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Minimum Wage

The Aid-accident is the paid benefit to the worker who suffers an accident and is with sequelas that they reduce its capacity of work. Read more from Senator of Massachusetts to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To have right to the aid-accident it is necessary that the victim possesss condition of insured for the Social welfare, and, that is diligent employee, doubtful worker or special insurer. It does not have right to this benefit the house servant, the individual contributor and the physician. Valley to remember that for concession of the aid-accident minimum time of contribution is not demanded, but the worker must have quality of insured and to prove the impossibility to continue playing its activities, by means of examination of the medical skill of the Social welfare, generally the concession of the aid-accident is preceded by the aid benefit illness-acidentrio. The aid-accident, by having indemnity character, can be accumulated with other paid benefits for the Social welfare, except retirement. Thus, the benefit leaves of being paid when the worker if retires. The payment of the aid has caused an accident must since the date of the accident or if derive from aid illness, since the date where it ceases the sick pay. The value of the benefit corresponds 50% (cinquenta percent) of the benefit wage that gave origin to the sick pay corrected until the previous month to the one of the beginning of the aid-accident.

However, the value of the aid-accident never can be inferior to the value of the minimum wage, duly warned to infringe the Federal Constitution, that thus says: ' ' No benefit that substitutes the wage of contribution or the income of the work of the insured will have inferior monthly value to the wage mnimo' ' (CF, art. 201, 2). However, the Social welfare, usually, has disregarded the Federal Constitution, in the setting of the minimum value of the aid has especially caused an accident.

Winston Churchill

Majority that many times is massacreed for minorities that represent the financial power or the power ideological politician. The democracy is the government of the majority, never of the minorities as they want many to speech on inaqualities or exclusion. The fracionamento of a people in group categories weakens the power of the proper people. The minorities in the democracy are the industrial and financial political parties and groups. However, until these minorities they add with excessively forming the population of a country, the nation of a State. To speak of minority wanting with this to represent a community, an ideological aggregate, a grouping of people disfavored, or a parcel of the society that lacks of bigger attentions on the part of the government, of the State, without speaking of the majority is not to intend to decide problem some, therefore if a country has an excellent one income distribution, efficient legal system and without relativismos, educational system of with priority quality and, system of health for the life, system not abusive tributary and valuation of the moral and the respect for the citizen, then will not have problems to be alleged for minorities, this because all democratic government is government of the majority. The term minorities signals inside for the evidentes inaqualities of a society broken up in groups.

The democracy alone if makes for all and for parts, being carried through by the hands of few it is not elitist, exculpatory and yes there producing of inaqualities. The inaqualities, these do not exist without the assent of the government that institutes the laws and of the governed ones that they do not participate of the government, equally the aiding of the equality in conditions and rights alone can happen for approval, will of the government corresponding the will of the majority that governs a country, say of the people. If the democracy is bad or it will be never materialize as government of the people, then moment is to rethink this system for substituiz it for the other less tyrannous one. The president, writer, journalist, orator and British historian Winston Churchill (1874? 1965) in speech pronounced in 11 of November of 1947 he said: ‘ ‘ Nobody intends that the Democracy is perfect or without defects. One has said that the Democracy is the worse form of government, saved all the too much forms that have been tried from time to time.

Hunger Zero

you want perguntaragora me. Of beforehand, I answer that it already does not represent a dangerous option, inclined to the dirty evanglica group of benches or the nasescolas installation of the criacionismo. I understand that its presumption support the shepherds politicians of umareunio of years behind () any outro/a poltico/a would declare in its place in that hour, place esituao, not to be that she was a declared enemy person of> (neo) pentecostalismo. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. I know today also that it declares not to be against the laicismo nor in favor of the ensinocriacionista in public schools, as interview of it in the program deteleviso Alive Wheel, clarifying the image doubtful that it had left of simesma ahead of adventista blogueiro about one year and way before. In contrast to others evanglicos politicians, it seem seruma healthful and discerning exception that mixture freely its convicoreligiosa with its skill not to make politics. At least thus it is that its imagemfigura ahead of the many virtual groups of support to its future candidacy presidncia and after having if valiant in correcting the mistakes and dvidassobre its way to act politically left in previous years. Thus being, already I know sufficiently on it to be able to lhededicar enough confidence for a vote in 3 (1 turn) and 24 or 31 (2 turn) of October of 2010. With this new confidence in Marina, I also see its personality eideologia as most similar with the Brazilian necessities and this fellow creature to the characteristics of Squid of homemdo people, are trunfos that nobody more exhibits in the cujapista presidential race is being constructed. Woman of very humble origin as Squid, black and lucidamenteevanglica, Marina is the second face of the people who can assume the position polticomximo of Brazil the first one was spolticas Squid and has everything to give continuity of emergencial remediation of the extreme poverty (Stock market-Family and atentativa of Hunger Zero), under the risk to appear permanently as traidoradas hopes of the people extinguish them to case without one substitute politics that popular crieoportunidades.

