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Germany Network

On network and kidneys: Doctors in the online check – online study by DocCheck research Cologne, 25.10.2012 in a recent survey felt DocCheck research 527 doctors on the tooth and illuminated their online behavior. The study was conducted in the doccheck panels in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and of Switzerland. Others who may share this opinion include McDougall Program. The result of the study shows how Internet, E-Mail, smartphones and apps already in the everyday life of doctors are integrated. According to the study, doctors use the network professionally between 77 and 159 minutes per day on average, but varies the duration between the countries. Going doctors not only with the PC in the network of smartphones and tablets are long in the coat pocket and therefore belong to the everyday life of doctors.

Also here are entirely country-specific differences: while 9 out of 10 British physicians to have a Smartphone that German doctors with 57 percent when using the new mobile generation last form. In addition, a majority of doctors uses the network for patient communication. Mainly Swiss, Spanish and Italian doctors have email contact with their patients. You are answer, discuss problems or schedule appointments. Other doctors communicate online and use networks for exchanging private as professional. Social networks, mainly privately used like facebook and Google +. Medical networks, healthcare professionals, such as DocCheck or univadis use for the professional exchange. The spread of networks within the international medical profession allows the pharmaceutical industry a targeted placement of their product information at the desired target group.

All study results and other insights into network usage, such as the evaluation and use of medical apps, can be found in the DocCheck Internet usage study 2012. It is available immediately via DocCheck load for 490,-euros ( Doccheck the social Medwork networks for a better medicine: through simplified access to DocCheck health service providers helps scientific content direct, professional exchanges in the community, and to deepen their knowledge and improve their daily work. Over 860,000 registered users medworken”already. Thus, DocCheck is the largest community for medical professionals in Europe. Almost every second doctor or pharmacist in Germany is a member of the DocCheck and uses our diverse means of communication and information on the topic of healthcare. Direct marketing are among the most important business models by DocCheck via DocCheck news or bMail, research in the areas of clinical studies or market research, as well as social media based marketing with DocCheck InSite. A growing number of pharmaceutical companies uses the possibility to attract audiences without wastage. How to contact with DocCheck AG Corporate Communications Tanja Mumme bird’s anger str. 66, 50823 Cologne fon: + 49-221-920 53-139 fax: + 49-221-920 53-133 eMail:

Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine: prevention and therapy not only for improving fertility, against Burnout or for healthy weight loss is the orthomolecular medicine in 20 years is more famous and popular. Many people ask themselves therefore: what is orthomolekular? What does the word mean and where does the interest? The orthomolecular medicine was already established at the beginning of the 20th century by Linus Pauling. He took vitamins and minerals in high doses to prevent that disease. Taking additional vitamin supplements is since ever more clearly linked to the prevention and treatment of diseases of civilization in context. Objectives of orthomolecular medicine are the improvement of individual health status, maintaining the vitality in old age (anti-aging”) then in addition to the prevention of diet-related diseases. A target is the combination of micronutrients with medicines.

Experiences of orthomolecular medicine today, most of the applications are demonstrated in many cases. Some Internet sites dealing with intensively with the orthomolecular medicine experts bring together with users, exchange experiences and information. The nutritional science and medicine today already successfully treated diseases such as: therapies male fertility increase the fertility of the man: in addition to the generally good vitamin status, in particular the amino acid L-arginine for agile and healthy sperm is responsible. The better the L-arginine status, more mobile are the sperm, and the sperm quality is higher. This significantly increases the probability of a pregnancy. L-arginine has the for men pleasant side effect of a lasting improvement in erectile function in good quality and high doses.

Burn-out syndrome of Burnout: stress of the modern world of work means that more and more people suffer a burn-out syndrome. One of the factors contributing to the Burnout, is a generally low vitamin supply in connection with a lack of carnitine and Coenzyme Q10. In addition to the Mikronahstoffen is at mental stress to recommend especially Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba itself meets the highest standards of the German medicines Act and acts against forgetfulness and is balanced and resilient. Intensify the effect through vitamins such as vitamin B12 and comprehensive vitamin complexes. Lose weight without the yo-yo effect taking off without the yo-yo effect: L-carnitine supports slimming in good quality and in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, because L-carnitine burns fat in the cells. Well-known athletes use L-carnitine for the performance increase and improvement of endurance, but L-carnitine is particularly effective for dieting during normal movement.


