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Fitness Meet Art

In Goppingen, Germany the first staff training lounge opens opened with a varied program on Saturday, 15th January at Schillerplatz the first staff training-lounge in Goppingen. Personal trainer and nutrition expert of Sascha Meiers welcomes guests with a Vernissage and a demonstration of efficient training approaches to weight loss and improved fitness together with Degginger artist Martin Ramsauer and the Playmate of the year, Mia Gray, in the Grabenstrasse. Almost eight percent of Germans go to a gym. About half of that is a member of a Studio that belongs to a large chain, which attracts mostly with cheap monthly contributions. “Accordingly bad personal service and only a few is exactly said only three percent – actually achieve their goals, because the training and nutrition plans are mostly off-the-peg and not individually tailored to”, as certified personal fitness coach and nutrition consultant for several diploma fitness trainer Sascha Meiers explains Years is active in the region of Goppingen. In the personnel training lounge we offer the possibility to train solely in the individual single training with constant personal attention so that fitness increased, to reduce the weight and not unduly burdened in the joints, ligaments and cardiovascular system on 170 square meters. In addition we help to keep permanently high motivation.” In addition to the concept of personal training, which presents in an own presentation, Sascha Meiers, Degginger artist Martin Ramsauer presents a selection of his current works on January 15 in the staff training lounge. The native Geislinger makes speeches for more than 20 years repeatedly by creative exhibitions of and brings his inspiration mainly on numerous journeys in Asia and his impressions of the most remote dive sites in the world. His artistic interests lie mainly in its willingness to experiment with all sorts of materials through the coal and pencil drawings also plastic Works of art are created.

Cook Spaghetti

That too much sugar, too much fat and too much salt are not healthy, you must say no more. The food should be colourful and varied – taste it should of course… I am also not by dogma. Because everyone must find his way. One of my favorite recipes is spaghetti with Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts. Ingredients: 1 bunch Basil 1/2 bunch parsley, smooth 4 TBSP olive oil 500 g whole wheat spaghetti 6 TBSP sundried tomatoes in oil put 3 Tablespoons black olives, 2 EL pine cores salt and pepper from the mill of pecorino or Parmesan, fresh preparation grated: the herbal wash, dry and coarsely chop. Set aside half of the Basil. In boiling salted water, Cook whole wheat spaghetti “al dente”.

Cut the dried tomatoes into thin strips and olives into quarters. Golden roast the pine nuts in a hot frying pan. Then the tomatoes and olives in with heat the pan. Drain the cooked spaghetti and them in the pan with the tomato strips, mix olives and pine nuts, stir in olive oil and herbs, salt and pepper to taste and give coarsely grated pecorino or Parmesan cheese and fresh basil in. “” The DOSB advertises with the mascot Trimmy “and Sport moved the slogan”. How affects movement in your opinion on the individual and society? Myself, I realize how good the movement for me. I can turn off this, I can think about this, I can work me out and then enjoy the rest.

And it’s so easy. One needs only a T-Shirt, a sport pants and sneakers – you’re ready to go. And that movement even when chronic diseases has therapeutic effects, there is ample evidence. Company runs are absolutely trendy: German companies run Championship by B2RUN throughout Germany about 100,000 persons ran with this year. What attach to these events? My employees and staff and myself, we gladly accept part of such races. They are fun and promote team spirit. At the same time, we can put a sign that movement and workplace health promotion in the everyday lives of people have arrived. This is important for me to go ahead to lead by example here. You have successfully completed four marathons, your best time is 3:49 hours. What has moved you to stick up a marathon as a target? What have you learned along the way? What advice give running beginners so they stay motivated and to also set goals? Beat yourself! A marathon is also a competition with yourself. He is a physical and mental limits. The force to have to face this is a good exercise for life and also for the policy. Because you must have also a long breath and a determination to achieve his goals. But it needs to be not equal to the marathon runner. The sport must be compatible with one and you should have fun here too. This helps the persevere and stay tuned. Thank you very much for the interview. More interviews at running tips/interviewreihe / Sonke Bahr.

Losing Weight

What Sportarte to choose from, to achieve the perfect body? In the later age, when your metabolism is slower, you to be overweight, which can lead to various health problems tends. You must be very careful and carefully make the Erhahrungs – and sports program. Sports plays very important role, because we lose not only the excess kilos through sport, but we stay so fit and healthy. There are a few Sportarte with which the fastest way to get to the desired weight. These are especially jogging, where calories are very quickly verbrant, or even swimming are beautiful built by the particular muscles. With proper selection of jogging shoes men’s or ladies we can reach our goal faster and be fully protected while jogging before any potential injuries. In addition to choosing the right type of sport, you need discipline to persevere as longer as possible. Perhaps check out Dr. Neal Barnard for more information.

Because losing weight through sport is no easy task. It is healthy, but may take a while where you should equip with lots of patience. Even 7000 kilo calories must be verbrant, so that you lose only a pound of body fat. It takes certainly much effort, work, discipline and time, because no target can be achieved overnight. Only unique training helps in not so much, because you need the well-designed sports programme, which should consist of at least three workouts per week for the long-term desired weight without the annoying Yo-Yo effect. While you should seek always to be active and flexible. For example – instead of invoking the trigger, would rather take the stairs or opt rather for a bike instead of spending all day in the car.

At the beginning, you should not exaggerate with sports activities. It is much better to start with small steps, because that can assure the long-term training and endurance. The duration ranges from about 30 to 45 minutes for the beginner. Later you can extend the duration of the training, but the well-designed training not to about 70 to 80 Take minutes. A good wellness hotel at Lake Constance and the Alps can be a good solution, because in addition to the numerous sports activities you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the pleasant climate. The Spa has become very arbitrary for most tourists in recent years and immert more travelers opt for an active holiday in nature, which will exert positive effects on several areas of life. After a well organised Spa is completely flit and ready for new challenges.