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Willie Melnikova

At the level of sensations, said Willie, not only do you acquire the language, as he takes possession of you. That's why most of the approaches that are currently used to study the language, not just do not work, but also discourage any desire to learn languages in general, urging people in his own inability to languages. Willy says – unable to languages not! There are only those that are not aware of the wealth and the new perception of life, 'which she receives a gift of languages, while relieving themselves of stereotypes, the banality and boredom. " To any language, according to Willie Melnikova, should be treated as a living creature. Grammar thus likened to a skeleton, conjugation and declension – the muscles, phraseology and idiomatika language – the cardiovascular system. And every such creature – every new language – was created by the same scheme, although it is quite unique. Knowing this pattern, we can find effective approach to learning any language. There is no hard and easy language.

Fears of Chinese, Arab or Sanskrit is not justified, it is not a difficult language, they simply have a different logic. As Willie says, this other language, mental galaxies and to breathe the air of these galaxies, you just need to land, set foot on their planet. Then is, start learning, guided by internal motivation, and awareness of why you need it. Dr. Peter M. Wayne brings even more insight to the discussion. If you get rid of prejudice and fear of the language, "says Willie, you can easily learn foreign languages 4.6 per year, not only on level reading simple texts, but also at the level of communication. Like it or not, it is difficult to judge, but at least if Willie is obtained, then you will be able to succeed in at least one, and even a few foreign languages! And now – interesting resource regarding the development of foreign languages: – Want to get more information you are studying a language on how best to develop your foreign language, on what to pay attention? Then go here. Here – a language forum, useful resources and a lot of interesting information. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Direct Traffic

Because the search of Youtube and classification algorithm is not so demanding, it can very easily get appear in the first positions, in real time, as well as in of search engines Web 1.0. Simply copy the contents of text similar to what makes the leader in its niche, and that use you to send your video and then sit and relax and watch the traffic as it flows. I’ll explain this in depth and you will need to use your imagination to enlarge thereon make a good title for your video a title for your video must make sure that you do not use generic terms and boring not specific titles. (Read this brief article in Headline writing). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James A. Levine, M.D.. Through the use of specific titles, people will develop more. A title as you have to see this rare magic trick! Draw attention. Feel free to use CAPS (uppercase) in its title, but don’t overdo it. Examples: Making money online is not a good title.

Make $100,000 online is better as I $100,000 online is even better as I do $123.567 in just 3 weeks works much better! Note that you need credibility, so make sure that the quantities that are accurate. Labels (tags) you only have to write the labels you can until it reaches the limit of the text box and you already can not write more labels (all that can be put). The tags are very important and play a key role when users are looking for your video content.

Hospitalized Pupil

There are various limits and possibilities for the hospitalized pupil. Ao to be interned, the child has that to deal not only with the illness, but with the too much consequences of the internment: freedom privation, to be with the family and friends, to frequent the school and to make what it likes. Ahead of these factors, the hospital classroom could be the link with the world beyond the walls of the hospital, in accordance with Fonseca (2000, p.47): ‘ ‘ The time to learn is the time of the pupil … the classroom is of the size of the world, in the case of the classroom of the hospital classroom, serves as mediating to the possibility of the child of plugar itself with the world it are of hospital.’ ‘ It is known that hospitalization causes an brusque interruption with daily and the social convivncia, familiar and pertaining to school of this pupil, which starts to live deeply a different and total distant reality of the world that was accustomed. It is at this moment that, not to lose the linking with the same, enters in scene the actions of the Hospital Pedagogia that will minimize the damages of this interruption preventing, among others, the disinterest for the pertaining to school activities. In this direction practical the educative ones carried through in the hospital will represent a link between the pupil and the conventional school, through the hospital pedagogical work. So that this interaction gets success becomes necessary that this work is developed on the basis of the dialogue between the involved ones. In accordance with Matos; Muggiati (2008, p.69): … the pedagogical attention, by means of the communication and dialogue, is essential for the educative act and if it considers to help the child (or adolescent) hospitalized so that, immersed in the negative situation that crosses at the moment, it can be developed in its possible dimensions of continued education, as a proposal of personal enrichment.

