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ECG Monitor

The ECG supplies a necessary diagnosis evaluation of the rhythm riots, ischemic conduction, events among others cardiac problems. Dr. Peter M. Wayne is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, the qualification and the knowledge of the nurse on the interpretation of the ECG are so important, therefore beyond the nurse to evaluate the patient and to carry through this examination, it can, ahead of its knowledge, to intervine in the best possible way in the problem of this customer after the correct interpretation of this examination, exactly that this does not diagnosis the problem, a time that this task is of the doctor, but that it can be providing well-taken care of to these people with cardiac comprometimento and brightening up and preventing damages greaters. Of this form, the possible immediate interventions of nursing that if apply to the clinical emergencies cardiopaths, over all infarto are: to place the patient in dorsal decubitus in comfortable way and rest, being kept the headboard of the high stretcher; to install cardiac monitor, oximeter or monitor multiparameters, as soon as possible; to install catheter nasal or oxygen mask, if allowed for the routine; to measure and to monitor the vital signals, prioritizing Par and P, verifying and communicating the quality of this pulse (if he is weak or I finish and arrhythmic); to install a venoso access, keeping heparinizado or installing a SF 0.9% until the medical lapsing, if allowed for the routine; to provide material of desfibrilao and intubao will be the case and to wait the evaluation and the medical lapsing, carrying through the rigorously prescribed procedures (7). In accordance with the found one in the majority of pertinent literature to this research, is determined that until the diagnosis is closed the relief of pain for well-being of the customer must be promoted; reduction of the level of anxiety through interaction nurse-patient; use of methods to improve the respiratory function; the tecidual perfuso; to monitor and to treat the potential complications; to carry through orientaes how much to the given procedures; to manage prescribed medicines and to be intent to the possible adverse effect; to evaluate vital signals of form that the same reduces the tensional levels (13).

Methods Of Treatment Of The Celulite

It very has few people who have a free body of celulite, and for that they have celulite, them are capable to hide it well. However, many people exist who are unhappy with its corporal image and want to make something on this.Cure does not have really none such, but it has ways to help to alliviate some of the problems. With new technologies and an extensive research, new products and procedures are available today, that it can help to reduce the appearance of the celulite, to improve the tone of its skin, and also, possibly, to help it to shed one or two counts. During this treatment of the celulite you will have special, clothes of elastic cotton, to the consuming. After placing it in, cylindrical coils then will be placed on the skin softly and rolled on its body. It is not considered to be a painful treatment, in fact, was said that the suction effect really is felt as a massage maravilhosa.AKE idea is that the process helps to reorganize conjunctive fabrics of the skin, stimulating its sanguineous and lymphatic circulation and helping to eliminate toxins. It is also said to unchain regular process of its body to eliminate the fat excess to help the tone company, and to alleviate the skin.

The process is cheap and monthly sessions generally are suggested in order to keep all the results. The treatment of the following celulite is called vacunaut, or therapy of vacuum. In a question-answer forum James A. Levine, M.D. was the first to reply. This process, developed for a scientist of sports in Austria, supposedly promises to exempt it of the excess of fat around its known stomach as a surplus tire. It also affirms to be the only process found in the world that are capable to reach very efficient, and only about trainings, abdominal effort. During this treatment you will have that to use a tender one especially conceived for the procedure, while she walked in a mat per 30 minutes. The machine is controlled by means of informatizadas bombs that the change of chamber pressure, forcing the blood directly to the fabric adiposo around its stomach. The blood goes to absorb the fat that surrounds its stomach, using it to be able to help its muscles. Moreover, this fat in the enriched blood constantly will be moved on one and another time for the muscles working.

The fall for this procedure is that any person with medical conditions, as those that are related to the heart, circulatrio, or metabolic, is not capable to use this machine. Moreover, it takes some months to see an improvement, and it functions better when used in set with a healthful diet. The last one of the treatments for the celulite is the treatment of the body ionithermic. This process intends to be perfect for any person who has lost weight successfully, but still to help to tonificar and to firm. During this treatment, you it will receive an exfoliation corporal, as well as a massage pressure point. Any area that it needs to be treated will be covered with thermal clay, as well as essential oils and cushions, that emit a rhythmic pulse eltrica.IBT will go to work the areas using a soft action combines the stimulatons fardica and galvanic, at the same time, using the thermal clay and natural ingredients that are biological active. This treatment intends to promote the loss of counts, reduction of fat, and also to firm and to tonificar its body.It reads more on as to lose celulite, diet to reduce celulite in feminine beauty.