In this work, the researchers have analyzed the proper scientific studies of in recent years and subjected to a joint assessment. The findings from these studies clearly show that cinnamon and aqueous cinnamon extract able are nutritionally moderate in sugar metabolism of pre diabetes and diabetics to regulate and to reduce blood sugar levels. From this, it can be derived that fall cinnamon into the category of soft natural active ingredients, which are suitable for nutritional measures against diabetes. While these are usually supplement, but not necessarily substitute for standard treatments of diabetes mellitus type II. Click PCRM to learn more. Navitum pharmaceutical recommends therefore people with risk factors for diabetes on secured scientific base at an early stage to use the forces of nature, so that the disease can be not even manifest as possible.

Such people on their way to the Diabetes can benefit best from the natural substances when early application. This applies in particular for men over 45 and women over 55 years of age. Navitum Pharma provides the DiVitum product specially for such people. DiVitum containing glucomannan even a purely vegetable fibre to complement the effects of cinnamon extract to the sugar and fat metabolism. Thus, 2 natural substances in DiVitum are United, that perfectly complement each other. The special composition and dosage of DiVitum (PZN 4604195) is based on study results.

Therefore, it should be replaced at the pharmacy not against other products, even if they may seem similar. DiVitum is available in pharmacies, selected health centres and directly at Navitum Pharma. Shipping is always free of charge to pharmacies and consumers. Cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 0247798) and 6 months (PZN 0250079) are on the market.

Susanne Borchers

Special mild bath products is for cleaning or possible, not destroy the acid mantle of the skin pH neutral SOAP (Syndet). It is important that you dry your feet thoroughly after bathing and then cream. Because the skin dries out easily, and fine cracks, which can be the starting point for severe infections are formed. But take not some cream, let consult what is suitable for their feet. The stockings and shoe place special value on the right stockings and shoes.

Stockings should have no strangling a rubber or oppressive seams and are preferably made of natural fiber. Shoes may not express or narrow. Therefore not morning; buy them because feet swell during the day usually – the shoes in the evening no longer fit. Inside the shoes must be smooth, without wrinkles or heavy seams. Check your shoes before the tightening may be troubled into foreign objects such as stones or sand.

In some cases, special shoes are necessary, the No toe cap are sufficiently wide, and have a cushioned insole. Special caution is advised, if you had a foot problem. Then they should lie with the purchase of the shoe on the afternoon and if necessary don’t shy away from a consultation, they need the shoe does not equal buy Yes. Another possibility is the custom-made shoes by a specialised orthopaedic shoemaker. In any case, can check the proper fit of the shoe from your doctor / podiatrists / orthopaedic shoemaker. Because if the nerves are affected, you can rely on, that you feel pressure points. With the right shoes, you need not restrict your movement. On the contrary, skating and gymnastics, promote blood circulation and counteract damage. Determine injuries to your feet, you don’t try to cure themselves, but immediately contact your doctor to clarify whether a restraint is necessary. Because the earlier problems detected, so rather consequential damages can be reduced or even avoided. If they themselves aren’t in the position your feet to care, you are looking for a foot care. Works this professional is already at the beginning of the treatment history of diabetes asked. Take care because it works with a sterilized instrument set. Scheuen they not ask himself whether she has several of them, that should be a matter of course.

Healing With The Power Of The Cosmos

Bionen-energy – the research approach of the Prof. Dr. med. Hegen all Vollert sleepless nights, Marianne S. wallows around night after night in bed, she takes no pain-free sleep position. The days become the agony in her own small stationery store. Neither sitting nor standing or walking the small, friendly woman bring relief to the fifty. Since her slipped half a year ago, the pain is her constant companion.

Operate your doctor won’t. To the incident is not serious enough”, so the orthopedist. Marianne S. goes twice a week to the physiotherapy. Friends bring her a stool-saving back to the store. Despite still puts in the spine, the pain radiates already in the left leg.

