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The North Americans, after the independence and the establishment of the United States of America, between 1836 and 1891 in 34 military confrontations, during the Wars India, used name to describe the conflicts, had approximately taken the majority of these nations to the disappearance, vitimando 45 a thousand people. The Portuguese in the conquest of the terrritrio in Portuguese America had deflagrated violent wars, that if had after accented the exhaustion of the established relations of trade in the three first decades of the century XVI, one of the registers of confrontations between its armies and the Brazilian natives, were the guarantica War that if originated in the establishment of the new borders between Brazil and Spain, in fulfilment to the Treated one to Madrid (1750), and in substitution to the Treated one to the Tordesilhas (1494), ahead of refuses of the indians of passing of the domain Spaniard for the domain Portuguese, Brazil for decision of Marques de Pombal promoted, together with Spain, the slaughter of the indians, destroyed the Missions (1750-1756) and banished about 600 Jesuits Brazil in 1760. But, the great genocide of the local populations occurred in consequence of the direct and indirect contact with the Europeans and the illnesses for brought them (grippe, measles and coqueluche, and the other most serious ones, as tuberculosis and smallpox), many times deliberately programmed. Vitimaram entire aboriginal societies, for not having natural immunity to these males. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Exactly thus, the Portuguese had had a very bigger concern in stimulating the integration between colony and metropolis of what the other countries.

Consideraes final the European ones when they had arrived in America had found a continent inhabited for some civilizations and peoples in different periods of training of cultural, material and social development. Some with astronomy knowledge and mathematics, beyond dominating techniques complex of construction, metallurgy ceramics, and of agriculture. Soon, the Europeans had not discovered America, them had arrived in America and had started to conquer the territories, verwhelming the existing populations. With the destruction of these civilizations, its descendants had been hindered to have its geographic evolution, developed cultural politics and, leaving them without historical roots.

Black Plague

Following the analogy with the body, it says: ' ' who opened the tumor would have to find, protecting against the surprises of the light, some judeuzinho. This is so fatal as the existence of worms in the bodies putrefados.' ' After that, the Jews they are guilty for the medieval Black Plague and visa as beings ' ' carriers of bacilli of worse espcie' '. More ahead, Hitler advances in this vision when saying that the Jew ' ' it is and it will be always the typical parasite, an animal, that, as a harmful microbe, if more propagates each time, as soon as meets in propitious conditions (…) the people, houses that it, more or less goes if exterminando rapidamente.' ' Still we can see other references as ' ' true sanguessuga' ' ' ' piolheira judaica' ' in this workmanship that if became a manual for nazistas.21 Already during the Second War, the Fher affirmed that ' ' the combat that we stop is of the same nature that the combat stopped in the century passed for Pasteur and Koch.' ' 22A notion of racial hygiene was not spread out only for the nazista leader. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic. Several other important members also make reference to reference the necessity of Germany to make a favor to the world, as the Minister of the Goebbels Propaganda would say: ' ' Our task is surgical here, drastic incisions, seno some day the Europe will perish of the illness judia.' ' 23 In another chance it said: ' ' we cannot tolerate the bacteria, the worms and the plague. The asseio and the hygiene compel in them to become them harmless, exterminando-os.' ' 24 It can until thinking that such texts are part of the nazista manipulation. But the same arguments were displayed in the personal scope and not only in the public speeches.

Philosophical Being

Different types of knowledge exist: 2.1 – Empirical knowledge (or knowledge vulgar, or sense-common) Is the knowledge gotten to perhaps, after innumerable attempts, that is, the knowledge acquired through actions not planned. Example: The key is emperrando in the lock and, of in such a way trying to open the door, we finish for discovering (to know) one jeitinho to turn the key without emperrar. 2.2 – Philosophical knowledge Is fruit of the reasoning and the reflection human being. It is the speculative knowledge on phenomena, generating subjective concepts. Search to give sensible to the general phenomena of the universe, exceeding the formal limits of science. Example: ‘ ‘ The man is the bridge between the animal and alm-homem’ ‘ (Friedrich Nietzsche) 2,3 – Theological Knowledge Knowledge disclosed for the divine faith or religious belief.