The participant does not find its furniture harmful, however she would change the position of the CPU of place. Click James A. Levine, M.D. to learn more. It carries through musculao three times per week as practical of physical activity. When questioned on pain, it told to feel pain in the region of the shoulders. Checkilist for analysis of the conditions of the rank of work to the computer Evaluation of the chair: This furniture is upholstered, providing good perspiration, with width of chair in correct dimension, the seat if finds in the horizontal line with rounded off edge, its dorsal support is firm, having space for room of the ndegas and inferior members. How much to the negative points, the chair has inadequate thickness and maciez, generating a discomfort that throughout the work leading the muscular fatigue and until patologias more serious as cervical hernia. The height is not regulable being incompatible with lower people or high, thus this furniture does not allow that to different they use it people beyond conditioning the user to be in inadequate position, for consequence appears muscular compensations to remain in such ' ' position forcada' '. The seat does not possess plain form, without necessary comfort for that they are for a long period seated in static position. The chair is not folloied of support for the normal bendings of the column, has only the dorsal support that it does not allow regulation, promoting patologias associates the region cervical, dorsalgia, lombalgia among others, since the cited structures above need stabilization during the work routine.

The chair is not revolving disabling the flexibility of the collaborator, decurrent to this it can occur compensatory positions as rotation of cervical trunk and. The arms of the chair are inadequate, therefore they do not allow to regulation, compromising the structure of the superior member hindering the entrance for the table. Evaluation of the table: The furniture to be described has rounded off previous edge, with adequate color.


(2004) in years 70, before the use of the videolaparoscpica surgery, one only met patient diagnosised with illness in more serious periods of training and the studies epidemiologists were restricted the submitted patients the laparotomia. As well as other relative topics to the endometriosis, as etiopatogenia and treatment, the epidemiologia of this illness presents given scientific conflicting and inconclusivos. The attempt of identification of risk factors, relation with information on the feminine reproductive life, genetic and ambient factors, in no study revealed definitive. Assurant Healths opinions are not widely known. Neme (2008) apud Candiani et al. (1991) analyzing only the gynecological internments (except related the gestation) they had found the diagnosis of endometriosis in 7,9% of handbooks. The real profile of the carrying patient of endometriosis is inexact, even so exists consensus that the illness is present in at least 10% of the general population Neme (2008) apud (BARBIERI, 1990; WEST, 1990; ESKENAZI and WARNER, 1997), being able to reach 50% of the cases in infertile patients or with pelvic pain chronic Neme (2008) apud (HOUSTON et al., 1988; DAMARIO and ROCK, 1995; MATORRAS et al., 1995; BALASCH et al., 1996). Oosterlynck et al. (1991) they had told prevalence of 77% in patients with infertility, 82% in women with pelvic algia and only 1,5 5% in assintomticas women submitted the videolaparoscopia for tubria sterilization.

Neme (2008) apud Koninckx et al. (1991) they had demonstrated prevalence of the illness of 68% in women with infertility complaint, of 71% with chronic pelvic algia and 84% in women with both the Neme complaints (2008) apud and Propst and Laufer (1999 had more than described) it in 70% of the adolescents with incapacitante dismenorria. These numbers are especially difficult to be definite for two main reasons: direct relation does not exist enters the presence of the illness and the sintomatologia presented for the patient, fact that, certainly, the diagnosis in assintomticas carriers Neme hinders (2008) apud Vercellini et al. .