She takes daily painkillers. To a customer you one morning a Palm-sized, flexible, gray rubber mat presented, which should put it on the affected area at the back. “Within half an hour the pain was blown away”, Marianne S., remembers a incredible feeling”. The customer gives you the gray piece silicone for a few days. Marianne S. bears beginning each night at the back and is pain-free for two years now. Thanks to the mausgrauen rubber mat? Natural energy, the life sparked the piece was developed medical silicone of Prof. Dr. Hegen all Vollert, a doctor from Radolfzell. 16 years ago, he began to search for Wilhelm Reich on the footsteps of Sigmund Freud’s disciple. He took, namely in the 1930s by means of various experiments on the search to a physically measurable universal life energy. There is Empire, thought a kind of energy, which causes biological life. So as the ignition of a car brings the entire engine in all its details to running. Why is life otherwise out of dead matter? This humanized Empire would like to use for therapeutic purposes. He calls them later Orgone energy. Based on its findings, Reich developed the Orgone accumulator, which is used to this day in the alternative medicine area.

Healing Powers

A versatile herb and more resistant ornamental tree the Ginkgo tree occupies a special position among the trees. He is the last representative of his biological family and occurs as a natural stock only in two provinces in southwest of China. The leaves of the Ginkgo tree were already used in ancient China for various diseases. This medicinal plant was as valuable people, reflected by the fact that the leaves have been used at times as a means of payment. Ginkgo leaves and seeds Ginkgo leaves have a unique characteristic form: the journal is diverse and has a deep cut. The Ginkgo owes this appearance his primeval origin as coniferous trees. In the spring, the leaves sprout green, in summer they darken a bit, to discolor to Brown in the autumn. In early November the Ginkgo loses its leaves.

The core of Ginkgo name is served roasted as a snack or eaten cooked as a side dish in Japan. The seed core in Asian cooking is used also as a condiment. In The male plants grow mainly Europe, because the smell of the seeds is perceived butyric acid in this country as unpleasant. Ginkgo as a street tree and medicinal plant mid-18th century, the Ginkgo found its way from Asia to Europe. Since then, he is planted preferably on streets and in parks, because the tree has a high resistance to pests and car exhaust fumes or other pollution.

In the 1960s the Ginkgo was rediscovered the healing leaves by German doctors. Especially in France and the United States, there is the large Ginkgo plantations with a variety bred specifically for medical use since 1980. A dry extract is made from the Ginkgo leaves containing the medically effective substances at a specified concentration. Applications of the Ginkgo extract the active ingredients of the Ginkgo are used to treat of different symptoms. The substances work circulation with arterial circulatory disorders. For example, the doctor for Vertigo and tinnitus often recommends a Ginkgo supplement. Elderly preparations of Ginkgo leaves for the symptomatic treatment of age-related memory and concentration problems are also recommended. It allocates these medicines to the Antidementiva, they are used to improve brain performance. The substances of Ginkgo leaves work directly into the nerve cells and promote the transmission of nerve signals in the central nervous system. New studies have shown an improvement of the learning capacity and memory performance in old age dementia. Good compatibility no known interactions treating dementia in medicine so far still considered difficult. There are only a few Antidementiva, using promises of sustained success. Drugs must be taken regularly even Ginkgo, because you can apply symptomatic on the nerve cells and have an effect only in long-term supply. The Ginkgo extract is however quite well suited for a long-lasting treatment, since it is usually well tolerated and no adverse interactions with other Drugs occur. It is useful to begin the treatment with a Ginkgo supplement right at first sign of age-related mental performance. Supportive effect memory training this targeted as for example brain teaser. Each regular mental activity, be it puzzles to solve or read, helps to exercise the power of the brain and maintain.

The Production

In perfect way permanently to be able to perform the tasks to be completed, energy is needed. This is the oxygen obtained from, from sugar, which filters the man from his food”and on the other hand from NADH (Coenzyme 1). Each cell needs a lot of energy; the heart, the nervous system, the brain, the muscles et cetera. Only under this condition, it is possible to life. In the framework of the so-called cellular respiration is the presence of glucose by crucial. This NADH is produced? This reacts with oxygen due to the rapid connection and is also valuable energy m next to H and stores them as so-called adenosine triphosphate. A further basic building material of NADH is yeast, which has a high proportion of the NAD. Comprehensive procedures on chemical biological basis contribute to producing the NADH, so a reduced 95 per cent form the NAD.

