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Inspection Illness

When you visit a gynecologist, before examination, the doctor will collect medical history of your illness. In an interview gynecologist find out information about the circumstances of your life and work of an illness, the age at which there was menarche, the duration of the menstrual cycle has changed a menstrual cycle after onset of sexual activity, date of last menstrual period. Ask what diseases have transferred your next of kin; of your marital status and health status and diseases of the husband or partner about what methods of birth control you use. Doctor completes his survey collects information about the history of your present disease: when you feel sick and with what is associated with a disease that is bothering you, hurt you before this illness and if so, what treatment is received. The more accurately and in detail, you will answer questions from the doctor, the more accurate preliminary diagnosis. After collecting the history, the gynecologist already has enough information for setting the preliminary diagnosis.