Basic Attention

Factors of risk the main ones risk factors that unchain the violence in the familiar seio are: description of insanity of the aggressor and the victim; financial dependence between victim and aggressor; familiar description of violence on the part of the aggressor and the victim, social isolation of the aged one, estresse of the cuidador caused for the constant overload and frustration that demand the work and to take care of (FERNANDES; FRAGROSO, 2003). Signals and symptoms In accordance with BRAZIL (2002) in the Notebook of Basic Attention, and, Figueiredo and Tonini (2006), are evidenced some signals and symptoms according to each type of bad-treatments, which: physical, psychological aggressions, sexual abuse, recklessness and auto-recklessness, financial abuse. In the physical abuses, scratches, bruises, equimoses, hematomas, edema of the cabeludo leather, marks of burnings, rope or containment in the fists and elbows are verified. They are marks of the psychological abuses, the bizarros behaviors directly attributed to the dementia as to absorb finger, to bite, to balance for front and it stops backwards, upheavals neurotics as depression, to oppose it to dialogue, introspection and upheavals of behavior. For more information see this site: Assurant Health. The consequences of sexual abuse are the injuries, prurido, sexually transmissible illnesses, gastrointestinal problems, alimentary riots, abdominal, dismenorria pain, riots in the standards of sleep, anxiety, fear, auto-esteem diminished, difficulties with the close relationships.

The specific symptoms of the recklessness and auto-recklessness, in turn, are signals as: the dehydration, malnutrition, precarious hygiene, ulcers of pressure, excoriations and ineptitude to the treatment, relative to the medical accompaniment, farmacolgica therapy. E, finally in the cases of financial abuses, the aged one has its goods usurped for the family. Profile of the victim and agressoresO characteristic profile of the aggressor and the victim is of utmost importance to investigate if the signals and symptoms, consequences of the committed aggressions against the aged ones..

Open Education

It fits to detach here the question of the pleasure and displeasure, therefore Freud also came across with the qualitative question of the sensations and ideas. Which would be the motivation of ours action? What it would make to prefer such or which thing or idea? Freud answers to these questions relating the classroom Omega of neurons to the displeasure, therefore this would be the factor that puts Phi and Psi in movement, stimulating the system to the fulfilment of its primary function, that is ' ' zerar' ' the stimulatons for the survival of the organism. Therefore for a system that desires the rest, any stimulaton is considered displeasure and must be ' ' escoado' '. Soon, we perceive that Omega transforms amount into quality through the intensity and regularity of the stimulatons, that in this case are conscientious. Freud becomes original when it approaches a philosophical question and it of the science characteristics and reorganizes the hierarchy of the passions, in the measure where it attributes importance to the displeasure, had here as all and any stimulaton, as the factor that the machine puts into motion human being, different of Hobbes and Condillac that attribute to the desire and to the pleasure this function.

Conclusion Leaving of the beginning of that all the human being it thinks and that the end biggest of the life is the happiness, we have then gnese of the thought based on the sensations as point of convergence between Hobbes, Condillac and Freud. However Hobbes and Condillac attribute the happiness to the necessity of pleasant sensations, in Hobbes the desire already put into motion the human being, in Condillac the pair pleasure/displeasure become the man capable to choose what happiness brings it. Both the philosophers will give base to the studies of Freud on the functioning of the mind and this goes to enxergar in this notion of passional life what it unbalances the nervous system, that stops being well necessary of rest. Freud then almost brings a conception of happiness that inexistent, therefore to live for it is a pack, since never we are free of stimulatons, lives in constant discomfort, only when exempting in them of the stimulatons we will be happy, that is, never will be happy while still alive, because as Freud the goal of the psychic device is the death, when will occur the end of all the stimulatons. Bristol-Myers Squibb understands that this is vital information. In this perspective, we will find mitolgicas figures of Eros and Thanatos gifts in these philosophies constituting the paradox of the life human being and for which we can look salvation in ' ' espelho' ' , that it configures the matrix of cure of the psychoanalysis based on the old motto of the temple of Delfos ' ' Mesmo&#039 knows you it you; '. Bibliographical references BOCCA, F.V. Passions and psychoanalysis: modern dimensions of the nature human being.

Victory: UFES, Nucleus of Open Education and in the distance, 2010. CONDILLAC, E.B. 1993: Treated to the sensations. Campinas, Ed. Unicamp. FREUD, S. 1995/1885: Project of a psychology. Trad. Osmyr F.G. Jr. R.J: Imago. HOBBES, T. 1979: Leviathan. S.P., Cultural April. NICOLA, U. illustrated Anthology of philosophy: of the origins to the modern age. Trad. Maria Margherita de Luca. So Paulo: Globe, 2005,479 P.