It cannot, for its origin, confirmed or denied being. It depends on the moral formation and the beliefs of each individual. Example: To believe that somebody was cured by a miracle; or to believe Duende; to believe reincarnation; to believe spirit etc. 2.4 – Scientific knowledge Is rational, systematic, accurate and verifiable the knowledge of the reality. Its origin is in the based procedures of verification in the scientific methodology. We can then say that the Scientific Knowledge: – He is rational and objective. – It Is abided the facts.

– It exceeds to the facts. – He is analytical. – It requires exactness and clarity. – It is comunicvel. – It is verifiable. – It depends on methodical inquiry. – Search and applies laws. – He is clarifying. – It can make predictions. – It is opened. – It is useful (GALLIANO, 1979, P. 24-30). Example: To discover a vaccine that prevents an illness; to discover as if of a breath of the batrachians.


Some indians interpreted the god of ' ' man branco' ' being more powerful than of it, being justificador agent of the defeat in campode battle or even though the illnesses that bring as many deaths; causing aindamaior suffering to some peoples who were passing for the process dedissoluo. Smallpox Amongst some illnesses that had devastated the indians in the perodocolonial, the smallpox was one of most frequent in the epidemiolgicosamericanos episodes. The smallpox is a contagious disease provoked by the Orthopoxvrusvariolae virus, is admitted as one of the viruses oldest in the life of the man, sendoconhecido when a mmia of 1550-1307 B.C. presented vestiges of the virus. If you would like to know more then you should visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. When entering in the human organism, the virus if houses in umadeterminada cell, where it manufactures its proteins and it is multiplied in the same citoplasmada one. The imunitrio system of the organism reacts against the virus destroying asclulas before the virus if it multiplies, however, the imunitrio system noconsegue to block completely multiplication of the virus, therefore the protein queproduz makes with that the same it is resistant to the antibodies. 16 the transmission of the illness occurs through the contact comdoentes and for objects used for this same person.

After the 14 20 days deincubao the illness starts if to reveal, the first symptoms are: fever, malaise, fatigue, pains for the body, colored spots, vomits and nauseas. Dr. John Mcdougall follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The colored spots that appear in the skin if transform into bolhaspurulentas that after a period dry and form crusts. As the illness fragiliza the imunitrio system of the individual has great possibilidadede, in this period, to contract new illnesses and infections, known as doenasoportunistas. As it is an illness provoked for virus, they do not exist tratamentosespecficos, because the amount of mutation of the virus brings a dificuldadenotvel and to control the illness. In the colonial period, we can see some episodes dessadoena, as it is the case of the wave epidemiologist sight in Tenochtitln after acaptura of Montezuma for Cortez in December of 1528, in which, it weakened aresistncia azteca in considerable way.


The presence of the smallpox in colonial America can be vistano stretch: Even in the barks 1800s – several centuries to after smallpoxwas brought you the Americas – the disease swept through Indian communities inthe united state, killing between 55 and 90 percent of those who contracted it (Ashburn 1947; Crosby 1972; Shurkin 1979; Stearn and Sterarn 17 1945). This illness that possesss a tax of high mutation, tambmpode to be evidenced in the ticket: Smallpox is by nature highly contagious disease and isreadily transmitted in respiratory discharges from individuals who havecontracted the disease and ploughs in the two – week postincubation period ofinfectivity – Pregnant women also can pass the disease on to their infants inutero (Downie and Mc Carthy 1954:196. 18 One of the characteristics of the Smallpox is its infects serfeito in easy way, and these respiratory discharges sights in this citaoso a great danger where it exists an expressive demographic amount, poisalm of if spreading with easiness, if does not reveal quickly, the queaumenta the power of infects, therefore the sick person hardly will be isolated of the outrosantes that appear the symptoms, what it only happens on average as already were said, enter the 14 20 days. We can also see the resistance and power of virulence davarola in the stretch: The food, bedding, clothing, or to other possessions ofsmallpox vietins well the smallpox corpse itself also can harbor smallpox. Experiments have shown that scabs from sigle smallpox temperature will be 530days, still retains viable virus (Dixon 1962:304). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Khmer culture. Experiments of this kindgive credence you reports of raw and fished cotton serving smallpox vectors (cook 1939; Deutschmann 1961:7; Dixon 1962:303 – 7; 1945:44 steam and stearn). 19 Resistance of PovosAmerndios One of the factors that must be analyzed in this estudohistoriogrfico is the process of reminiscncia of the peoples indians, because esteajuda to understand the scene subsequent to the enormous indices of infections demuitas patologias. .


