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Encyclopedic Dictionary

You can draw additional references, such as Russian folk tales and biological Encyclopedic Dictionary. All the information about the rejuvenating apples, bulk apples that roll on a saucer of apple juice and its unique properties. All this is thoroughly assimilates and write "Instruction on use of the apple" to include not less than 99 points. Print on beautiful paper, wrap the miracle apple in colorful paper and give! Will be both funny and nice:) Same done a thing with pineapple: it can be original paint and pinned to his lovely wishes. Come on. If you just can not get rid of the idea of mandatory "candy gift", the candy can be deployed in Each wrapper wrapped prediction for next year. And give not just candy, but a "conjectural set" with enhancements. Let guests take turns pulling the good wishes for myself and the birthday child! You can all sweets, even cheapest candy dump one nice box (beautiful box is obtained by coloring any boxes or wrapping her beautiful paper), there throws all sorts of things, such as lighters, thread, buttons and so on., to each item fasten the inscription: "Eat me!", "Light me!", "Smile to me," and so on.

It will be fun! Give a loved one walk. During the walk you can hold it for you invented the route and talk about landmarks, which only you know! Even if they do not exist in nature, for each bridge and each tree can come up with its own legend. How does it apply? Take the map of the city on her itinerary draw, prepare his own ticket, tour program and invite your favorite / favorite / good friend! Walk can be turned in search of treasure, a secret hollow to hide a bag of candy or something nice and on a card and prompts to give the opportunity to find treasure bestowed. Great for kids. And one of us do not have a baby! And if you know what a person has the GPS-receiver and do not mind walking in the fresh air – give him a hiding place.

Have you heard of geocaching? Already yes:) Another option. Select the main thing that you want to wish a friend. For example, "light of joy." You can dial the small things that will meet the call and will be presented to with him. + Candle bulb + Laser Pointer + glowing in the dark bracelet and a poster of "Light is always, always shine, etc. Vladimir Mayakovsky. Or just paint the paper with wishes, photos, etc Healthy approach to housewives. To create a collage nice to connect even the smallest: prints of their hands and feet will be a wonderful backdrop. Also remember that even the most desired gift in the economy, such as "pan for my wife," in which everything always burnt, can be presented so that it will not be offended. For example, invite to the restaurant, tasty feed, and at the end of the meal to deliver that same pan with a wish just to cook at home. After a pleasant evening in anticipation of not less than pleasant night, you can be sure: the pan will used for its intended purpose! 🙂 Be creative, surprises, surprises! And your loved ones of all the gifts are often thought of just this, born from the soul free!