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High-quality Acrylic Lacquers .

At present, competent customer preference dispersion materials that contain suspensions of fillers and polymer particles, diluted with water. Different data polymeric materials convenience use, because, as a diluent instead of them – ordinary water. Therefore, hands and used paint brushes at the end of execution may be painted free clean water. Water-based acrylic coatings acquire sophisticated look after the drying, easy tintable to desired shade. ‘>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld was the first to reply. Over time, the surface of these paints do not yellow and holds a wonderful tone. Rheological structure of most latex paints gives formed their covering vapor permeability, to put it simply the opportunity to "breathe." This is primarily a positive impact on the environment of the room. As with any similar kind of coating, this polymer material has own imperfections. The surface of these polymeric materials slightly faster than, for example, alkyd enamel.

While such refunded minus the potential to wash these coatings, due to the fact that they have excellent wet strength. The fundamental difference of water-dispersion paints is the rapidity of drying: a segment of 30 minutes is the procedure of film formation, after which the dust-to-cover Paint is no longer clings, and 10 hours later – the paint material can be subjected to intense experimentation. In what may be repaint only the materials of the same composition without removing the old coverage. It should be noted that this kind of material is the most environmentally benign and beneficial to health, has a slight odor and fire. All the benefits of VD-AK coatings generate their wide use in construction. Currently, the share of this type of material is 80%.