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We must look at this narrative as a possibility also of if to work racism and this boarding will be carried through more ahead. The pretty girl of the ribbon bow brings in them, together with its white rabbit, innumerable forms or explanations of as if she is born black, but only> is the white; medium brown ; yellow. When the author if relates arts of a black grandmother contextual and the children start to be the center of the narratives what she did not happen before, they start to be in fact child, a time that, before 1960 these were seen as adult in miniature; the taken subjects as important or the subjects to the edge were not treated, the blacks hardly carried out narratives, this are the positive factor, the negative, are that although the workmanship to carry out the black it still presents escapisms when approaching thematic afro, this is perceived in the answers evasions when the color is questioned. The important one is not alone to in general deal with to the black or the questions afro, but it is to know to construct narratives that do not feed or strengthen the negation of the other, the racial discrimination and the preconception. Therefore, if it makes necessary to contextualizar the workmanships to understand what it wants saying in them. also we cannot forget that an author so known and famous with Ana Maria Axe would not fall in the error, let us say thus, of the prejudiced form with which it was dealing the descending Africans and afro. If the author possibly it made a revision of words today, would substitute the black term for black, a time that the first one sends to a pejorativa form, exculpatory and racist to nominate the other. The adjusted nomenclature more today would be black.

Brazilian Elite

In this exactly period Spanish America initiates its process of independence, what it creates a similar feeling in good part of the Brazilians due to the instantaneous development that favored the nation. But, the remainders of the bourgeoisie in Portugal, in 1820, had led ‘ ‘ Liberal revolution of the Porto’ ‘ with intention to retake the activities economic Portuguese. The Portuguese bourgeoisie feared that, in case that Brazil if freed of Portugal, it would be the chaos for the metropolis; it thus started to force the return of D. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. Joo VI to the ground Portuguese under the argument by that it would take Portugal case did not return. Ahead of this threat, D.

Joo VI decides to return Portugal, but it finds resistance in Brazil. It is necessary to remember some made economic investments in the colony. The bourgeoisie saw threatened its investments, case Brazil came back to be an exploration colony. In scope of store manicas concern of maons ran for risk of that the nationality feeling that still walked if it lost, having been its efforts and its works in goes. The bourgeoisie and the Brazilian Elite had passed then to pressure D. Joo VI under the argument of that in case that it returned Portugal, the domain would lose on Brazil. We do not have to also forget the English support to these ideas in view of that if they more fixed each time in our territory.

Prehistoric Life

It is in this same abstract universe that we find the explanations most reasonable for the understanding of the prehistoric world. The beliefs constitute the base of our life, the land on which happens. Because they place in them ahead of what it is the same reality. All our behavior, also the intellectual, depends on which is the system of our authentic beliefs. You may find that Assurant Health can contribute to your knowledge. In them we live, we move ourselves and we are. Therefore we do not costumamos to have express conscience of them, we do not think them; they act latent, as implications of how much we make and we think. Ortega Y Gasset? Ideas y creencias the citation the top is basically, a recital in which we analyze to have a bigger agreement on the daily life of the prehistoric world, logically that not yet we count on so modern technological methods stops in providing a trip to them to the time, but, in view of, the hypotheses on the existence of certain you practise ritualsticas, sacrifices and ceremonies of burials found through certain archaeological vestiges and also on a systematic study on primitive mythology, we notice clearly the great one all influences that the nature (the natural religion) with its mystery it sufficiently influenced the daily life of the existing tribes in this period.

The religion is a security necessity that the prehistoric man had to keep in its existence one meaning, a direction. That is, it is exactly for this aspect that, we also search to study the importance of the sprouting and the importance of the language in this process, that is, human being is not enough only the agreement to it, it also needs in explaining its reality, fact this that if all proves due the symbolism of mythology and found rupestres paintings through the archaeological vestiges. In a general way, almost all knowing human being is based on the belief.