Deadly Diseases

Spring Review article began with a hurricane, Hurricane Cat and elections in Europe has led to human casualties. Rosprirodnadzor continues fine. Environmentalists against aircraft and whalers. Hopper has appeared for the plants in permafrost. 10 most bizarre animals in the world. Spring is: wake up the bears and raccoons. Cats and Cats celebrated their holiday. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne.

Review of the week from 02.25.2008 to 02.03.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. Scientists have calculated effects of aerosol anti-American warming, scientists have determined that global warming is really possible to fight by spraying in an atmosphere of sulfate aerosols, but this could potentially lead to extreme cold of the planet … —- In the diet of mankind in 1400 About 1400 insect species of insects are eaten in almost 90 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Here are a few examples. Thais eat more than 150 insects, including crickets, silk worms and dung beetles …

—- Experts say the rapid spread of deadly diseases around the world An international team of scientists has documented a dramatic spread of deadly diseases around the world. In their view, the most serious threat to people in underdeveloped countries are the new infections are transmitted from wild animals, and developed – outbreaks of pathogenic viruses which are resistant to antibiotics, and new diseases that have appeared in result of the use of chemically processed foods … —- In China closed the largest producer of plastic bags in China's government during a national campaign to protect the environment in the largest closed country of the manufacturer of plastic bags – factory 'Huachan', Xinhua said in a statement. The factory was located in the central Chinese province of Henan, and produced 250 thousand tons of plastic bags a year … —- 'The era of huge garbage dumps' received the scientific name of scientists said a new era in Earth's history. Through millions of years, millions of tons of garbage left by mankind each year, will be studied by paleontologists. Modern scholars have previously devised a geological term for a new age: 'Anthropocene' … —- In the White Sea will be an action in defense of newborn harp seal pups Russian star of theater, television and show business will participate in the action in defense of pups – newborn pups of harp seals. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, the action is organized by the Center for animal rights 'Vita', held in early March … The full texts of these and other News you can get on and mailing in this release: 288 issue a weekly mailing of environmental

New Year

New Year – a new chance. And we must not miss it. And the success of our actions depends on each one of us. From the fact that each of us would do for his family and his country. New Year's – a favorite family holiday. Today we think of the closest people – our parents, who want above all health. About our children.

We love you very much and look forward to you. Want to see you got it. Want you to be happy. Dear friends! New year – just around the corner. Only a few moments. It's time to make a wish. Let come true your fondest dreams! Let your side will be the most expensive and most people close! Let everything be good! Be happy! With the new 2010 year! *** What do we see? We see not just one idea, not just two, but we see a lot of thought. In vain to believe that a lot of thought – it was good.

Many thoughts at all, in principle – is Of course, good. But not in the case when none of them are primary. When there is no hierarchy, no primary and no secondary. There is no subordination. If one question you are trying at once to say about your grandmother, the national team in football, shooting on the need of increased population disproportionately Ussuri tigers, the benefits of phosphorus for the brain and the superiority of IPS LCD matrices with matrices PVA – make sure that people remain in the minds of porridge.


Abnormal heat undeniable reality of the present time and space. To face the fact of the adverse effects of the elements of nature, unusual happening, the inexplicable. Accordingly, relevant customary reaction man, the fear of misunderstood manifestation of life. Fear and its manifestations, resentment, sadness, discomfort, and has as a consequence, the increased activation of the forms of the disease organism, until the death of the individual. What's happening? Than reason? What obligation? What life wants to show us to say? What? The penalty for us, what is happening, or the gift of the Almighty? Issues a set of answers are many, truth is one.

The search for truth is to acknowledge the responses to questions. Well what is happening, good or bad? Approving the bad will be right, as in other and affirm the good. Truth is not shared, it is common for all. What happens is neither good nor bad it is. Kohl, it is worn by land and permitted air means one thing – heat waves takes place.

Has the right to be. Suppose the right heat, but there is so much suffering and inconvenience. Time that it has the right, then it is perfect and there is a need? What perfection of paranormal phenomena? Who should? Truth is static in one state – Vibrations of Love, all is love, and no other in the universal world, nothing else in nature does not exist. Although, of course, place a small amount of love there. Our task is to behold the love of what is going to say yes to love and to reproduce and increase its vibration.