Thanks to NADH Coenzyme 1, wins the body improved the performance of not only of power and panache, and the fatigue disappears”, but at the same time also the defenses are stimulated. An aspect that is certainly not only during the cold winter of importance. Also, it is also relevant that the Coenzyme 1 (NADH) to improve overall health, but also to the repair of the body’s cells to contribute can. The neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for ensuring that a lively exchange of information between the individual nerve cells in the brain can be. Adrenaline in turn supports the heart and cardiovascular functions and efficiently counteracts this possible performance lows or concentration problems.

Also, norepinephrine has a stimulating, wake effect, accelerates our ability to react and we have more fun at work. Even the willingness to learn is increasing significantly. What would life be without chocolate? Because it contains valuable serotonin, which is known in the vernacular as a so-called happiness hormone. Thanks in particular to NADH, she is in an organism Stimulated the production of serotonin. similar to efficiently so, like eating a chocolate bar. Given this broad action of NADH is immediately clear how important the Coenzyme 1 for us humans is actually. NADH, the Coenzyme 1 so supports the individual health care in an impressive way and ensures walking fluctuations in performance at school or work efficiently out of the way. Man works”therefore not only, but has more joy in life and more fun at work due to the many positive properties of NADH. NADH occur in foods such as meat, fish, poultry, fruit or vegetables. To take into account is that cooking destroys most of the valuable Coenzyme 1. But also raw foods are not protected against the premature degradation of NADH, because the stomach acid in the digestive tract that splits Coenzyme 1 rapidly up into its individual components. Because we can absorb only a very small proportion of NADH with our food. “the additional intake of NADH is advisable in any case Coenzyme 1 are experts agree: Coenzyme 1 indispensable for our wellness and provides for a plus” vitality. NADH power for body and mind!

Chronic Diseases

About the book: only compatible diet is healthy diet – the appeal to common sense. Trier. Rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, eczema, gout, obesity, depression, migraine, diabetes II… among the mass chronic diseases, cause the now to the 80 percent of the German health-care costs. Inexorably they are progressing, although already in the 70s of the last century the direct relationship between the diet and the emergence of these diverse chronic symptoms – discovered by an even affected housekeeping champion (nutrition and social). But instead of using common sense, it is this persistent orientation of seeking help in science, which makes it so infinitely heavy, these people to convey that they do not suffer from immutable diseases (so-called autoimmune diseases). Here must be distinguished: be sure this epidemic-like first and foremost diet-related chronic symptoms that attributable to overloaded digestive and excretory system and diseases true in contrast.

Occur to a lesser extent and are based on irreparable innate (organ injury or infection-induced) damage. The bad BREW, which is derived from the sum of all this synthetic, as well as the natural ingredients in our daily food abundance is the cause of this epidemic organ overload however. But hardly anyone knows what is that what is today generally understood under healthy eating requires an optimal composition of the digestive juices. Thereof but can under no circumstances be at the already congested organs of seeking help. The facts elementary for this group of people were collected for the first time in a small book.

As an appeal to common sense, it is trying to make people understand that it above all other the congestion-related backlog of elimination requiring nutrients is that gradually brought in a tangible and visible chronic imbalance your body chemistry. “The modern citizens of prosperity has completely lost sight, that even the natural organism man” wants to survive under the most adverse circumstances. Order now to get rid of this elimination required nutrients, he developed now corresponding to his disposition to and degradation processes. Such regulatory mechanisms come in a variety of symptoms in appearance (on skin, connective tissue, organs, tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, nerves up to the psyche) and diseases are seen as necessarily requiring incorrectly again. That the permanent chemical suppression of Leiden mostly applied for this can be no acceptable solution, explains right now actually saying, and only this must apply to our children which often develop symptoms, which not so long ago to the actually wear-related suffering of the age included.

