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Intercultural Competence

Intercultural is nowadays indispensable for German enterprises competence or the art to communicate successfully with people of other cultures. Intercultural is nowadays indispensable for German enterprises competence or the art to communicate successfully with people of other cultures. Dr. Neal Barnard has much experience in this field. Computer scientists from India, doctors from Spain or Armenia or engineers from Russia are no rarity more in the German economy and sit together in different projects with German colleagues. Not only export – and import-oriented companies send their managers abroad on the search for new partners, new orders and contracts. “Going global” is the way to secure the future of the company on the international market. Other leaders such as endocrinologist offer similar insights.

This is accompanied by new challenges however. Many German companies have discovered that. But unfortunately not all! A medium-sized operation not too far away was a young Manager named Jorg by us. Jorg was very talented and soon began his career in the company, because he was smart, productive, very efficiently and successfully with negotiations. Properties, a chef at his employees like appreciates and rewards. Jorg was promoted for a short time and soon he took over the management of the Department for international development. The main task of his new position was to receive new orders from abroad and to conclude profitable agreements. So he started to learn a bit about doing business abroad, renewed his passport, grabbed his bag and set out on the way.

His first trip took him to China. There he arrived just in time, said “Ni hao” and went straight to business: agenda, presentation, signature of the Treaty. Jorg negotiated and hooked up all appropriate points and finished on time. The Chinese were very impressed by the figures and statistics by Jorg. They but not signed the Treaty. Then, the journey went to Japan. The meeting with Yoshihiro Takayama was better than hoped. At the end handed his business card with the promise of Japanese he the Germans would call.

Special Concept Needs Dedicated People

Elementary school in the CJD Braunschweig dedicated teacher looking for the Hans-Georg Karg school Elementary school in the CJD Braunschweig is a special concept: live learning. Addressed so that a holistic promotion, which gives children the opportunity to develop of many skills, that are relevant to their lives. The headmistress of the primary school, Hella Schluter, looking for a teacher on March 1 (male/female), for which a high readiness when determining the diverse talent profiles of children is of course. In particular, a particularly educational commitment in the field of gifted is expected. “To the concept of life learning” belongs to the promotion of intellectual talent (especially for children, who are far ahead of their age group), as well as the emotional and social maturity or of practical skills. Musical skills play a significant role – such as creativity at all -.

It should of course in the youth village-Christopher elementary school be that children are different. This diversity leads not to value differences, but to mutual acceptance of strengths and weaknesses. The integration of high-performance and low-performing students is an important part of the concept. The crucial method is necessarily free work that’s why. It is based on Montessori principles, but with an extended range of material, according to the different talents. From the school year 2005/2006 is the root group of children of a vintage mixed group of students and pupils of 1 up 4th grade.

Training takes place largely in vintage group. Foreign language teaching is granted from the 2nd grade, is also differentiated according to children’s opportunities. This intellectual focus to the weekly recurring are times with lessons in musical subjects, but above all “Lebenspraktische day”. This day is the one determined by project work and developed on the other hand all the practical Skills required by the growing child to the Organization and management of their own lives and that lead to healthy independence. In the entire education and education as part of the youth village Christophorusschule Braunschweig, it goes without saying that Christian elements characterise the school life. A detailed job description is the Internet address career in the CJD Braunschweig found at under the keyword. (Frank God sand-large)

Bremen Study

Premiere of renowned educational fair horizon in Bremen next weekend high school seniors and their parents, students and Young Professionals find answers to pressing questions about the study and career planning: the horizon, the trade fair for graduate education, opens its doors on Saturday and Sunday for the first time at the Bremen Exhibition Centre. Universities from the region, throughout the country, as well as from neighbouring countries present their study offer and answer questions about the specifics of the individual programs and the University location: How does the leisure, how is the housing situation? The question can influence the selection of potential study course pub density under certain circumstances. Companies are also on-site and present their training opportunities for school-leavers, in particular the focus here on the dual degree programmes. The accompanying framework programme offers degree structures, studying finance, University place and the two days of lectures, workshops and panel discussions with experts on topics such as the new different ways to complete a stay abroad before or during the study period. All information around on the horizon, the complete list of exhibitors, as well as the framework programme, are on the website. Horizon in Bremen: 20/21 June 2009 fair berms, Hall 4 hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 hours. The admission is free. scope fair strategy GmbH Krappmuhlstr. 29 68165 Mannheim Anette Petzoldt 0621 / 122-998-30

Opinion Poll: Highly Qualified Women Shy Away From Competition?

Already young girls are competition-shy than their age-matched male playmates, so the result of a study of the University of Innsbruck. Already as a three willing girls of less performance comparison than boys, found Austrian scientists together with the Bonn Institute for the study of labor. That make noticeable later in the profession and minor career opportunities, the relevant press concludes. Girls are far less to the performance competing with peers as a filly ready than boys. This is the result of a recent study, which is published by the Bonn Institute for the study of Labor (IZA). First, it demonstrates that such differences between the sexes already characterised in infancy.

The study is based on a comprehensive experiment of the University of Innsbruck examined the competitive behaviour of over 1000 children and teenagers between 3 and 18 years of age. Depending on the age, the participants had to solve computing tasks or complete a race and could This earn money. In the course of the experiment, they had the choice whether they wanted to compete against peers, to increase their earning potential. On average, 40 percent of boys, but only 19 percent of girls opted for the competition Variant. In all age groups, the distance between the sexes was about 15 to 20 percentage points. It was irrelevant whether the children in mixed or single-sex groups competed against each other. Another interesting finding of the study: In the mental arithmetic, as well as in the race boys and girls did roughly the same.