During this week that we are separate, It bound for my Marcela sister, and it always they said that it complained that he felt my lack, these things, but I did not give much credit. I had fear of feeding this hope, had forgotten me the promise. We talk very and I was determined not to want to come back, but during the colloquy all the promises of God had come to the memory and I remembered of what the God in the previous night had asked for. Despite in a coarse way, I April my heart and with sincerity said for God what I really needed. Then, in day 25 of October of 2009, we reattach and we receive the restitution from God in our lives. From then on everything started to walk as you say me to god, we pass the Christmas and my together anniversary and new year I was very happy for it to have come to live with me. After 1 month it liveing with me, had one discuao and we seperamos in them of new in day 01 of February of 2010 I thought There with me that never I will go to more come back with it Mais1 week later it started to league itself again, all time that I asked for so that he took off it to god of my head, there exactly that I more still thought I release my pride of side and was to talk with it again, says it me that he would go to move, that went to come back toward house and that would be a different man Comes back in day 08 of February of 2010, and is liveing together already makes 7 months, still we have ones briguinhas, more nothing that makes in them separating in them.

As all the promise passes for the test of the time, God forged our character and in them he prepared pra to receive the restitution and not to waste it. The fights are many and to the times of the will to give up, but God raises in them and follows of our side in supporting to each day. As the majority of love histories he has a happy end, mine finishes with under the blessings it the highest God, who made the destinations finding in them To the Marcelo, my love, I need to say that you are my life, my love. That, ' ' it has what it will have, I I will follow always you and always I will be with you, to yours lado' '. Source: endocrinologist. I love and I thank you very the God for having every day given you to me. It does not import the fight that has that to face, God is with us in keeping and giving the victory! To the family and the friends, who hardness that was! Much I cry, much fight, but this victory is ours for the name of Jesus, so that let us can one more time be witnesses of the great love of God, our Father and Gentleman. I love vocs! Debtor for the support, the advice and conjuncts! The God, all the honor and all the glory, pra always and always! Paizinho debtor! Kelly and Marcelo! Or danoni and Floquinho! Perpetual love!


For this reason, many had not obtained to survive with what they had received. A level of life of those people moved completely, therefore, the paid indemnity did not arrive nor the half of the real value of the goods of the marcossenses. Many had arrived to enter in depression and until falecer due to the suffered losses, as Mr. Carlos Mngea occurred with the sister, according to its interview to the periodical Mountain range of the Sea, in March of 2006. Known as its Small one, the former-inhabitant of Is Joo Landmarks, that if moved Clearly for River with the end of the city, faleceu to the 93 years, in 2006. The mother of its Carlos also was victim of the malaria and finished not resisting the illness. Its sister, who possua 5 property in the city after entered in depression to lose everything what it had.

Little time later finished falecendo. Cidinha owner also tells the situation where many, when leaving Are Joo Landmarks, finished if finding due to minimum paid indemnity the inhabitants: ' ' It did not give pra nothing. Much people died of Thus, pra did not have a place. Back in Mangaratiba, were much people pra there, know? But ranchinho arrived there had ones, thus, a small room To sleep, only to eat, everything and (in They are Joo Landmarks) had old houses there, good, comfortable ' ' Another change felt for the inhabitants of the city if gave in the emotional aspect. Many friends had lost contacts ones with the others, therefore, compelled them to the necessities to search better conditions of life in other places, that in the majority of the cases, were not the same ones.