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In addition, while this European country has remained virtually terra incognito for the participants Au-Pair of Ukraine. James A. Levine, M.D. describes an additional similar source. – CLOSE APPROVE such an important decision? – Friends gladly supported me. Many have already participated in the program and they were from a trip only a good impression. But parents are very worried. And no wonder. You may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard to increase your knowledge. Today It's no secret that some girls and women who went abroad, even in seemingly proven program becomes a hostage, fall into the social slavery. Therefore, the reaction of my mother I was not surprised: "You're not you go!" However, and not intended to immediately collect their bags and fly in a totally unfamiliar country.

Understood the need to thoroughly prepare for the trip. The first step began to "tighten" the French language, because without knowledge foreign outside the homeland has tugovat. Secondly, she entered the driving school (driving license – one of the desirable requirements for the participants Au-Pair). Well, of course, took up a detailed study requirements gathering and submitting necessary documents. Experience with children, so necessary for the program, I already had: I'm happy to look after his nephew and a younger cousin.

Passed through several medical examination (one of them – in Kiev). As a result, a total preparation took about two years! Of course, it took: studies in a driving school, health checks, send and receive documents, payment for services specialized agencies have cost about 600 euros. In principle, not so much the amount, but for students is quite impressive! Add to that airfare and money to stay abroad for at least the first time.

Visual Impairment and Fine Motor Skills

Correction of touch and fine motor skills in children with visual impairment. Many children with visual impairment have a low level of tactile sensitivity and motility of fingers and hands. It happens because children with partial vision loss rely on visual guidance and do not realize the role of touch as a means of substitution failure of visual information. Because of the absence or drastic reduction of children can not spontaneously imitate others take on different objective-practical actions, as occurs in normalnovidyaschih children. Because of the small muscles in the arms of motor activity of children with visual impairment are slack or too tight. All this hinders the development of tactile sensation and motor function of hands and a negative impact on shaping the material and practical activities for children. The purpose of correctional studies on the development of fine motor skills is to develop in children with impaired vision and skills tactile perception of objects and phenomena of the world, as well as teaching them the methods perform object-action with intact analyzers.

Development of tactile and fine motor skills should be addressed not only to special classes, but also in secondary classes. Mastering the techniques of tactile perception of objects and the ability to perform action with the participation of tactile-motor analyzer is given to children with impaired ability to accurately represent most objects and space, that allows them to be more active, inquisitive in the game and socialize. Classes are held individually or with a subgroup of the group depending on the development of tactile sensitivity and hand movements, as well as content classes.

Listen To Yourself Through Your Body

She felt a oneness with nature, and its former rage turned into a completely different power. Woman felt the spirit of the forest, and then the soul of the planet, and sang a beautiful song to himself the essential … After two weeks of solid symptom is much less noticeable, almost gone. She came so happy: – il, all well, no dermatitis, you – a magician. A month and a half back with the same. I asked: – What happened? – Well … I started another, and my husband said that he will divorce me, ‘this’ I do not want him.

He was comfortable with me. Thereafter conversation with her husband at the woman reappeared dermatitis. And six months later she made her choice. The choice to present themselves, to themselves essential. Now she has a completely different life. I’m not saying that this is the way each person, but my client, being currently divorced woman, says her life is much easier and happier. And she did not need to hide his hands under the table during the talk, because they are completely healthy. Find a procedural essence oriented approach is in the title: we follow the process, whatever it was.

Become a bear or dissolve into the black abyss. We disclose a process which is already in physical symptoms. No one is better the man himself does not know how to correctly organize your life. Find the answer to this question, he can listen to yourself and your body. The human body samosovershenno, it is wise, so we let the voltage that exists in the body, get out and open up. Any chronic illness will always point to where we have betrayed ourselves of this, turned to his own way, come my dear, adopted in society: lost my mother, father, did not at the high school, went to the wrong job, and now we do not have the courage to return to him. But it is important not only to hear the message of the symptom, and have the courage to change things and bring the change that we offer symptom everyday life. Dramatically change their life style – well cured myself of chronic disease. Decided on a few. But even those who, coming to the seminars on procedurally oriented psychology, just realize that speaks about their bodily symptoms, to somehow improve their situation.