John McCain

E the decurrent news in the media, point citizen with religious conceptions, in favor of State acts and against the religious discernimentos. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. ' ' In February of a 2005, research of the Ibope it disclosed that 85% of the catholics defend that the decisions of the Legislative one and the Judiciary one must be based on the diversity of opinions, and not in religious ideas. The same survey showed that 93% of the catholics find that the health service must take care of to the women who have problems caused for abortion. 97% defend that the government promotes the use of condoms to fight the AIDS and 86% are favorable to the use of contraceptivos' '. 9 In the great ones you harness, as the E.U.A, the idea of separation also is evidenced by the media: ' ' One ' pequena' majority of the North Americans, including more conservatives and republicans of what before, apia the separation between religion and politics, second research divulged in the thursday. The survey appears at a moment where the democrat Barack Obama and the republican John McCain actively dispute the religious electorate for the presidential election of 4 of novembro' ' 10 E, in turn, in Brazil, the question of the cut of bows politicians also gains space in the legal system: ' ' In Brazil, the separation between the Church and the State was accomplished in 7 of January of 1.890, for the Decree n 119-A, and constitutionally consecrated since the Constitution of 1.891. Up to 1.890, the catolicismo was the official religion of the State and the too much religions were forbidden, in result of the norm it art. 5o of the Constitution of 1.824. The catolicismo was beneficiary for the State and enjoyed of enormous privileges. ' ' 11 explicit Fica in clear way objective, that the regulations of the Church today do not influence – in generality the way it thought modern politician, neither intervenes with the procedures and makes to be valid its ideologies; it does not prevail on the state power.

Fernando Grecco

To the edge of the garbage For Fernando Grecco ' ' Radio and television as defined in the Constitution, have for philosophical bedding the educative and cultural purpose the respect to the ethical and social values of the person and the family, being allowed the commercial exploration of these services, in the measure where it does not harm this interest and that one finalidade.' ' (Ministry of the Culture) We live in a society with an alarming poverty. Our institutions are corroded by the practical ones of corruption, traffic of influence etc. The crises of economic nature are recurrent, and those of personal nature are still more evidentes when it analyzes the specific problems of each individual. Our press in general way, and the television in specific way, our reality portraies this well. The programming shown in the Brazilian television is the product of our ignorance, of our complete lack of common-sense or critical spirit. The empatia appeared between the escabrosidades that are presented and the Brazilian viewer it is perfectly understandable. could not be different, since few families Bloch, Levy, Brito Birth, Mosque, Civita, Marine, Cold, Saad, Abravanel, beyond Magalhes in the Bahia, Sarney in the Maranho, Collor in Alagoas, etc. exert total influence in the medias in Brazil.

They are opportunist, posando of respectable public personalities, who ludibriam the people and of it they scoff. We judge ourselves incapable to change this reality, forgetting that the television, specifically, is public concession, having, obviously, to be related the questions of social nature: illiteracy, violence, health, habitation, prostitution, drugs, correct information and impartial etc. In general way, the Brazilian television if summarizes to a slag. Primitive mood, exaggerated exposition of the body, simplrias novels maniquestas, neopentecostalistas quacks, fteis interviews, unnecessary, vindication of ridicule, the superfluous one and the burrice. This has been the programming of our open TV.