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Justice For The Care Of Others In The Animal Enforcement

virus, it is dangerous and should be treated, for the third day give him the medicine. Then I will have to come and check the horse, if he was just going bad, I lulled him. (Source of the story – the site heard this conversation, standing near a pig. Passed the first day, but the drug had no effect on the horse. Pig approached him and said: – Old Boy, come on, get up! On the second day of the horse continued to be ill, the drug had no effect. – Well, get up the same one, otherwise you veterinarian tranquilize, – warned horse pig. But medicine still has not acted – the horse was ill. Who came to the fourth day of a veterinarian, said: – In spite of this strong medicine, the horse is not cured and, therefore, have to put to sleep, otherwise all your horses too sick! Hearing all this, the pig did not procrastinate, I ran to the horse and started screaming: – Why did not you get up, because you are going to kill! Let's get up right now, otherwise you will be deprived of life! Suddenly, the horse rose, and as if nothing had happened, and ran! – It's a miracle! – Exclaimed the farmer. – This is imperative to celebrate! Therefore, stab a pig! Another entertaining article: 'Russian often found even in foreign buses'..