But boys tend to overestimate their own performance to. Economic researchers see a possible cause of the pay gap between the sexes and the low proportion of women in leadership positions in the reduced competition willingness of women. Our results suggest that to promote the competitive behaviour of women in order to contribute to more equality in the labour market, better targeted at a young age says the Innsbruck Behavior Economist Matthias Sutter, who has authored the study. Join our nationwide survey on this subject and give us the reason closest to. Select one of the seven response options and click vote. Lacking highly qualified women really on the contest will or willingness to the competition? Reduce the lack of career opportunities? There are reasons for this? We want to know your opinion. The survey is anonymous. The survey runs until the 13.7.2010. The results of the survey are published on in the career section. The study can be downloaded at the Institute for the study of Labor (IZA), see competition readiness-young girl… Karin Back

Mental Illness Task

Diseases are often due to gratuity crises. This could place from a wrong meaning result. Credit: PCRM-2011. In workplace health promotion are to ask two questions: what makes staff sick (pathogentischer approach) and what keeps employees healthy (salutogenetscher approach). There are different models to the former. The model developed by Johannes Siegrist of the bonus crisis is quite accepted. It explains the sick are of a people that he is himself exhausted and for not adequately compensated.

If so the own use at commitment, knowledge, time, personality, etc. not accordingly, rewarded about by job security, career, salary, etc., so the man is sick. (See Wikipedia:) In my work as a consultant, trainer and coach, I often encounter this phenomenon and it is appalling how long employees and managers take this upon themselves. Like, I want to open a new perspective here. Brain research and publications among others Prof. Dr.

Gerald Huther, we know that meaning is a significant motivator that keeps healthy. A certain work must make sense, participation in a particular undertaking must make sense, a particular commitment must make sense, so the person motivated and stay healthy. This I ask however after positioning the meaning: you can be on the item itself or on the career opportunity such as directed. In both cases, the commitment would make sense. In the first case, the task is stiftend sense is. The point is in itself. She’s fun, she lets me do things with others together, it is interesting, I can fulfill me, introduce, shape, me prove, show my competence or what makes this sense whatever. Here, it is important that the task itself creates this sense. In the second case, the task makes sense, but only as a vehicle. I am so engaged for a task and hope as a result of engagement such as a positive career or salary history.

Manager Leipzig

There are fewer and fewer engineers in this area. The new profession of technical product designer perfectly fills this gap. Our work in the last few years not least prove.” The training to technical product designer at the BFW Leipzig takes place individually in modular form. The aim is a lasting vocational integration. The rehabilitation process is accompanied by a rehabilitation and integration Manager and controlled. Latest CAD programs and computer technology, as well as a 3-D printers are used.

The digital fabricator (3-D printer) produces material, 3-dimensional objects from CAD data as an alternative to the construction of the model. The six functional models were created with this 3D-Drucktechnik. Created: Michael Lindner / BFW Leipzig BFW Leipzig for more than 20 years operates the vocational promotion plant Leipzig as a specialist in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Here people are trained and supported demand, which had to divorce due to illness or accident from the usual working life. With individual training, qualification and integration measures are new opportunities for the way back in a full work life offered. In addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Dobeln, Chemnitz and Zwickau, Plauen available, the services as a large regional service provider in the areas available advice, diagnosis and assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution.

Training Profession

Facts about the ‘ occupation ‘ relaxation trainer the term relaxation trainer is not legally protected. The State neither training nor examination content defined in this profession. Therefore, as everyone who feels suitable for this purpose, may organize relaxation courses. Anyone may call themselves relaxation trainer. And that is, understandably, that no standards exist for training to the relaxation trainer. Not just any relaxation trainer can call it, everyone can feel also called to the instructor. Some providers of training to the relaxation trainer are exceptionally innovative and offer degrees with diploma.

This changes nothing on the facts of the case: relaxation trainer say absolutely nothing as a professional title – and all beautiful additional Attribuierungen -. Whether Carpenter, clerk, nurse, doctor, engineer – everyone may call themselves relaxation trainer. And this in theory actually without any skills anyway. To read more click here: PCRM. And as already stated, this has also perform for the validity of the training. Other rules for the implementation of prevention seminars in the field of relaxation, that are supported by the statutory health insurance. For the recognition by health insurance companies and the funding of seminars the term relaxation trainer does not count. The guidelines are described in the guidelines of the health insurance funds, which governs the interpretation of the section 20 SGB.

Of relevance is the preliminary qualification, as well as an adequate specific training. Stress and the effects of long-lasting stress, Burnout diseases, represent characteristic signs of Western civilization. More and more people experience is finished, feel overwhelmed by the claims, which are taken in the profession and also in the private sector to them. Seen in this way, experts in the segment seem relaxation for rest, recreation and relaxation to correspond to a wish of many people and their services to be in demand. But actually what is relaxation? Music, sports, crafts, Watch TV? And then there are still methods, which are referred to as relaxation techniques. These are mainly autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. These activities differ in their regeneration capacity. Progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training methodically targeted a so-called switching process initiate, the execution in a period between waking and sleeping. And this is characterized by a particularly high recovery effect. Music, reading, walking, cooking, craft, sports produce more relief by using distraction. Above are also quite relaxing, but just not as efficient. Relaxation trainer offer mainly various types of relaxation techniques. Autogenic training and progressive relaxation are mostly basic offerings. Furthermore, often still methods such as qigong, fantasizing iron, TaiChi, meditation, breathing exercises, body travel, etc. are offered.