Easter Iron In Warm Countries

Good preparation protects against impairment of holiday joy in a few days start in the first federal countries the Easter holidays. Click James A. Levine, M.D. to learn more. An avalanche of both people will be heading south to the Mediterranean, after the long winter in the Caribbean or other warm regions of the world in motion. The desire for sheer holiday joy and rest is all together. In order to make the holiday but at least in terms of health unmarred, to do a lot in advance of travel. So the pharmacy provides tips for special precautions in warm regions and advice for the useful compilation of the travel medical kit.

We play two of these tips which are for million holidaymakers of importance for all warm countries apply. \”Montezuma’s revenge lurks everywhere the most common cause of gloomy holiday pleasures is the traveler’s diarrhea, also called Montezuma’s revenge\” is known. Depending on the destination country, you may be affected approximately every 10 to every second tourist diarrhea. To diarrhea, it can come basically in all countries of the South, also in the European countries bordering the Mediterranean. It is not limited to tropical countries or even Mexico, such as the name on the ancient Aztec Prince Montezuma’s revenge\”believe could make. Therefore, it is important before departure on intestinal health and prevention of diarrhoea to think so that the anticipation of the most beautiful weeks of the year in true holiday in delightfully can lead.

But what should be done and what helps? Afterbiotic with high-dose Saccharomyces boulardii recommend pharmacies and health centres for the prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. This probiotic medical yeast is superbly researched and proved by millions of trade for the effective prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. Easiest is use of Saccharomyces boulardii in capsule form as afterbiotic. To adults take 5 days prior to departure and during the whole trip in the morning and in the evening depending on a capsule with 250 mg of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria.

Remedies For Illness – Fever

Research object and healing power plant of the organism fever, different causes and great effect bacteria, insects, also mammals like we humans are equipped by nature with a powerful self healing tool. Poisoning, injury or disease can temporarily increase the body temperature. Fever activates the inner mechanisms with which the body itself overcomes errors. Usually, the temperature drops after a few days, sometimes overnight. Rarely, derailed the temperature increase and lead to a life-threatening condition due to overheating of the organism. Fever is not a disease in humans.

It displays but intended as by nature, that is a disease, an injury, or a toxic degradation of the body. Medications may be used to lower the fever only when the aforementioned dangerously high increase in temperature. Is a febrile disease is detected, the disease outbreak in an organism must be found. Highly complex healing processes play out there. Dr. John Mcdougall is a great source of information. Disease causes of fever is always affecting the entire body.

People like all animals react unspecific with immune system on the vulnerability to injuries, infections, allergies, tumors or after surgery. The Tatort sends messengers into the blood. The nature of the message is detected by the liver as an alarm. Then the concentration of approximately 30 proteins increases up to a maximum of 2 days to the up to thousands in a few hours. Fever is an inflammatory response, changed the composition of the blood and creates gaps in the blood vessels and cell walls. Phagocytes access killer on and prevent their entry into the bloodstream. More messengers reach the brain during elevated temperature and report whether the organism is already sufficient cleaned “is. TreeOf Life spoke with conviction. The competition in the brain is a highly complex process that not only acts as a post-analysis remedies of nature since the existence of the people. Neurons, the heat – and cold sensation regulate, lead a real battle in the The diseased body. Fever stays in the lot, so long this balance of power is balanced. The temperature derailed either upwards or downwards, if other parts of the internal organism are damaged or impaired in their function. That is still not all fever remains research object of disease outbreak in humans through the interplay of hormones, immune cells and other complex operations receives the command heating. This skin, hands and feet cool down, to make less heat to the outside. Muscle contractions are heating mechanisms of nature. Chills feels indeed icy, but warms up the sick body up to the necessary degree of fever. Heat shock proteins occur when the temperature rises very quickly. The disease outbreak in the organism is handled more effectively by the immune cells, for example, phagocytes. Antibody track down the attackers, unmask and destroy them. The exact processes, but are still only partially understood in humans. Known is that nature used as required in the contested body heat shock proteins to the activation of the immune system. Fever is by the vagus nerve, which is widely branched throughout the body, parallel to this activation. To avoid overheating, the feeling of warmth rises from the highest temperature reached up to sweat. This cools the body and leaves destroyed pathogens on the skin.