment you will find that you even can enjoy her. From only you must there add to your routine, perhaps a few abdominal or flexions that to do, even adding one hour or half an hour to the hard amount of time that making exercise. If the simple things as this simply is not yours, then you can participate in a sport. To play something like soccer? soccer? basketball or any active sport with your friendly.

Only made make exercise it will help you to surpass the genes of the obesity. Although to many they would like to blame to their genes of the obesity by their incapacity to lose weight, to maintain corporal a weight healthful is simply to find the balance perfect. It is easy to take very few nutrients, and is easy to take them in excess. The exercise is a key factor in the loss of weight, and is a combination of bad nutritional habits and sedentary life that cause the obesity. You want to lose weight right now? Then it reviews the following article: The Diets Can Eliminate the Genes Of the Obesity?

Instead Of Drugs – Juice !

Juices are useful to everyone: children, elderly, sick. Learn more about this with James A. Levine, M.D.. This is an excellent nutritional and therapeutic tool. Juices are easy to drink and also easy to digest. Sure, they will benefit you if you drink them right in the right quantity at the right time. That's what these subtleties consumption of juices and we will discuss in this and how many state.Kak sokoterapevty advised to carry juice fasting days. And while drinking 12 glasses of up to freshly squeezed juice per day.

Such a diet, used within 3-4 days, is capable of fairly deep cleanse the body, neutralize, and excrete the body and acidic waste products generated as a result of overwork. Other Specialists take a more gentle approach and is recommended to give juice diet for one day, but regularly every week. That would be enough to improve health. However, the effectiveness of consumption of juices is so great that would be sufficient simply to consume regularly juices, replacing one of their meals. And as long as popularizers exotic for Russia, but at the same time very useful noni juice (made from fruit tropical plant Morinda limonolistnoy) generally advised to drink the juice 1-2 times a day for 50 grams, promising at the same time, at least in part the result of steady improvements being. Noni (Latin Morinda Citrifolia) – is the name of the tropical fruit grown in the area of French Polynesia in the Pacific Islands Whichever mode of consumption of juice you choose, about a month you are sure to feel much more cheerful.

And gradually forget about the many bolyachkah.Kogda that their drink in the process of home sokoterapii no less important to consider the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. In the spring of the most efficient drinking citrus juice. Also, mixtures of juices of root vegetables (carrots, radishes, beets) with juice of fresh spring greens. Summer – time for the juice of berries. Autumn – fruits and stone fruits (peaches, plums). In winter, quite satisfied with the same citrus, combined with the late varieties of apples and preserved to this time . approach choosing a particular fruit or vegetable to make juice out of it, it is necessary to accurately represent their effect on the human body. Many juices, despite its usefulness, high calories or can increase appetite. This vibrant drinks are not recommended for people who are prone to be overweight.