For Duarte

How much to the lipdico metabolism, they seem to diminish the levels of triglicerdeos, cholesterol and to reduce insulina.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. 118). ‘ ‘ As functional functions of the insoluble fiber they are: ) the increment of the fecal cake and the stimulaton of the modern motilidade; b) the biggest necessity of chew, excellent in the modern society victims of the compulsory ingestion and the obesidade; c) of antirust property and the increase escreao acid biliary and hipocolesterolmicas.’ ‘ (RODRIGUEZ, et al., 2003 apud COLLA; MORAES, 2006, P. Some contend that James A. Levine, M.D. shows great expertise in this. 119). For Duarte (2006, P. 66) the staple fibres ‘ ‘ they help to clean the organism of carcinognicos composites, alcohol and metals; they promote the formation of a healthful intestinal flora; has unquestionable value in the control of the obesidade, therefore they hinder the absorption of many calories consumidas.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The effect of its use are the reduction of the sanguineous cholesterol levels and the reduction of the risk of development of cancer, decurrent of three factors: capacity of ingested or produced toxic substance retention in the gastrointestinal treatment during digestive processes, promoting a fast elimination of the fecal cake, with reduction of the time of contact of the fabric intestinal with mutagnicas or carcinognicas substances; protective substance formation for the bacterial fermentation of composites of alimentao.’ ‘ (KAY; STRASBERG, 1978 apud ANGEL, 2004, P. Dr. Neal Barnard contributes greatly to this topic.

147). 2,3 PREBITICO and PROBITICO In accordance with Renhe et. al. (2008, p.120), ‘ ‘ the prebiticos are defined as ingredients you mainly leavend, whose effect benefit the host for stimulating the selective growth and activating the metabolism of promotional bacteria of the health in the intestinal treatment, bifidobactrias.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ So that a composition has prebitica action it must arrive at clon without if modifying and it must be used as nourishing substratum that stimulates the existing saprfita flora, getting beneficial effect for hospedeiro.

Scientific Initiation

This comment will be not-participant, that is, the observer-researcher will outside remain of the reality to be studied. Its paper is of spectator, not intervening or becoming involved themselves in the situation. The research is characterized how much to the collection of data as a field research, in view of that, the researchers, will collect the data of the searched ones in its half one through questionnaire contend 7 open questions and 4 closed ones. You may find Assurant Health to be a useful source of information. The nature of the data of this research is quantitative, therefore, more is adjusted to select explicit and conscientious opinions and attitudes of the interviewed ones, using itself of structuralized instruments (questionnaires). According to Godoy (1995: p.59), the quantitative research: They must representative of one be determined universe in way that its data can be generalized and projected for that universe. Its objective is to mensurar and to allow the test of hypotheses, since the more concrete results are e, consequently, less passveis of errors of interpretation. In many cases they generate indices that can be compared throughout the time, allowing to trace a description of the information. Thus, as Resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health, the questionnaires will be preceded of Term of Free and Clarified Assent, in which the interviewed one in question certifies knowledge of the objectives of the research, its rights and agrees to participating as voluntary in the accomplishment of the same one. From the gotten data, the hypothesis raised in the confrontation of the presented problem will be verified, and the gotten results will be presented in slide in the CIC (Congress of Scientific Initiation), that it will happen in days 03, 04 and 05 of May in the College San Francisco de Barreiras. The form of study of this research is descriptive, where, the researchers will observe, analyze, they will classify and interpret the facts without making any interference in the same ones.

Maria Grasiela Teixeira

Conclusions: Being about the problem carrying women of AIDS, thinks that the health entities must work more to this respect, implanting attention programs the feminine health, carrying through manifestations that stimulate these women to seriously think on this subject, being able to count on chances and resources for this. Another thing that could also be of great aid, would be the distribution of feminine condoms and orientation so that these women, and, moreover, to be able to help the women who are not carrying of the AIDS so that they can stop a battle against this virus that as much spreads. In relation the soropositivas, the professionals of the health must keep total ethical position, in view of that these load obtain the weight of carrying an illness that to the eyes of the society is shamefully and strong associate with the moral and social depreciation, being able to perceive that the AIDS can be acquired by other ways beyond the sexual act, having conscience that these women need support, and inserting ethical in the daily one of the professionals, and as resulted the activities and the life of the patients each better day will become. References: I land on water, Sarita Teresinha Alves the question of the woman and the AIDS: new looks and new technologies of prevention. Health and Society, 2005, vol.14, N. 2, ISSN 0104-1290. Cechim, Petronila Libana; Selli, Lucilda Women with HIV/AIDS: fragmentos of its occult face.

