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Harmony and Nature

With the death of Vernadsky's noosphere idea as a kind of unified body of man and nature, the common information space, consciously formed by the joint efforts of the people gradually has lost its emotional, but was not any less relevant. Today, we see that the solution to our imbalance with nature is one of the most important. And due to this decision above all, a man with his internal self-awareness. Environmental, moral, social, creative problem would be different if the person decides for himself that question. How can attain harmony with nature? By studying Kabbalah, one begins to understand that people causing harm to nature is not pollution of rivers, namely, their selfish desire, unrestrained use of the biosphere to satisfy the growing desires.

As a result, he himself had suffered from it the most! Harmony is not given person initially. This new reality for him he has to create himself. Only if he wants to do this in isolation from Svoge selfishness, will be supported by nature, because only then will correspond to altruistic basis. Today, we still can not determine what a person's actions caused the earthquake in China. But it's safe to say that the complexity of natural body shows symptoms of systemic disease. Yesterday, it was showed by Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. today – the earthquake in Sichuan Province, and tomorrow – still somewhere … The essence of the problem – not the number of natural disasters and in their location.

It is important to understand that our civilization are only two ways. One of them – is to develop, deepen self-centeredness of our desires, which is reflected in earthquakes, accidents and environmental disasters. Another – the study of his inner nature, and how result – the growing perception around the world as a single organism. And from one step to a revolution in consciousness, and hence to harmony … The internet-newspaper kabbalah world