Also families if had separated. The former-inhabitants of the city if had spread for the neighboring cities as Mangaratiba, River Clearly, Pira and some had been for places more distant as Rio De Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The proper employees of the Light did not agree to the destruction, however, as many worked for company, them was obliged to destroy the proper city. The case most difficult in this process of destruction was of the church of the matrix. The church possua a so solid construction that the normal resources had not been enough to knock down it. Moreover, the laborers if refused to make the service, therefore, he considered it a desecration. The Ministry of the War was called to dinamitar it, however, when arriving at the place, the church already had been knocked down for a specialist, of Rio De Janeiro, also contracted for the Light. Most lamentable in the destruction of the church it is that if it was not knocked down would exist until today, since the waters had never reached it. Higher areas, as the place stops


We must look at this narrative as a possibility also of if to work racism and this boarding will be carried through more ahead. The pretty girl of the ribbon bow brings in them, together with its white rabbit, innumerable forms or explanations of as if she is born black, but only> is the white; medium brown ; yellow. When the author if relates arts of a black grandmother contextual and the children start to be the center of the narratives what she did not happen before, they start to be in fact child, a time that, before 1960 these were seen as adult in miniature; the taken subjects as important or the subjects to the edge were not treated, the blacks hardly carried out narratives, this are the positive factor, the negative, are that although the workmanship to carry out the black it still presents escapisms when approaching thematic afro, this is perceived in the answers evasions when the color is questioned. The important one is not alone to in general deal with to the black or the questions afro, but it is to know to construct narratives that do not feed or strengthen the negation of the other, the racial discrimination and the preconception. Therefore, if it makes necessary to contextualizar the workmanships to understand what it wants saying in them. also we cannot forget that an author so known and famous with Ana Maria Axe would not fall in the error, let us say thus, of the prejudiced form with which it was dealing the descending Africans and afro. If the author possibly it made a revision of words today, would substitute the black term for black, a time that the first one sends to a pejorativa form, exculpatory and racist to nominate the other. The adjusted nomenclature more today would be black.

Brazilian Elite

In this exactly period Spanish America initiates its process of independence, what it creates a similar feeling in good part of the Brazilians due to the instantaneous development that favored the nation. But, the remainders of the bourgeoisie in Portugal, in 1820, had led ‘ ‘ Liberal revolution of the Porto’ ‘ with intention to retake the activities economic Portuguese. The Portuguese bourgeoisie feared that, in case that Brazil if freed of Portugal, it would be the chaos for the metropolis; it thus started to force the return of D. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. Joo VI to the ground Portuguese under the argument by that it would take Portugal case did not return. Ahead of this threat, D.

Joo VI decides to return Portugal, but it finds resistance in Brazil. It is necessary to remember some made economic investments in the colony. The bourgeoisie saw threatened its investments, case Brazil came back to be an exploration colony. In scope of store manicas concern of maons ran for risk of that the nationality feeling that still walked if it lost, having been its efforts and its works in goes. The bourgeoisie and the Brazilian Elite had passed then to pressure D. Joo VI under the argument of that in case that it returned Portugal, the domain would lose on Brazil. We do not have to also forget the English support to these ideas in view of that if they more fixed each time in our territory.

Prehistoric Life

It is in this same abstract universe that we find the explanations most reasonable for the understanding of the prehistoric world. The beliefs constitute the base of our life, the land on which happens. Because they place in them ahead of what it is the same reality. All our behavior, also the intellectual, depends on which is the system of our authentic beliefs. You may find that Assurant Health can contribute to your knowledge. In them we live, we move ourselves and we are. Therefore we do not costumamos to have express conscience of them, we do not think them; they act latent, as implications of how much we make and we think. Ortega Y Gasset? Ideas y creencias the citation the top is basically, a recital in which we analyze to have a bigger agreement on the daily life of the prehistoric world, logically that not yet we count on so modern technological methods stops in providing a trip to them to the time, but, in view of, the hypotheses on the existence of certain you practise ritualsticas, sacrifices and ceremonies of burials found through certain archaeological vestiges and also on a systematic study on primitive mythology, we notice clearly the great one all influences that the nature (the natural religion) with its mystery it sufficiently influenced the daily life of the existing tribes in this period.

The religion is a security necessity that the prehistoric man had to keep in its existence one meaning, a direction. That is, it is exactly for this aspect that, we also search to study the importance of the sprouting and the importance of the language in this process, that is, human being is not enough only the agreement to it, it also needs in explaining its reality, fact this that if all proves due the symbolism of mythology and found rupestres paintings through the archaeological vestiges. In a general way, almost all knowing human being is based on the belief.