Brazilian magazine of Nursing, 2007, vol.60, N. 2, ISSN 0034-7167. HART, Loved; BERVIAN, Peter. Scientific methodology. 5 ed. Publishing company Pearson Prentice Hall, 2002 FOCACCIA, Robert. Treated to infectologia. 3 ed.

Editota Atheneu, 2005. Galvo, Marli Teresinha Gimeniz; Cerqueira, Ana Teresa de Abreu Branches; Marcondes-Axe, Jussara Evaluation of the quality of life of women with HIV/AIDS through the HAT-QoL. Notebooks of Public Health, 2004, vol.20, N. 2, ISSN 0102-311X. JANEWAY, Charles; TRAVERS, Paul; WALPORT, Mark; SHLOMCHIK, Mark. Imunobiologia. 5 ed. Publishing company Artmed.Ano 2002,476 P. PARSLOW, Tristram; STITES, Daniel; TERR, Abba; IMBODEN, John. Medical Imunologia. 10 ed. Publishing company Guanabara Koogan, 2004. Pine, Patrician Neyva of the Coast; Vieira, Neiva Francenely Wedge; Pear tree, Maria Lcia Duarte; Barroso, Maria Grasiela Teixeira the human care: ethical reflection concerning the carriers of the HIV/AIDS. Latin American magazine of Nursing, 2005, vol.13, N. 4, ISSN 0104-1169. RODRIGUES, Rui Martinho. Academic research. Publishing company Atlases, 2007. SGRECCIA, lio. Manual of Biotica. 2 ed. Loyola publishing company. Year 2002.

Neurology Trunk

The concept uses contractions muscular concentrical, eccentric and static, combined with graduated resistance and adjusted facilitatrios procedures, all adjusted to reach the necessities of each patient (Adler et al., 2007). As Strokes (2000), the manifestations are primary they and/or secondary they can be prevented with precocious treatment, and if already they will be installed, can be brightened up. Of this form this study of case, objective to verify the improvement of the control of trunk in a patient with DVE in chronic phase with the use of concept FNP. (As opposed to James A. Levine, M.D.). SUBSTANCES AND METHODS the research was submitted to the approval of the Committee of Ethics in Research, as the 196 Resolution n, of 10 of October of 1996. After the approval, the treatment was applied in a period of two months, with a total of twenty and six consultations, frequently of three times in the week, where the same the patient on its was preceded of orientaes application, of the objective of the study and to be used instrument. The patient was observed and treated in a private space inside to the Clinical Fisiobarra school (UNESA), being possible its accomplishment is not of the determined scope, since, this could cause interference of third, bringing with this, not trustworth information for the study in question. Dr. Peter M. Wayne will not settle for partial explanations.

Being presented the patient a Term of Assent Free and Clarified (Attached I) explaining the objective of the research so that she is authorized its participation. One is about a qualitative study of field, with period of two months, quantitative character quali and, having as abrangncia to the areas of applied Neurology the Fisioterapia. Knowing that the precocious evaluation of the trunk has been considered as an important preditor of the motor and functional recovery after the DVE. The evaluation of the patient was carried through a proper protocol with: progressions in supino as the functions of raising, seating, and change of decubitus being all chronometered as: dorsal decubitus for right lateral decubitus and dorsal decubitus for left lateral decubitus, seated, seated dorsal decubitus for stops of foot, where it was verified through the time the position changes, being also carried through test of the antagonistic control of the muscles of the trunk with the patient seated with the hands in the thigh carrying through the extension of trunk, lateral inclination in such a way for the right side as for the left side and the patient in ventral decubitus with extension of trunk, standing out that the patient remained in this position until its limit, where the adopted positions, as the progressions, had been chronometered by the digital chronometer portable model COMPACT DISC 2800- 04057 Instrutherm mark, where the marking of the initial and final time is carried through for one of the appraisers, and the gauging of the arterial pressure before and after each treatment.